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On the verge of being their 'own developers,' Russell Precious and Jocelyn Carver stand in the existing Kootenay Co-op store in Nelson, B.C. Podcast: 'Deconstructing Dinner' on how a little money did a lot for one Illinois food co-op. The Kootenay Co-op started out as a ruralA hippie bulk-organic-food-buying co-op in the 1970s. Last year the co-op bought the old Extra Foods supermarket in downtown Nelson, planning to tear it down and redevelop the site over the next two years. Rather than allow a few million dollars to leave the community and fill up the bank account of a big-city developer, the co-op formed its own development company -- Nelson Commons Holding Ltd., a separate entity from the store. So far, the active and opinionated co-op membership is generally united behind the plan, with many meetings and much information shared online. If the project succeeds, it could set a new standard for what member-owned organizations can achieve as an alternative to conventional big and small business.
Andy Broderick, vice president of community investment at Vancity, has experience in both the U.S. And with Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce executive director Tom Thomson calling the Kootenay Co-op "one of the best in western Canada" in terms of the vitality of its membership and financial stability, there's a lot of hope that the co-op can pull it off.
The current co-op store has been overcrowded for years, and over the past decade managers have put $2.5 million into a savings account earmarked specifically for an eventual move.
According to project manager Russell Precious, the co-op didn't expect to secure such a significant piece of property in the core of downtown Nelson for the Commons. Precious, who lives in Nelson, founded Capers natural food stores and the Naam Restaurant in Vancouver and has been involved in several similar projects in the U.S.
In 1990, when the Kootenay Co-op already had a downtown store for 15 years and most of its counterpart food co-ops in rural B.C.
Its success stems from a mix of business smarts and an adherence to cooperative principles like democratic member control and member economic participation. Nettie Lack is the head of the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society, and she farms eight acres of vegetables near Nelson.
Artist rendering of the Nelson Commons, including a co-op store, 54 residences, six to eight commercial tenants, green space and more.
The co-op thinks of this development, and its aggressive pursuit of local, as a new way of doing business. Chaland says that kind of democracy "ripples out in the community," helping people build their ability to get along, make decisions together and ultimately govern well, she says. Across the street, a local non-profit group is renovating and revitalizing the old Civic Theatre that closed several years ago, leaving Nelson with no movie theatre -- another big project that has ignited a successful fundraising effort over the past year. Fiercely independent, Prager's opinions, intellect, and integrity have influenced millions of lives through books, lectures, and broadcasts. Se scegliete complementi d’arredo in legno tenete presente che, nei periodi invernali, questi dovranno essere imballati e messi al riparo.
Per evitare che tavolini e sedie cosi essenziali mettano tristezza all’ambiente, aggiungete un tocco di colore con un cuscino e qualche fiore, proprio come mostrato nella foto in basso.
Per sfruttare al meglio tutti gli spazi, potete posizionare le piante da fiore in vasi pensili da fissare alla parete o alla balconata (ringhiera). If you haven't checked out the links from the last two Kid's Co-op parties, you've missed some great messy play ideas. They emerge, improbably huge and menacing, from the fetid quagmire which they have made their home. Cats, dogs, deer, even the terrifying alligators that used to rule supreme in these morasses, have fallen prey to a creature that can grow to gargantuan proportions. For the Everglades, that vast area of swampland in southern Florida, is being overrun by a new super-predator, a foreign invader who is vying with the indigenous alligator to sit at the top of the food chain.
The impostors, which have been lurking in these swamps for the past 17 years, are huge Burmese pythons, many of whom are descended from pet-shop specimens that escaped from captivity during the mayhem of Hurricane Andrew.

