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Fun Facts about our ecosystem!- There are over 100,000 types of decomposers!- Squirrels, which are omnivores, are neither at the bottom or the top of the food chain.
Learn more about food chains here.Learn how energy from the sun moves through the food chain. This food web below demonstrates the interactions between organisms located within the Serengeti. Once you have built your own personal food chain, write and draw it down in your science journal!
Birdsall's Fourth Grade Class!Let's discover what ecosystems and food chains are by looking at some examples of places, animals and sounds!

Ecosystems are filled with different populations that put together, create a community of species.
But the negative impact is that along with tourism there are jeeps that need to follow a trek around the Serengeti, this destroys some species habitats.
We will discover how some of them work and why certain species live in some and not others.
I ponder if that eventually the will find a happy medium between the species and the tourism. They all have different roles to play in the inner workings of our planet, and it is important for species not to become extinct because it will throw off the balance of the food cycle.

This will lead us to learn about adaptation and some relationships between predators and prey.

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