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Community gardens, cooking classes, bulk ordering, farmer’s markets, good food boxes, composting and vegetable gardening have brought greater food security to Fort Albany. At a workshop in January led by Gigi Veeraraghavan, Healthy Babies Healthy Children coordinator, a group of community members drew out a pathway for a healthier community through healthier food. Food security – the assurance that all people at all times have adequate amounts of healthy, safe, and culturally appropriate food – is difficult to achieve in remote, northern communities.
When it comes to food, Fort Albany members have already shown they are a forward thinking community. While the provincial government has only recently begun to start nutrition programs in schools, Fort Albany was well ahead of their time as it started a school nutrition program nearly two decades ago. Today the program is thriving – a full breakfast for elementary and high school students and healthy snacks are offered twice a day to all students at Peetabeck Academy.
The success of the original program received attention from the ONEXONE Foundation and ONEXONE has provided additional funding and support since 2008 for the breakfast program. This past summer, former chief and historian, Ed Metatawabin and other community volunteers worked hard to put up a greenhouse that was provided by the University of Waterloo through a research grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The greenhouse is next to the school and the plan is to incorporate gardening into the classroom curriculum. Upcoming plans for the spring include starting plants in the greenhouse and building raised garden beds. Other innovative food security activities are the occasional farmer’s market that are held in Fort Albany. The farmer’s market involves chartering a plane full of fresh food and then selling the food to community members at low prices to cover the cost of the food and the freight.

At the most recent farmer’s market, organizers ordered in fresh milk – which can cost about $14 for four litres at the store – and they were able to sell it for $8 a bag.
They are learning about successful local food programs from northern Manitoba and will be attending upcoming food security conferences.
And the excitement about growing local food sparks talks of other projects like composting and teaching community members how to can and preserve the food they grow. If the new greenhouse and gardening projects have the same success as the school nutrition program, then Fort Albany will be harvesting produce within the next few years. A leading Custom Box Packaging Company since 1947, we provide quality exceptional customer experiences. Albany Packaging offers a wide variety of quality In-Stock Food Packaging solutions that are ready to be shipped. Even though the British police has used police boxes since the 1920s, the BBC has the copyright of them for the TARDIS!
The life of a mom is always busy, from early morning wake ups, packing lunch boxes, drop offs and pickups, there really isn’t a moment to spare. It is very easy to take part in the competition and all moms have to do is find Albany on Facebook – Love Albany Bread. A police box is a telephone booth located in a public place for members of the public to contact the police and for the police to use. Albany Bakeries understands this and has introduced new Albany D’light which is perfect for moms looking for a product that caters for those special moments and tasty in-between meal snacks.
The campaign will introduce moms to the new range which has been positioned as a no frills convenience snack.

The R1 000 will also make life easier and allow you to treat the family to a memorable moment,” says Thabile Gwiji, Brand Manager at Albany Bakeries. Clicking on the competition link will direct moms to an interactive site where they will be able to choose a pre designed background, after choosing their background they can enter their comment. They want to make sure that generational traditions – like hunting, berry picking, food preparation and cooking – are passed on to the children and youth in the community. Trusted throughout the restaurant and food service industries, we strive to be the one-stop source for all your Food Packaging needs.
These police boxes could be found all over London, and in the show, the time machine broke and was stuck disguised as this box.
In 1998, the police filed a formal objection claiming that they owned the rights to the police box image. The D’light Just Got Easy digital competition will introduce moms to the D’light range and showcase how the range can make moms’ lives a little easier.
Having this product in the home will save moms some time, as it requires no preparation and is ready to eat as is. Moms are encouraged to share their ideas and tell Albany how D’light will make their life easy.

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