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Instructables is hosting a “Food Science Challenge” contest looking for the best how-to videos on food science and molecular gastronomy! The Rensselaer Chemistry Society is now accepting candidate nominations for the upcoming officer elections to be held on May 1, 2012.
Come by the DCC this afternoon and support the fight against cancer by purchasing one of our homemade Periodic Table Cupcakes! The Rensselaer Chemistry Society in conjunction with the local chapter of the American Chemical Society is hosting a Chemistry Career Fair on September 30. The laboratory of Food Chemistry is engaged in research and education about food chemistry. The Laboratory of Food Chemistry chairgroup generates and disseminates knowledge of the molecular properties and interactions of key food components within the food matrix during industrial processing and digestion of foods as well as developing biochemical tools in order to improve the quality and healthiness of foods and food.
In this course students researched the places, times, and life of one of their sixteen great-great-grandparents, focusing on the analytical category of generation. OliviaBrodsky, Jack Eidson, Kathryn Fosbenner, Sarah Larson, and Jessica Surgenor, with Scott C. Common definitions of generation are often gathered from William Strauss and Neil Howe’s 1991 book Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to2069. We propose to move beyond traditional definitions of generation by emphasizing the significanceof one’s formative years in developing a personalized world view. This concept of generational identity exists among the public, but has never been formally defined. In defining generational identity, each member of our Tufts University course, Great-Great-Grandparent: Discovering Your History, researched one great-great-grandparent. You, like our ancestors, are a collection of your past experiences, culminating in a single, multifaceted identity.
It is now time that we put aside labels like the “selfie generation” and the“flower children” in order to embrace generational individualism, where each individual’s formative experiences are not lost within the collective narrative of a traditional generation. The spicy taste in foods is caused by a few common chemicals, most notably capsaicin, found in most spicy foods. One of the first modern paints was egg yolk tempera, a mixture of dry pigment and water emulsified with egg yolk. This course provided an in-depth examination of how comic books have been used to explore questions of gender, sex, sexuality, gender differences, and gender socialization.
Nhora Serrano is a Visiting Scholar of Comparative Literature at Harvard University who recently taught An Introduction to Comics and the Graphic Novel in the Experimental College. Students from Nhora Serrano’s ExCollege course Gender, Sexuality, and Comics were asked to create their own comics.
Who’d have thought, twenty years ago, that the web would become a major tool for narrative? This course focused on digital technique and theory, including interactivity and non-linearity.
Tatyana Bronstein is an independent filmmaker and professor of Visual Arts and Media at Emerson College. Kristie Le  created an interactive digital story on the extent passion for art can affect life choices of diverse students.
Victoria Wang examined the different stages of Chinese students adjusting to the US culture. Amy Himebaugh created a nonlinear photo and video essay about two good years in her life, featuring the people and places that made them good. Franchesca Liauw documented conversations she had with strangers on her commute from Malden to Boston.
What if you could give $25 to a business owner in an underdeveloped nation and the impact would be that they could feed, educate, and clothe their children for the next 10 months? In this course, students addressed how these achievements can be made and took a comprehensive look at microfinance and its impact on people and societies. Adam Grenier is a former Fellow with, a leading online microfinance lending community whose mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. Isabelle Cole chose Brazil as her location because of her strong personal ties to the country.
Dana Howe probed the history behind the “Type 1” and “Type 2” labels associated with diabetes. Sarah Reed probed media hype around genetically modified organisms, using recent news of the non-browning Arctic Apples as a narrative thread.  Sarah did an exceptional job dissecting how nonprofit advocacy groups have crafted a specific language around GMOs that sacrifices accuracy for hype, and how reporters have fallen back on this language in several stories.
Lily Barnard presented on the ethical dilemmas journalists face when reporting on pediatric illnesses.
This course explored energy options, as students considered how, after nearly a century of industrial societies relying heavily on fossil fuels, we will consider the affect of environmental concerns and how they have shaped our decisions to choose alternative energy sources.
Nan Yi is a research associate at Tufts interested in developing effective methods to improve science and engineering learning and to engage students’ participation in STEM fields. Our mission is to generate and disseminate knowledge of the molecular properties and interactions of key food components within the food matrix during industrial processing and digestion of foods AND to develop biochemical tools in order to improve the quality and healthiness of foods and food ingredients.