Finding themselves in an almost perfect environment, one full of food and totally devoid of predators - apart from the alligators - the carnivorous pythons, some of the world's largest reptiles, have thrived.
At first, the snake had the upper hand, wrapping itself around the alligator as it attempted to crush it in its coils (these snakes are capable of exerting forces of several tons, shattering the ribcages and spines of their victims). Several such battles have now been witnessed as the two 'apex' predators battle for supremacy in a wilderness big enough for only one of them.
And, as is all too often the case, exotic animals who are bought when they are young soon outgrow their homes. Many snake owners treat their animals much like cats or dogs, allowing them to curl up on the sofa. But few people have the expertise, or the room, to cope with a full-grown Burmese python, an animal which can grow 27ft long and weigh 30st. And because the pythons often ravenously devour anything they are given, many owners overfeed them, causing the snakes to grow to gigantic proportions - the females are usually bigger than the males. When they find they can no longer cope with an animal that may be costing them hundreds of pounds a month in food - mostly frozen or live rats, chickens and rabbits - some owners simply let them go.
These deliberately released pets have added substantially to Florida's original escapee population, which began breeding in the early 1990s. The Burmese python is most at home in the jungles of South-east Asia, where, ironically, they are endangered. Rangers have started hunting some of the snakes, killing them or giving them to zoos, but the creatures seem to be going from strength to strength. Some naturalists even predict that they could eventually colonise the entire South- eastern third of the U.S. The toddler in Orlando was strangled by an escaped pet, but sooner or later, say wildlife experts and politicians, someone will be killed by a wild specimen. In 17 years, these extraordinary creatures have conquered one of America's wildest regions. For the last month, New Pioneer has held meetings in Iowa City, North Liberty, Marion and Cedar Rapids to allow its members to learn more about the potential for a third location.
In addition to a mail-in deadline of June 13, members had until store close on June 14 to drop their ballots off at either location.
What would a Trump White House and Silicon Valley alliance mean for First Amendment rights?
Now it's about to build a $23-million natural foods store and mixed residential-commercial development in its hometown of Nelson, B.C.
It's put together an ambitious plan for what it's calling the Nelson Commons, which will occupy nearly an entire city block at the east end of downtown Baker Street. But once it did, it realized it had a much bigger opportunity at hand, one that could include housing and commercial development. He says the co-op plans to use as many local trades people, lawyers and engineers during construction as possible.
If about 80 per cent of them don't sell by the end of the year, the co-op will drop the residential part of the plan and regroup. Last year the co-op put out an online questionnaire to find out how many residents might be interested in buying, and what kind of accommodation they would be looking for. It takes its role in local economic development seriously and is an activist for regional agriculture, developing partnerships with farmers and other food producers.
She says that if the co-op discovers an item that consumers want, they actively encourage local suppliers to fill the niche.
In questo contesto anche un terrazzo piccolo puo essere reso confortevole e pronto allo scopo. Trattandosi di un terrazzo piccolo meglio scegliere elementi essenziali a partire proprio da tavolino e sedie: il ferro battuto puo essere una soluzione abbastanza compatta cosi come il legno di un piccolo davolo da bistro.
Se non avete in programma di passare serate tra amici, un tavolino da bistro per due sara perfetto per colazioni e cene romantiche.

In questo contesto verra in vostro aiuto Madre Natura proponendovi un gran numero di piante. Sfruttando le pareti potreste allestire un piccolo giardino verticale ma sempre senza esagerare. Kids have been creating, exploring, playing, and learning while making just a little bit of a mess.
And it is wreaking havoc in one of the world's most precious and fragile ecosystems, which attracts tourists in droves. In February this year, a group of astonished tourists at Pahayokee witnessed a ferocious battle between an alligator and a python.
The alligator managed to lock the snake in its jaws, and rolled it over and over in a traditional death wrestle.
And also last year, extraordinary, gruesome photographs emerged of a python that had managed to kill and devour a large alligator.
Part of their success is down to their ability to gorge on huge meals - and then go without food for months. Indeed, provided they are well-fed, most pythons will not threaten anyone and are frightened of humans. Unfortunately, they are beginning to upset the fragile ecosystem of the Everglades, proving themselves to be a major threat to native species ill-equipped to fend off this alien super-predator. But whether they keep their crown - and continue to battle the alligators for the top spot - may soon be left in the hands of human hunters. The co-op is spending about $1 million in pre-development costs and there will be a member loan program in October which they expect will raise $1-1.5 million from the membership. It's the largest independent member-owned natural food store in Canada and a respected player nationally in organic retail circles. But they abandoned this for reasons that will sound familiar to anyone who has thought much about affordable housing: it would drive up the price of the regular units and make them difficult to sell.
The local roller derby team uses its huge floor to practice, and Kootenay Co-op Radio rents out its parking spaces as a fundraiser.
Unfortunately for the snake, the 'gator had proved too big a meal and the python had literally burst open. Instead, they kill their prey by locking it in their jaws, which boast powerful, backward-facing teeth, then crushing it in their coils.
This would make the Burmese python America's most common and dangerous large predator - a predator, we now know who will kill a human. He says this raises the bar from $200 per door that two private condo developers contributed to the city recently. You have a very different loyalty to the store."Working member programs were a basic feature of co-ops, launched decades ago during a flush of interest in natural living and alternatives to big capitalism. The programs offered cheap labor for stores with little capital and fit in snugly with co-op principles like open membership and democratic control."Everybody pitched in — 'Let's make the staff!' — and they did it with almost no money to start these businesses," said Stuart Reid, of the Food Co-op Initiative, which helps groups organize food co-ops. And we're not running out of a cigar box on the counter anymore."Early co-ops foreshadowed the wider public's interest in local, wholesome food and then benefited once the wave hit.
Honest Weight began in a cramped side-street store and is now a bright, modern market that rings up about $25 million annually in sales. But the initial uproar led to a shake-up of the board that cost the president his position.The larger issue weighing on the board at Honest Weight and other co-ops is the fear that labor officials could classify their working members as employees rather than volunteers, leaving them open to charges they are violating minimum-wage rules. A small number of co-ops nationwide have settled complaints over the decades instead of testing that interpretation, according to longtime observers.At Honest Weight, Horwitz believes there's no real evidence of a threat until labor officials go after co-ops. Bloomingfoods of Bloomington, Indiana, ended its limited program recently after implementing its first union contract for employees.One big exception is the 16,700-member Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn, which requires most of its members to work.

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