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My family has gotten Chinese food from here for even longer than I've been alive (over 22 years!) never have had a bad experience.
Joe Warwick (London Magazine), The London Magazine21 February 2013Expensive and silly, like The Fat Duck – and if that’s not your thing, this won’t be either. Giles Coren, The Times9 February 2013We then got well-made xiao long bau including one filled with steak and kidney and topped with caviar. Marina O'Loughlin, The Guardian26 January 2013One flawless oyster on a sliver of seaweed jelly, bathed in sherry-like Shaoxing wine with lime, ginger and onion, is an exhilarating earth-and-sea slurp. AA Gill, The Sunday Times6 January 2013This sort of dinner is the complete ­antithesis of everything London restaurants have been puritanically trying to achieve for the past decade. Tracey MacLeod, The Independent5 January 2013Leung’s GB-inspired menu, in which he wackily reinterprets some of our national dishes, may be a great headline-grabber, but it also offers moments of subtlety and brilliance.
Of course when you visit Kuching, enjoy a variety of meal here, some even with long historical stories behind it!
For the first time in 20 years of dining in London, I felt truly sad for wasting that type of money.

It isn’t pious or ecologically correct, it isn’t reverent of ingredients, cooking methods, authenticity or region. There are numerous times during the three-hour meal when we’re stopped in our tracks by delicious flavours, unusual ingredients and breath-taking presentation. So when you're visiting Kuching again, do give all these a try!(The restaurants are listed in no particular order.
The general tsos  chicken, chicken broccoli, shrimp broccoli, and spare ribs are a most order!! It gives this dish a unique sweet taste, which the name 'Cangkuk Manis' is named for (sweet shrubs). A bowl of flavorful gravy with slivers of chicken, bean sprouts and juicy prawns on top of beehoon (or rice vermicelli) and of course, comes with Sambal Belacan and lime!7. Noodles tossed in seasonings, topped with minced meat and slices of Char Siu meat with garnishing of chopped green onions and crispy fried shallots. More ingredients like fish balls, edible black fungus, sliced cuttlefish and minced meat is added.

Light soy sauce and pepper is served with Dian Bing Hu and customers add in according to their liking. Go for mixed BBQ plater with rice – it comes with a little of everything: roasted three layer pork, BBQ pork meat, roasted chicken and roasted duck! Served with a plate of rice and dipping sauces, one dark black sweet sauce and the other spicy chili.
Enjoy a refreshing dessert, ABC or Air Batu Campur (literally translated to ‘mixed ice’) – made with shaved ice, Cendol (strings of green rice flour jelly), sweet corn kernels, grass jelly and red bean, topped with creamy evaporated milk and sweet palm sugar! Surrounded by sea, that is why you should try their seafood out.Other Related Topics4 Great Food Treasures in Sandakan!Let's find out for more latest food info in Kuching!

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