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Most people start the year with the plan to lose some weight, or eat healthier, but that can be very difficult. For each day of the week you write down what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the extras. Need to keep your diet on track, to track possible food allergies, or just want to be a little more conscious about what you're eating? Keeping a food diary can double a person's weight loss, according to a 2008 study from Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research. Simply fill in the blanks for each day, listing the time (or meal), what you ate or drank, your mood or other important circumstances, and number of calories. If you frequently eat while doing something such as snacking while watching a movie, your body will begin to crave food automatically when you sit in front of your television set.
Increase the length of your food cycles, that is, rather than having pizza each Friday, you can have it once in a month. Replace some of the activities that have unhealthy food associations with those that don’t. Cleansing your body including going the whole day with significantly reduced calorie intake can reprogram your system and make you sensitive to your body’s requirements. You are less likely to crave candy, chips or cookies if they are not available in your fridge. You might be able to fake a craving and evade the extra calories, salt, fat, and sugar by consuming the type of food that is close to what you’re craving for.
A subscriber sent me an email two days ago asking exactly how she can lose weight  before her 33rd birthday. When you eat a combination of food that is very high in carb and fat, snack on junks, starve yourself, eat very large meals etc while living a sedentary lifestyle (non activity lifestyle), you are simply jeopardizing your fat loss goal. Research into diet and weight loss at the Havard University, USA has revealed that by simply keeping a daily food diary, dieters lose twice as much weight on average as their counterparts who do not keep a food diary.
When you do, you will soon see exactly what you are eating, how much you are eating and areas where you will need to improve. Want to add a few new pieces to your Spring wardrobe?  Right now you can get $25 off a purchase of $50 or more at Orvis using the coupon code ICSPRING. I-C is hosting a contest for the new Spring collection available at Orvis through which you can enter to win one of ten $100 gift codes to Orvis. I-C will randomly select 10 winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes. Traditionally I have had mostly New Balance running shoes and I love them.  Currently I have my sights set on these New Balances as my next pair. These These Nike Women’s Flex Running Shoes are totally tempting me with their soft, cushy look.
My most favorite of running socks are the ones that wick the moisture away from you and Thirty48 Running Socks have an amazing material that does just that. Never underestimate the power of a little extra cushioning for your feet!  These ASICS Cushion Low-Cut Socks look like they provide a good amount to keep you on your feet longer.
If you are running outside this Under Armour Tank is bright and reflective, perfect for keeping you safe. I tend to play it safe sometimes but I’ve really loved all of the more bold workout clothing options coming out lately like these Under Armour Capri Pants.
A good sports bra is essential when working out and this Nike Womens Pro Compression Sports Bra is my favorite of all the ones I have. I love my Fitbit.  It challenges me to try to beat my step count each day and I love having something measurable to push for. A cute gym bag is essential for lugging clothes to the gym.  I like this Orla Kiely Shoulder Bag. I like to take nice hot showers and occasionally a bubble bath.  My favorite for a bubble bath at the end of the day is Dr.
Painting my nails always makes me feel pretty especially when workouts take a toll on my feet. So where are you on this whole fruit in salad thing?  Do you love it?  Am I the only one who is a little particular about it?

