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Even though I don’t enjoy it that much, the part I try to enjoy most is how supermarkets sublimely advertise their products and prices— for example I observed that the entry in all supermarkets is welcomed  with green veggies and fresh bread. Once we finish filling trolley with these goodness, subconsciously it relieves us of guilt to buy processed food. No matter what the bigger giants try to advertise, I felt it was my job to make sure that I don’t spend more than what I budgeted for. Only after analyzing my monthly expense, I realized that I was spending way more than required for a family of two. I used to go for grocery shopping at least twice a week, mostly walk down to the grocery shop, purchase what I need and walk out. Sometimes I used to buy groceries for dinner on my way back from work, meant I was shopping while I was feeling hungry which was breaking the fundamental and most important rule of grocery shopping “Never shop when you are feeling hungry”. First step in controlling your grocery budget is to know how much groceries you need versus how much you are spending. Once this dollar amount is known, it makes sense to swap this with frugal products or other alternatives as part of budget cutting. The process that I followed below took me 2 hours to set up but was worth the time spent in terms of monitory value. This is the technique that worked for me, you may not have to follow the process dot to dot but might give you more ideas for preparing your own grocery budget. I went through the list of all the item in pantry and fridge made a note of all these items in excel (column item), ex this list included milk, bread etc. Once I made a list of all the items, I knew how much of an item I need per month, placed this value against Quantity column.
The hard part is done all you need to do is calculate the initial estimate for the budget required.
If you observe there are two sections in Grocery Budget Excel File, Grocery Total  (purple) and Budget (Blue). The amount in Budget is 20% more than the Grocery Total, this is what I call Insured Motivation Factor (IMF). Insured Motivation Factor (IMF) is adding some amount of contingency to any new habit that we are introducing to our system. If you keep the goal too ambitious(tighter in this case), than where you are, you are faced with a higher probability of loosing interest in it all together.

I suggest to leave the value at 20%, as in my case i didn’t include a lot of items, either forgotten at that time or underestimated the quantity.
Once you know the budget and monthly groceries you need, it’s easier to skim the dollars and plan the shopping accordingly.
If you haven’t done this before why not plan it as a family fun activity this weekend. They recommend making a meal plan, cooking at home, skipping processed foods, growing your own vegetables, and swapping beans and lentils for meat. Earlier this year, the organization released lists of "The Dirty Dozen" and "Clean 15," based on pesticide contamination in fruits and vegetables. Students have a budget of $25.00 to feed a total of 5 people (including themselves) for a party.
In order to make sure everyone has something they like to eat and drink, Students must choose at least 2 items from each of the 6 food categories on the Party Food Menu. To make sure there is enough food, students must try to buy as much as they can with the $25.00 budget, without going over the budget. Students create a budget using a spreadsheet to show how much they have to spend (allowance) , and how much each item costs (expenses). Students create a simple formula to subract total food expenses from the $25.00 allowance to show how much money is left over (money left over).
1) Students must choose at least 2 items from each food category to satisfy their finicky party friends. Students should use print preview to ensure that everything will fit on a single page before printing. The “Other food at home” category consists of sugar and other sweets, fats and oils, miscellaneous foods, nonalcoholic beverages, and food prepared for road trips.  Oh yes, they get that detailed!  The “Sugar and other sweets” category average is around $12 per month.  I love chocolate, so I think our number is above average! Alcoholic beverage expenses also experienced a large jump at almost 37%.  Economists always say that alcohol sales increase during a recession, so our numbers could be a result of that! This should give you a good idea of how most Americans spend their money on food each month.  How does this compare to your monthly food budget? When you go to the grocery store to do some major food shopping, how long is it before you find yourself having to go back to do it all again? If you’ve got a creative eye or a fertile imagination, you can do quite a bit with leftovers.

You can try a few of these suggestions to see if you can save money on your next shopping trip.
Next meal will be the leftover leftovers served on a bed of deliciously seasoned garden greens. No matter how monotonous and boring it gets, someone in the family has to do it, it turns out to be me in my family. Idea being-the greenness of the veggies and the smell of fresh bread makes us more refreshed and hungry, making us want to buy more. Looking back in memory, it explains why I never felt fulfilling when I shopped at local shops and smaller food stores. As this would add more items like quick snacks, chocolates etc., which are mostly unnecessary. Even though eating well is an investment in your long-term health, it can be hard to find nutrient-dense, environmentally friendly foods that don't hit your wallet. Making the swap isn't just good for your health -- According to a previous report by the group, if every American cut meat and cheese from their diet for one day per week, it would equal removing 7.6 million cars from the road.
Students format the prices with dollar signs and use formulas to calculate the total costs and money left over. Students will need to apply necessary formatting, enter all the food choice data, food prices, and formulas. If you can apply all of these tips and think of some more as well, you should be heading to the store a lot less often as a result. Their printable booklet "Good Food on a Tight Budget" offers tips for healthy, inexpensive foods.
When I cut up a half a baked potato, browned that in butter, and added the leftover lamb, suddenly I again had twice as much as I could eat!

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