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Cooking Channel is a television specialty channel that airs recurring programs about food and cooking, owned by Scripps Networks Interactive. Please warn us if you consider Cooking Channel logo to be incorrect, obsolete or having wrong description. All logos available here are the property of their owners and presented under the fair use policy. Later this year, Food Network will celebrate its 20th anniversary, and since 1997 the brand has had the same iconic logo. Recipe of the Day: Fan-Favorite Guacamole Salad If you love guac so much you don't even need the chips, you're going to love this.

Ina deconstructed the favorite dip into a chunky salad with the usual fresh ingredients, plus satisfying black beans and an invigorating lime vinaigrette.
Even though there is no way in hell that the food network would cease to exist sometimes I wish it would. Those days are far gone and it has been so long since I can remember a show that was worth watching.
As you can see in the image to the left, only small changes have been made to the familiar plate-shaped logo.
That isn’t food that inspires us, that is food we cook at home without even thinking.

It is kinda sad when I think about it but at the same time its a good thing because more or less I have grown out of it and above it.  I still find myself flipping past it hoping that something will catch my eye and the only time it does it when there is a cute girl.

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