An under-examined but universal component of human identity, generation, like race, class, gender, nation, and ethnicity, is a social construct, formed by experiences in (and memories of) the coming-of-age years. He is currently at work on a book in which he tells a group story of the lives and times of imperial administrators who came of age at the turn of the twentieth century.
Often, characterizing the basis of one’s generational identity requires retrospection into the specific events of that person’s formative years. We analyzed genealogical records, interviewed family members, and integrated historical context to write a short biography of an ancestor’s life.
For some of our relatives, their generational identities came from collective events such as the Civil War, migration, or pogroms in Eastern Europe.
He is involved in the Tufts Sustainability Collective, the Model United Nations team, and is a competitive member of the Tufts Ballroom Dance Team.
A few other spicy molecules are piperine (found in black peppers and Indian Long Peppers), allyl isothiocyanate (found in horseradish, wasabi, and mustard) and allicin (produced in garlic). As was discussed in the food chemistry portion of the class, an emulsifying agent like the lecithin in egg yolk has both a hydrophilic and hydrophobic end, meaning it can dissolve polar and nonpolar substances. Producing these photographs is a two-step process: the first is creating the negative and the second is developing the prints.
Throughout the course, students examined how ideas about gender and identity in comics are shaped by popular culture, advertising, modes of production, and debates on censorship. They were asked to create a narrative, which could be an adaptation of any literary text, drawn from “real life,” or completely fictional. Her new documentary, Prima (2013), was screened in the 42nd Dance on Camera Festival at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, this past February. Coming from different backgrounds and carrying different stories, these incredible artists still join one another in a small classroom at SMFA and dedicate hours every day to do painting. Wang chose 3 interviewees who differentiate from each other according to their duration in the US, their educational backgrounds, socio-economic backgrounds and personalities. It’s believed to be the largest marathon team in the country, and for the dedicated members, it’s about so much more than the race. As a Kiva Fellow, Adam worked with Salone Microfinance Trust (SMT) in Sierra Leone, a non-governmental organization that serves the financial needs of over 6,000 microfinance clients. Currently he is Senior Editor at Partners In Health (PIH), a global health nonprofit, founded by Drs.
Her presentation raised several issues regarding how Type 2 dominates the media landscape when it comes to news reports on diabetes, and what this means for diabetics. Barnard’s presentation took a deep dive into a recent BuzzFeed feature article about a young girl suffering trichotillomania.
They argued that those born in the same twenty-year cohort group would retain similar attributes throughout their lives based upon reactions to common events during the coming-of-age years, roughly between fifteen and twenty-five. We aspired to establish the generational identities of our great-great-grandparents, focusing on how their world views formed during the events and circumstances of their formative years.
For others, individual events such as the death of a loved one, the role of religion, or the struggle of poverty shaped their generational identity.
By archetyping a whole cohort of people, we overlook the complexity of human development by designating collective stereotypes onto a large group of people.
The spicy taste developed as a defense mechanism for the plant, as the seeds are damaged by stomach acid. This inhibits fatty acid synthesis in bacteria, but may have negative health effects for humans.
This allows a mixture of the two types of compounds to be stabilized in a suspension, like mayonnaise, without separating like salad dressing. There is often a state change, where a large volume of gas is produced from a small volume of solid or liquid, which provides a large amount of explosive force. In the world of microfinance anything is possible and extraordinary results can be achieved. In 2011, Adam traveled to Colombia to document the impact of microfinance in underdeveloped areas of Barranquilla and Cartagena. Raw data and images from the worst Ebola outbreak in history stream across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in near real-time. Paul Farmer, Jim Kim, and Ophelia Dahl, that works to strengthen health systems in some of the poorest areas of the world.
