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The United States government recently acknowledged the presence of over 100 military advisors who have been secretly operating in Somalia since 2007.
The African Union Mission in Somalia currently has 22,000 troops stationed in Somalia from various African countries and the United States has stated its intent to aid soldiers of the Somali National Army. Despite the various armed conflicts taking place throughout the country, Somalia is faced with another pressing issue: the Somali food crisis. The food agency also acknowledged the presence of acute malnutrition in Mogadishu which requires intensified humanitarian aid over the coming months. An estimated 10 million people across East Africa are facing a severe food crisis following a prolonged drought in the region, the United Nations says.
A GUNMAN is on the run after a shooting a man in the leg during a brawl at a shopping centre in Sweden.
A PATIENT has shot dead a doctor at a Berlin hospital before turning the gun on himself in the latest atrocity to rock Germany. BREKKIE WRAP: A Miss Wales contestant was knifed in the neck by her mum as she slept, a court had heard. THE Syrian suicide bomber who injured more than a dozen people near a German music festival pledged his allegiance to IS in a chilling video. THE man convicted of the manslaughter of Michael Jackson has opened up about that night and revealed details not heard before. A FRENCH priest had his head cut off in a church hostage stand-off, where two men were shot dead by police in an IS terror attack. UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged world leaders to help stem a food crisis in Africa's Sahel region. WORLD leaders have vowed to work to stem a food crisis in west Africa's Sahel region, where millions risk starvation, but remain cautious on sending troops to Mali to root out Islamist rebels. Opening high-level talks on a growing humanitarian and refugee crisis, UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday urged world leaders not to abandon the Sahel which has been hit by regional insecurity, drought and poor harvests."The region needs your attention, your focus.
A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Lester Brown, of the Overseas Development Council, has announced that the government should require Americans “to do the food equivalent of turning the thermostats down six degrees. THESE HUNGRY INDIANS are lined up for handouts of relief grain, much of which was sold by American exporters to the Soviet Union in 1972 and then resold by the Soviets to India at a profit. In order to overcome American hesitation to embrace this and other schemes for eventually bringing us down to the level of Asian coolies, media and government propagandists are making dire warnings of the threat to America which will arise if we fail to meet Afro-Asian demands for American food. THIS IS A TYPICAL WASHINGTON POST HEADLINE, part of the brainwashing campaign to convince Americans that they must feed the rest of the world. The world population, now growing at the rate of 70 million each year, will reach seven billion by the year 2,000—only 26 years from now—we are told, and there is nothing we can do about it. Then the White man, partly from economic-imperialist motives and partly from misguided humanitarianism, cured their diseases and helped them produce more food from their land.
The result was an enormous and rapid increase in population, which has now brought many of them back to the brink of starvation again. The net effect of the White man’s efforts has been to leave the peoples in large areas of the non-White world worse off than they were before.
Beyond morality, it should be obvious that the real threat to America’s security comes from continuing to provide aid to overpopulated nations, rather than from simply letting them starve. No matter how hungry Indians and Africans become and no matter how much they hate us, there is nothing they can do to take America’s wealth away unless we provide them with the means.
The seven billion hungry non-Whites we are supposed to worry about a few years hence will never materialize if America simply refuses to continue subsidizing the present rate of population growth in Africa and Asia. There is only one proper solution to the population explosion in the non-White world, and to the concomitant world food crisis: total withdrawal of Western support, so that Nature can once again take its course. Squeamish Americans may find that difficult to accept, but we will only make the present world situation worse and bring ultimate disaster on our own heads if we follow the course now being laid out for us by Mr. Our beautiful, full-color glossy magazine-style introduction to the National Alliance, Building a New White World, is one of the most powerful ways to introduce your friends and family to the ideas and ideals they need to understand and appreciate in order to take part in shaping a White future.
Every day National Alliance members spread the word about the Alliance by distributing our professional, attractive, and colorful National Alliance business cards. Several excellent National Alliance fliers, with different themes, have been produced and are now available for you to freely download and print — either on your own printer, or at your local print shop in mass quantities. The idea that White nation should aid and reform non-White nations is a conservative idea, in a naive hope that they will eventually quit asking for handouts and become livable for their own people.
Finally, people are coming out in droves and talking openly about the links between climate change, extreme weather events… and food prices.

