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A young and tea-passionate couple launched this adorable tea company in hopes of sharing a worldly and unique selection of teas with the masses. The products feel very special and come from a clear, considered selection process that make the entire tea-drinking cliche as wonderful as ever. Another power couple creation and another forever favourite, Chocolate and Love are a family-owned chocolate company (duh) who currently boast seven different bars comprised of more cocoa and less sugar than most chocolate on the market. When I lived in Thailand I was addicted to Pocky (little straws of creamy sweets) and have found nothing comparable in the UK to beat cravings. With so many delivery options now available to Londoners, it is just as easy to eat naughty as it is to eat nice. Europe is a continent with a wealth of different languages, cultures, music, scenery and religions and this is what makes it such a fascinating place to explore. Frogs Legs: This has to be one of the most infamous European foods and is almost synonymous with French cuisine. Teewurst: Teewurst is a German sausage that you spread on bread or toast and which is a great alternative to pastes.
Pizza: Of course everyone has tried pizza by now, which is just as well because this Italian meal is one of the tastiest and most versatile. Moussaka: There are many famous European pasta dishes, but moussaka is one of the most underrated. Baklava: This Turkish sweet looks more like a savory pastry, but is in fact a sweet and satisfying desert made from pistachio or walnut. Muschi Poiana: Muschi Poiana is a stew enjoyed in Romania which consists of mushroom and bacon stuffed beef in vegetables and tomato sauce – which is perfect for any meat lovers. Pierrogi: Delicious European foods from Poland (and originally Russia), these consist of dough filled with potatoes, cheese, onions, cabbage, meat and mushrooms.
Europe has a great selection of food on offer for anyone who enjoys trying something a bit different and much of this food is very healthy as well as being delicious and full of different spices to what you might find elsewhere. Carbonara: Carbonara is one of the most well known European recipes originating from Italy.
Food is an important element of European lifestyle manifesting the region’s flamboyance, exclusivity and prosperity. Did you know the very tasty mayonnaise, which is a part of various dishes enjoyed all over the world, was invented by a French chef?
These and many other popular recipes are typically European inventions, which are popular all over the world today.
Europe has one of the finest eating places in the world that offers the best cuisines in the world.
To complete your Switzerland tour, we have two of the world famous restaurants The L’Hotel de Ville, located in Crissier and the Brasserie Lipp, sited in the heart of Zurich.
Not forgetting about the Hof van Cleve, located in Belgium, the eighth best restaurant in Europe, gives an indigenous look, with cheese and bacon extravagance.

With naturally high antioxidant levels and no gluten or GMO, they almost feel like a health food (all but two of Chocolate and Love’s products are even dairy free!). Each month, the French-born company delivers two carefully selected bottles of wine to your door (matched to your profile by Jean-Michel Deluc, former Sommelier Chef at The Ritz, no less) along with a copy of The Gazette (a waffle-free wine magazine) and the opportunity to get at least 20% off the rest of their entire range. However, even more exciting for some is the vast range of cuisines and there are many delicious European foods that everyone should try at least once. Muscles have a distinct salty flavor owing to their marine origins and they’re also highly good for you. Despite sounding a little exotic it’s actually very nice and found in many restaurants particularly as a starter. Essentially this is a dish very similar to lasagne (another of the top European foods), but with aubergine and potato. Here we will look at some European recipes for you to try yourself so that you might sample some of the different meals and enjoy what these different cuisines have to offer. While the original recipe was simply to crack an egg onto hot pasta, a more delicious version is to cook pasta while frying some onion and bacon pieces. Essentially it’s a meaty dish that is normally served alongside a cheesy mash which is placed either on top or to one side.
Most commonly fondue tends to refer to cheese fondue and this involves melting cheese in a pot to be shared by mixing it with cream or milk.
One of the very famous dishes of Europe is roasted beef( from the ancient time of Julius Caesar), Chicken Kiev( invented by a French chef), Lasagna( first cooked in England), the popular hot dog( invented in Germany about 200 years ago) and the Bouillabaisse( invented in Marseilles). The L’Hotel, Europe’s sixth best restaurant, provides sophisticated presentation and premium quality food. The packaging is also so pretty I’ve been wrapping a few bars up in twine and giving them as little dinner party gifts.
Each item is stickered with a loose English translation but the real fun is found in blind taste-testing with friends and families. Every health junkie’s favourite high-grade green tea leaf may be the best way to get L-theanine (an amino acid which keeps the mind calm, relaxed and alert) but I rarely find myself with the time to grind it down for a latte.
As helpful for Summer picnics as it is for evenings you can’t be bothered to turn the oven on. The sauce can be made from anything you might normally put into a tomato sauce – so passata, puree, chopped tomatoes etc – while the mince is turkey and pork mince rolled together with an egg and some bread crumbs to hold it as a sphere.
To make the mince, cook it in a pan with some onion, and then try adding some other savory flavorings – gravy granules, Maggi, mushroom, salt, pepper – and some passata and baked beans. And obviously, you must be familiar with very famous recipe known as the pizza which was invented in 1890. The Choux, a kind of pastry, or probably the synonym for pastry in Europe, was first made in Italy.
Chef Pierre Gagnaire experiments with French flavors efficiently and adds exclusivity to each recipe offered.

The Netherlands is not far in offering palatial delight, The Oud Sluis, located in Sluis, Netherlands is the ninth best eating place in Europe. These next-to-no-calorie natural drinks are the cleanest, tastiest way to keep your mind alert next to the hiring of a personal barista. The mashed potato meanwhile you can make any way you normally would, but adding leaks can make it tastier too.
But the common part in this discrepancy is definitely the love and affection involved in making and serving the European food.
It is quite surprising to know that pizza, a European dish, has its maximum consumption in the U.S. From here then serve the mince up into a baking bowl and place the mashed potato on top with some cheese.
The restaurant has been designed in a modest manner manifesting a conventional cottage look. Noma is popular all over the world for their Martini Bars and Asian delight mixed with native touch. Their garlic butter chicken and the garlic tomato sauce are some of their most loved dishes. Cook on a high setting for half an hour until the potato crisps up in places and then you’ve completed one of the best loved European recipes. The Fat Duck Restaurant, originally started as a French restaurant, was established by Chef Heston Blumenthal in Berkshire. Their Oyster recipes are outstanding .The Cracco peck, located in Milan, the Fashion Capital of Italy, is the tenth best eating place in Europe. Ancient European food had some particular recipes and ingredients, which are a part of almost all European dishes.
European cuisine has variety, taste and exclusiveness.  European wine and other forms of alcohol like beer give it an exceptional European touch. Their best offerings include the take on saffron risotto and breaded veal cutlet and steam cooked tiramisu. Today, when the world is globalized, people are not aware of the origin of the food they like. If you are planning for a vacation, a Europe tour is the best way to give yourself a culinary treat with all these remarkable places.

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