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The basic definition of a food desert is pretty clear: a geographical island where the poverty rate is over 20% and residents have limited access to nutritious food.
Many believe these food deserts are more common in urban areas, since there is a common assumption that those in poverty in rural areas will still have reasonable access to transportation, i.e. The USDA Food Desert Locator is an online tool that maps census tract data and identifies 11 food deserts in Western North Carolina, seven of which are in urban areas. Solving the problem of food deserts isn’t simple, and it requires multiple approaches.
Chicken bones lie on the ground in South Dallas where access to fresh fruits and vegetables is limited. Dallas officials are eyeing a bill narrowly approved in the House today that would help bring grocery stores to food deserts like those in the southern part of the county.
More than a third of Dallas County’s ZIP codes (36 percent) contain food deserts, which means they have limited access to affordable and nutritious food, according to a 2012 report.
Texas has more than 3 million people living in a food desert, which contributes to obesity issues. If the legislation becomes law, many hope building grocery stores will also bring jobs and other economic development to these areas.
Dallas County officials have already expressed interest in seeking funds from such a program to address the need for fresh food in South Dallas. The blog for the Dallas Morning News politics team tracks Dallas Fort Worth area, Texas and national campaigns.

Essentially, there are areas in the country where poorer residents that have limited means of transportation and are limited in food options.
They span from Rutherfordton to Hendersonville and Asheville, up to large portions of Haywood, Madison and Mitchell counties. These areas are predominately in African American and Hispanic communities, which also tend to have higher rates of diabetes and other health issues. Eddie Rodriguez, D-Austin, provides for an incentive program to help low-income and rural areas most in need through public and private funds.
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Many are forced to rely on fast-food restaurants or convenience stores within walking distance, and these often have few, if any, fresh and healthy food choices. Not only do residents need to have access to healthy food, they must be educated on how to properly utilize it. The Texas Department of Agriculture would partner with nonprofits and private businesses to build, rehabilitate or expand grocery stores. It must be voted on once more before then moving on to the Senate for further consideration. Unable to  visit a major grocery store, they’re left with very few alternatives for fresh food.

To that effect, MountainWise is partnering with Corner Stores in an effort to expand their healthy food options. The obstacles are worse in the mountains, where winter conditions can make some roads impassible for long stretches of time. Our goal is to both bring more fresh foods into corner stores, and to encourage those choices with eye-catching displays, recipe cards, etc.
And while some people might be willing to walk a mile home with an armload of fresh groceries in good weather, they might forgo it with harsh winter conditions.
We believe that if people are given more access to fresh food options and the knowledge with how to use them, they will make the best choices for themselves. Without options for a healthy diet, people living in food deserts are at a risk for a wide range of health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

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