Overall we really loved this easy salad and I hope you do too!  Do you have any favorite salad recipes?  I’d love to hear them in the comments below! What’s on your meal plan for the week?  Find any good recipes lately?  Leave me some in the comments! I remember running in gym class and thinking about how much I wanted to reach 11th grade when there was no more P.E. In college things shifted a little.  For the first time I had access to a gym that was right across the street and I would run from time to time because I found that it helped me get some stress out but I never ran too regularly because I was busy with school and work.
Earlier this year I made it a goal to start running again as a part of an effort to lose the last of my baby weight.  I signed up for the Flap Jack and Jill 5K in February and just ran the race on Saturday.
I was scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time.  I nearly vomited walking from the parking lot to the race. Everyone was in an upbeat mood and super encouraging.  The course was all along the Towpath and provided for some nice scenery. Incidentally I had to run to get my son from the babysitter so I did not partake in any pancakes.  But I did have my first Powerbar and it was tasty.
Wish me luck this weekend!  My #1 wish is that it does not rain.  I hate running in the rain. Well, when I got married and moved to Ohio my husband suggested that I donate my relic to a museum.  I mean, he made total sense in that I had an just gotten an iPod and should use that instead, so I let go of the Walkman but I never adjusted to using the iPod because I stopped running consistently. Any suggestions of music that you like to run to?  I need to make myself a play list and would love to hear what helps keep you moving. I used to do this in a notebook I keep on the counter but I found myself drawing out a little chart to fill in each time so I decided to make myself a little worksheet I can print out and now I’m sharing it with you!
There are a lot of awesome food journal printables out there but I like this one because I can use one sheet for an entire week. Do you food journal?  Please feel free to leave any health or fitness tips in the comments- I love to hear from you!
This is such a simple basic dietary recommendation, the only food that we really need to be healthy and live is single ingredient foods. If you are literally doing no form of activity at the moment then by adding in 2 or 3 30 minute walks a week will make a difference to your weight. There is nothing worse than doing it all by yourself, going home after being to the gym and eating quality food just for someone in the house to say negative words and start eating junk food right in front of you. This goes nicely with number 2, when I say crap food I am talking about; bread, cereal, potatoes, pasta, tinned food, diets, soda drinks, crisps, sweets, chocolate bars etc. I offer a PERSONALISED service which takes a HOLISTIC approach through NUTRITION, STRENGTH, FITNESS, & REHABILITIATION.
To make it a bit easier I made a Weekly Food Diary where you can write down all the things you eat & drink during the week. At the bottom of the scheme you can also write down the number of calories you had that day.
There's also an "other" category if to keep track of anything else you're watching, such as fat, sodium or carbs. In your diary, list all those unhealthy foods that you eat very often and think about which ones you can eliminate from your diet without making it too dreary. This helps to clean your taste buds so that you can enjoy your next meal without being abstracted by the taste from the dishes that you consumed before. For instance, you can take a walk and consume salads in the morning rather than reading the newspaper and drinking large amounts of coffee.
If you don’t watch it, you wont know for sure how much calories you are piling on your body every day. Once you are done, print it out  or draw it on a piece of paper like in the picture, and use it to  record your daily food intake. You have such a wide selection of vegetables, meats, poultry, fish, fruit and most importantly water. We can live without food for a prolonged period of time because we can use tissue for energy, but water we cannot randomly create, we have to consume it!! You have a lot of stored up energy to start using so get yourself out for 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week.

If you think you have a friend or family member that would like to join you then grab them and support each other together, it becomes so much easier. It just isn’t as straight forward as that, when someone has poor sleep quality and is stressed there is something seriously the matter internally, but it is nothing that cannot be fixed.
In this way you will have a quick overview on how much you eat, how healthy you eat and how varied you eat.
For example, people consume unhealthy food when they are in the club, watching their favorite TV program, or just sitting at home idle. The thing to bear in mind though is that the key to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle is variety and not to have too much of something. Try and recognize unhealthy food associations with various activities like eating biscuits watching your favorite TV program, or hot dogs, chips and pies at the football, and eradicate them completely or modify them.
Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can affect your metabolism by making you feel hungry even though you are not.
If there are unhealthy foods in your fridge, toss them out and stock your fridge with healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grain, cheese, crackers among others.
All these foods are jam packed with nutrients which are essential to us not just living but surviving. Your body is around 75% of pure water, without water our gut, immune system, and metabolism cannot function properly. This is why weight loss clubs are so busy because people LOVE to work in a social and community like environment, I am the exact same, if I know I have people round that me that feel my struggles but also are there to support me then I am going to work a lot harder. If you want more detailed information on how to improve your sleep and minimise stress levels then download my Lifestyle Diet Manual PDF. It is important that you start learning how to do Resistance Training and also how to actually live a healthy well balanced lifestyle. It is not uncommon for people to purchase popcorns and beverages when they go out to watch movies. Replacing these associated food cravings with positive healthy self-image can reset your mind and teach it how it can stop craving junk food.
If you cannot wait out junk cravings when you’re stressed, take something healthy or distract your mind with something that can counteract the stress. For instance, if you’re going to the movies on Friday afternoon and consume more than you should, you can go for a bike ride or walk on Saturday morning to compensate for it. By removing snacks that don’t match your diet and stocking plenty that do, you are less likely to find yourself consuming unhealthy foods.
Next time you have a vegetable and some bread in front of you please look at the ingredients list and I will let you decide which one seems more humane. I guarantee that 14 days without these foods and you will drop a lot of weight quickly, the hardest bit is to then maintain it.
In my opinion avoid going to a commercial gym because you are will get put off very easily, see a Personal Trainer in a Private Studio where you will get a 1-2-1 service. If you do any of these things, you will clear your taste so the food flavor does not remain in your mouth making you crave more.
Consequently, it increases your weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and causes many other health problems. It is important to know that these foods are not forbidden forever, you can have them but once you have built up a good bill of health.
Usually, a lot of people tend to have a mixture of unhealthy food associations that have an effect on their health in the long run. It is vitally important to comprehend that variety in your eating routine is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

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