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Not only does she run her online business (she has over 650,000 Facebook followers called the FoodBabeArmy and also works with affiliate markets where she receives monetary compensation), but she has also appeared on numerous TV shows including, The Doctors, Dr. Her fear-mongering arguments and ideas and her attitude together with the lack of scientific accuracy is downright disgusting. Anyone who thinks toxic chemicals are comparable to the chemical composition of a banana does not know anything about chemistry. So my question for this blogger is: Who is PAYING YOU for your comments about the Food Babe?
She blocked me after I asked what her sources were and if she had practiced the scientific method. Brendan, it has been well studied by scientists and doctors that many of the more commonly used pesticides in organic farming are FAR MORE HARMFUL than Glyphosate and other common pesticides used in modern farming. 3 years ago, even after we were convinced of the benefits of eating organic foods, our son was the only person in our family we felt that we could afford to feed organically.
Grow your own - we have a large garden and choose which crops to grow based on which ones are the most expensive to buy organic. Shop sales - I am subscribed via e-mail to Whole Food's coupon and sale notification system. Buy local  - I call around to different farms to find out when certain produce will be on sale, what the price it and if it is u-pick or already picked. Shop and eat seasonally - this one was admittedly one of the more difficult changes to make but if you can focus your meal planning on items that are in season (or that you canned when they were in season) you will save a lot of money.
Just because a chemical (remember everything is made from chemicals) is in a food item doesn’t mean that particular chemical is poison.
Please consider taking some classes or better yet, learn and ask questions from scientists. Women who work with their animals and farms every day, women who work tirelessly raising and growing food for families, and frankly, women who you are directly and indirectly working against. It is well understood that over dosing animals with antibiotics creates a larger and heavier animal.
A prime example is Rotenone, which actually attacks the mitochondria in cells and has been linked to Parkinson’s Disease. We've slowly transitioned to feeding our whole family a mostly organic diet and use mostly organic body care products like shampoo and soaps.

Not just at local farms but places like Whole Foods often give discounts for buying a whole case of something. I want to help you make healthier choices for your family that are both BEAUTIFUL & DELICIOUS! I don’t know who the FoodBabe is, but the arguments are the same for every fear mongering, anti GMO group.
We are required to strictly follow a drug withdrawal program to ensure all the drugs are gone from the animal’s bodies.
What about her agenda where she refuses to speak with anyone that doesn’t agree with her.
To say that changing a gene that is ingested and becomes part of us will not have long term effects, many that are tough to trace since its inception is far fetched and dangerous.
Also, epidemiological studies have not found associations between long-term low-level exposure to Glyphosate and any disease. It also lets me save scraps for things like making my own chicken and veggie stocks so I don't have to buy those any more. Sometimes they will give you a discount if you buy more than a certain amount - this is a great time to go in with a friend. Please note that posts more than 10 days old have comment modification turned on so if you don't see your comment right away don't panic! She instills fear and outrage in consumers, who are mostly women, and bullies food companies into taking these chemicals out.
Nutrition is a Science, which also incorporates the study of agriculture, and is always evolving!
She just wrote in the past couple day that 90% of Trader Joes meat could have antibiotics in it. Additionally, when it comes to your point about a gene sequence, the author already addresses that. Why do you feel it’s wrong for family farmers to use technology and improved efficiencies, which result in better care for their animals? We must force them to do the right thing, just like child labor practices, safety standards and all other immoral behavior. And can you send me the research link to neurotoxic pest ices that are being used with GMOs?

GMO crops go through some of the most rigorous testing and analysis around and require the approval from the EPA, USDA, and FDA. This lets us order at wholesale prices and saves about 50% on things like organic shampoo, baby care products, spices, tea and more. Based on what she writes, you would think her college degree is in nutrition, food or health.
Let’s face it, companies fear you because of the bad press you can give them, even if your claims are outright untrue.
And speaking of science, doesn’t it seem a bit hypocritical to embrace medical biotechnology advancements, but demonize the same biotechnology when we use it in food?
To put this into perspective, pharmaceuticals ONLY require the approval of the FDA to go to market. It may feel good to have that power, but it’s just unethical and at times mean spirited. Additionally, you fail to mention crops that go through selective breeding to modify their gene traits. And if she wasn’t afraid of the truth, why does she BLOCK EVERY SINGLE PERSON that asks a question or may not agree with her.
Gene modification through selective breeding is imprecise and can bring about changes in a plant’s genes that are unwanted.
With modern genetic modification, scientists and engineers are able to actually pin-point the gene sequence they want to modify, and ONLY that gene sequence.
Yes, changing a genetic structure does change a crop, but scientists know what changes they are making and they do extensive testing to be sure all changes in a plant’s behavior are the desired changes.
With the mutations that occur in selective breeding, we cannot be entirely sure because environmental factors can impact the breeding and we do not know exactly what genes are being passed.

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