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Singapore has earned the reputation as a food haven – rightly so as it has all the ingredients to make it so. Eating is national pastime for the locals as evident in the humongous number of food outlets to cater to this obsession. For local, inexpensive food, find a nearby hawker centre, kopi tiam (coffeeshop) or food court. For an unforgettable dinning experience combining taste, sight, scent and cultural experience, head down to a restaurant. When you have fallen in love with a local delight, why not bring back this tasty memory with you?

Not only because of its choice and price factors, more importantly is the accessibility – everywhere you turn, there is food, food, and more glorious food! Thankfully, strict government regulations ensure consistent hygiene even at low-cost eating places. Designer coffee places like Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or local cafes can be found in all shopping malls and business district. With its diverse cultures and influences, Singapore offers the widest variety, ranging from the hip and the posh, to the value-for-money, noisy local hangouts.
Fresh and inexpensive ingredients are readily available at the local wet markets as well as supermarkets.

From a simple hawker centre dish to the most exquisite cuisine, a local staple to an exotic culinary, one will be able to eat to his or her heart’s content without burning a hole in the pocket, so to speak.
Recipes with different twists and preferences are in abundance from cook books written by established chefs to family secrets made available in the internet.
Singapore attracts a vast variety of fast food chains and they are in shopping malls and residential estates.

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