The possibility of a global food shortage is looming and the effects could be felt in the near future. Some of the more apparent reasons for a global food shortage at the moment are climate change, increased population, and plant diseases.
The global population is growing at an alarming rate and providing enough food to combat this problem is becoming challenging.
In order to have a sustainable future, more farmland will have to be designated to increase crop production.
While climate change plays a big part in damaging the world food supply, plant diseases contribute to this dilemma as well. While plant diseases are not as significant as other causes of crop failure, they are a big concern to overall food supply, as anything that has an adverse effect on production can be devastating. In the event of a food shortage, the possibility of riots and chaos against governments pose a significant risk. Keep up to date with all the most interesting green news on the planet by subscribing to our (free) Planetsave newsletter. This article totally ignores two major irrigation projects of the planet; NAWAPA and Transaqua.
Also crop losses from record-breaking floods, droughts, hurricanes in other parts of the world. Planetsave is part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, greener place. While they are not engaged in combat missions, they have routinely assisted the Somali government by providing their tactical expertise in the Somali effort to combat Islamist militants. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization recently disclosed the possibility of a worsening food crisis in Somalia.
The displaced populace in areas like Mogadishu where armed violence has become regular has served to exacerbate the food crisis.
Do not abandon it and regret it later," Ban said of the vast desert area stretching across nine west African nations, where armed Islamic and rebel groups have moved in."The Sahel is at a critical juncture. Because America’s livestock industry consumes so much grain, Americans are being urged to eat less meat and more rice, corn, and other cereals.
They have always had their hands out, and they have always considered the Western nations to be responsible for their problems. The United States would supply the input to this stockpile, and the Afro-Asian countries would take care of the output. The 1972 American grain sales, subsidized by our government, started the rapid rise in domestic food prices which has plagued American consumers for the past two years.
Furthermore, Americans will be outnumbered by about 50 to one, so we had better start being nice to everyone. Indeed, hundreds of thousands have already starved to death in India and northern Africa in the past year. Their lives were short and hard, but it was an existence to which they were accustomed, and they enjoyed certain primitive luxuries, such as a little elbow room.
It involves the question of who shall inherit the earth—which peoples shall prosper and which shall do without, which shall survive and which shall perish.
Indeed, what could be more immoral, from a cosmic point of view, than deliberately limiting the potential of the world’s ablest peoples in order to allow inferior peoples to proliferate?
What little military potential they possess has been provided by the West, and a withdrawal of Western technological aid would see that potential rapidly disappear. William Luther Pierce — 20 speeches on each mp3-CD, more than 24 hours total listening time in the series so far. Only the National Alliance has a coherent plan to bring that future into being — and Building a New White World presents that plan impressively, in a way that can never be forgotten. Pierce have any interest in helping non-whites or seeing non-white nations transition from barbarism into rivals for western White nations. Goebbels article about Winter Help wherein he called on wealthy Germans to make the sacrifice of cutting one fancy meal a week down to simple nutrition (not skip a meal!), and donate the difference in cost to feed the hungry of their own kind.
If the perfect balance that keeps humanity together is disrupted, then some of the consequences can be quite unfortunate. Meeting this difficult challenge will be made even harder if climate change melts portions of the Himalayan glaciers to affect 25% of world cereal production in Asia by influencing water availability.” Chakraborty, S.
Accurate assessments of the growing population will have to be made in order to have enough supplies to feed the demand. Plant diseases are hard to control, since they are usually discovered after they have infected the crops.

Controlling plant disease will have to be considered on the global scale to ensure that the limited crops that are able to be grown are not damaged by disease. If food supplies become too low, then the ability to replenish supplies will take a long period of time.
You take a perfectly reasonable concern and blow it way out of proportion and make claims that are simply not sustainable. Show me proof that biofuels are the leading cause and I’d be happy to tweak the sentence. Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries. Those militants comprise al Shabaab, the al Qaeda-linked terrorist organization which most notably claimed responsibility for the September 2013 attack on a mall in Nairobi, Kenya which resulted in 67 deaths. This crisis would be the result of a predicted water shortage following a lackluster rain season earlier this year, rising food prices in urban areas and dwindling humanitarian assistance in the country. While it is clear that the Somali government is finally receiving the military aid it needs, the food aid it also requires has not yet occurred. Political turmoil, extreme climatic conditions and fragile economies are combining to create a perfect storm of vulnerability," Ban said.France and west African nations led calls for the creation of an African-led force to help Mali flush out rebels from northern territory seized in a March coup. What is new and alarming is that the men in Washington who make the policies which affect all our lives are now openly agreeing with them. Control of the stockpile, of course, would fall to the United Nations, where the Africans and Asians control the votes. It is a crime against Nature and against the future of our own race to subsidize the further reproduction of these people.
Liberal church leaders, who favor the plan, have told Kissinger they will use their pulpits to gain public support for his scheme. One copy is just $3, ten copies just $15, and additional quantity price breaks are available. Place them on bulletin boards, in select books at public libraries, or hand them out at public events.
The perfect balance that keeps the world in harmony is being disrupted and the possibility of a major catastrophe is imminent.
There is not one factor that is solely responsible for the problem, but a combination of factors that are disrupting the balance of the global food supply. Food production will have to be increased according to the growth of the world’s population if we are to avoid a total food crisis. With an increasing population, great caution will have to be taken to offset the effects of climate change and to prevent plant diseases from occurring. NAWAPA (North America water and Power Alliance) would have at least trippled the food production in North America. The main cause of rising food prices at the moment, as the UN and others have made clear, is the drive for biofuels to . There is an ominous global crisis about to transpire from a shortage of food and a decline in the global financial system, and it will have a dire effect on all humanity.
With a likely end result being a shortage in the food supply, this will have an adverse effect on everyone. These changes are having an effect on crop production around the world.  Some of the weather conditions that are associated with climate change are extreme cold, extreme heat, and excessive amounts of rain and snow. Malnutrition from lack of food will cause pandemics of diseases that could spread globally. Instead this article blames a vague climate change which can not be scientifically proven as being caused by man’s activities while keeping the reader in the dark about NAWAPA and Transaqua. Weather is NOT a speculator and the food production is actually only dwindling because… of the biofuel subsidies.
Their attack was eventually thwarted by Somali and AMISOM troops but the threat of violence in the nation’s capital still looms.
I think the results of a likely food shortage will contribute to the start of a global crisis. Wall Street is a scavanging speculator gentlemen and is leveraging the bailout money to speculate on every profitable commodity including your very food.

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