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Dogs Take Over Humans’ BedsThere is nothing wrongs with letting your dog sleep on your bed, the problem is when your dog claims your bed as his own. If you have a cat, you will love this series of pictures, with adorably chubby cats that probably ate a bit too much. Take a look at it in case after scrolling through the following gallery you still want to see more pictures of our little furry friends. In the event that my body succumbs to a food coma following Thanksgiving dinner, I hereby refuse any resuscitation measures, including but not limited to poking, shoulder-shaking, and slapping my face while shouting, “Don’t quit on us!” Being of sound mind and empty stomach, I voluntarily execute this order with full awareness of its consequences.
Thorough consideration has gone into this decision, unlike the decision I will likely make to ingest enough poultry to shut down my body’s non-essential functions, such as speech, movement, and not drooling.
The conditions of this order apply to circumstances in which my state of semi-consciousness persists for one or more hours.

You will recognize this tryptophan-induced malaise by the fact that I cannot be fully awakened and fail to respond to such stimuli as invitations to toss around a football or to wipe the mashed potatoes from my cheek.
This order prohibits any direct interference with my gastrointestinal system through the administering of antacids, coffee, or even those homeopathic digestive enzymes that Aunt Laura always has in her purse. Family members, immediate and otherwise, may, however, provide me with certain non-invasive assistance during this time, such as hair-stroking, cold compresses, and covering me with a blanket if I appear to be shivering. I further grant my loved ones the authority to intervene in all matters related to the condition of my dignity.
You may, for instance, remove any gravy-splattered clothing and change me into something more presentable. Similarly, it is in the hands of those of you whom I trust most to deter others (Eric) from attempting to capitalize on my defenseless state for humorous gain, drawing a tiny Pilgrim hat on my bald head being one example of this.

Additionally, I authorize the removal of the remote control from my hand in the event that I lose the motor capacity required to change channels. You may also transport me to an alternate location if the one I have chosen is highly trafficked, or if my presence proves disruptive or upsetting in any way. Please note that the conditions of this order persist in the event that I manage to rise and hurl my body toward the kitchen for a round of leftovers.

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