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Whether it’s cans of vegetables from your pantry or a couple hours during the day, your donation of food, time and talent helps us feed the 70,000 hungry in Chester County.
As part of National Hunger Action Month, The Shops at Nanuet is teaming up with Rockland County relief organization People to People by hosting a food collection drive to benefit needy Rockland County families.
Local residents looking to donate are asked to bring non-perishable items, which can be dropped off from 11 a.m. As we prepare to break the fast with our community let’s not forget to help those who need assistance bringing food to their tables. Below are some samples of divrei Torah, teachings of Torah, delivered to the FTJC community by Rabbi Guy. We tend to think that the job of parents is to teach the tradition to their children, to ensure that they observe it. These days are designed to get past your cynicism and make you vulnerable enough to join the dancers in the room. A story is told in the Talmud (BT Bava Batra 58a) about Rabbi Bana’ah, who had a very special and important job.

Find UsWhile our building undergoes renovation, we meet in the social hall of Hebrew Tabernacle Congregation, located at 551 Fort Washington Avenue, on the corner of Fort Washington Avenue and 185th Street.
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The Intermediate students will put their cans in the hallway as you enter the intermediate school just outside the intermediate office.  Please place them in the box or boxes with the corresponding grade level. Teachers do not need to keep up with the number of cans each classroom brings.  Cans will count by grade level. Encourage the students to bring one food item.  If every student brings just one, we will have more than 600 food items to donate!
Please bring a can, box or package of heckshered non-perishable food (or more than one!) for our FTJC food drive to benefit the food pantry at the JCC-WaHi. Much needed food items are canned meats, canned fruit and vegetables, canned soup with meat, dried spaghetti and sauce, ravioli, boxed dinners, oatmeal and cereal. We will have representatives from the White Oak Temporary Assistance Program (TAP) here on Monday, November 10th, to accept our donation.

Individual picking up a student must be on the enrollment form or students must have a note from the parent. Suggested items include tuna, pasta, rice, oatmeal, cereal, canned fruit and vegetables, packaged non-refrigerated milk (Parmalat) and juice. Children who are not going to ride the bus and are not being picked up by their parent MUST HAVE WRITTEN PERMISSION TO WALK OR RIDE with anyone. Please do not bring expired or open items, severely dented cans, or junk food items such as chips or soda.

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