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Walking by the Food Emporium on 87th Street and Madison Ave I thought I saw an abandoned funky snowboard out of the corner of my eye. Wouldn’t it be so UNCOOL it’d be COOL to have a snowboard that looked like an old ironing board? According to Vintage Inspirations blog, in the days before teflon-coated ironing boards, women covered their wooden ironing boards by wrapping them in old bed sheets. Taking this train of thought a step further, remember those design-your-own-mugs-and-plates-kits where you did a drawing and mailed it back to the company and they sent it back on a plate?A  What about snowboards?

Hi,According to the obituaries in today's Tribune, not only did Leon Multack the founder of Mr. When I'm in the area for Fire games, we usually hit up the taqueria directly across Harlem from the stadium - Taqueria Los Magueyes. Watch Sky Full of Bacon, the Chicago food HD podcast!New episode: Soil, Corn, Cows and CheeseWatch the Reader's James Beard Award-winning Key Ingredient here. Nothing fancy, just solid versions of the standards; the steak tacos have freshly grilled steak with good char (they advertise 'al carbon').

Through miscommunication we wound up ordering two pastor tacos and no steak instead of one of each, but the pastor was decent if lacking in crispiness.

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