Barnard revealed that the main source in the article has appeared in several other top-tier outlets before the BuzzFeed article, and she enlightened the class on the flaws in BuzzFeed’s narrative structure. Because people cannot share common characteristics across a generation, many have set aside Strauss and Howe’s definitions. While our great-great-grandparents, from the same generation, had overlapping experiences, they developed unique generational identities. It is therefore crucial to the understanding of history, psychology, anthropology and other fields that we transfigure the way we think of generation. It’s harmful to the environment if released from wastewater systems, and there’s the possibility of overuse of this product creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Egg yolk tempera, used in the 1300s, dried quickly, as water evaporates quickly, yielding flat paintings.

These crystals are light-sensitive, and make different shades based on how long they are exposed to light.
Most recently, Adam traveled to Mongolia on behalf of Kiva to research and author a case study on loans distributed to offset air pollution in the capitol city of Ulaanbaatar.
However, we must not overlook the significance of those formative years in creating a worldview, which sets the trajectory for an individual’s lifetime. The Scoville Scale is what we use to measure spiciness, with jalapeno at ~5000 scoville heat units (SHU) to habanero around 250,000 SHU, and the Ghost Pepper at close to 1.5 million SHU. Antibacterial hand soap isn’t shown to be more effective than regular soap and water in normal hygiene. Eventually resin was added to the mixture, which is stickier and thus the paint dries more slowly.
Colored film uses 20 or more layers of these emulsions, each with different colored compounds. The first is decomposition reactions, where one molecule breaks down into a number of smaller molecules.
For better or worse, we are now exposed to an unprecedented amount of information on human health. Two common household cleaners, ammonia and bleach, will react with each other to form chlorine gas and chloramines. When the film is exposed to light for a fraction of a second when the shutter is clicked, areas that received more light look darker, as the silver halide crystals turn a darker shade. Nitroglycerin is a common example of this—it is a liquid at room temperature that decomposes into a number of CO2, H2O, N2, and O2 gas molecules with a large force as the gases expand.
This class took a critical look at how the complexity of illness is distilled across mediums and seeks to understand how media consumers evaluate and digest the information. Perhaps, but do these events affect Millennials so uniformly that we can be classified as a generation?
These toxic chemicals will irritate your mucous membranes, causing damage to your lungs, nose, throat, mouth, and eyes. It’s made from a mixture of oil and beeswax homogenized with heat, with pigments added a day later.
The other class of reactions is combination reactions, where two or more components are reacted to produce hot, expanding gases. Students deconstructed the dramatic illness narratives that saturate the popular press and considered how the ethical implications of health communications differ from other spheres. While people may share common experiences, the impact of these events on each person varies. The spice molecules are nonpolar molecules, so nonpolar solvents will dissolve these molecules and sweep them away when you swallow. High levels of exposure can cause more severe symptoms, and extremely high levels will cause death. These pigments get their color from metal ligand complexes, which explores the realm of crystal field theory. The film is placed in a developer, which turns the exposed silver ions to silver metal and then a fixer dissolves the unexposed silver halide crystals.
A typical example is gunpowder, consisting of potassium nitrate (saltpeter), carbon (charcoal), and sulfur. The gist of this is that metal ions, such as iron, gold, and copper, are surrounded by other molecules such as water (called ‘ligands’ in these situations), and these metal-ligand complexes interact with visible light in such a way that certain wavelengths of light are emitted that we see as color.
After a number of washes, a negative is taken of this negative, creating the original image.
Perchloroethylene is a dry cleaning chemical, which is denser than water, so difficult to remove from the environment.
This method has become more or less obsolete in recent years due to digital cameras, but is nonetheless an interesting and relevant part of chemistry in our lives. Water, a polar molecule, can exacerbate the “hot!” feeling by pushing the spice molecules to other receptors on the tongue, since water doesn’t dissolve them. On a bright note, fireworks are a combination reaction that excites and gives us a reason to celebrate explosions.
Sugars can interfere with the chemical interaction of spice molecules and protein receptors, as well as sending sweet signals to the brain to counteract spicy ones. You can develop a tolerance to spice, as repeated exposure will cause your receptors to stop reacting as easily. Chemistry simply supports solutions that cultures that consume spicy foods have known for centuries. These can cause dizziness and headaches, but are particularly dangerous for young children. There are a number of useful chemicals in our homes—treat them with caution and follow the instructions on the labels.

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