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The ingredients and techniques employed in a country or region reflect its climate, topography, economy, religion, politics, history and personality. Whether it’s the bo bia of Vietnam, the hotdogs of New York, the tamale of Mexico or the hoppers of Sri Lanka, street food has not only a flavour and, in many cases, an unmistakable smell, but it comes complete with sounds, interactions and customs. Real street food isn’t ladled from a bain-marie, it’s assembled- often cooked- in front of your eyes. At The Essential Ingredient, we love street food just as much as we love the Michelin-starred end of the culinary rainbow.
For the cookware you need to create your own Italian gelato or to perfect your Canadian poutine, speak to one of our cookware experts. If it’s inspiration you need, browse our collection of international and local cookbooks, or book yourself into one of our acclaimed cooking classes.

Street food is as much about the environment in which it is served as it is about the food itself. For everything you need to bring the world’s street food into your own home kitchen, visit The Essential Ingredient today. What is sold on the busy streets and consumed throughout the day and night by locals gives you a better sense of a country’s culinary heartbeat than any other type of dining. It is condimented according to your tastes, modified depending on how much chili you think you can take or whether or not you prefer supari in your sweet Indian mithaa paan.
The smell of chestnuts cooking in your own kitchen illuminates memories of European street corners in winter.
Though much of it seems simple when encountered on your travels, finding the equipment, ingredients and adventurous spirit to emulate it at home can be far more challenging.

If you’re looking for hard-to-find ingredients for your homemade Mexican tacos or Israeli felafel, we’ve scoured the globe to find you what you need. Cooking street food at home can also be a wonderful way of recreating the memories of a past trip, or of gearing yourself toward a future one.
Crepes inspire visions of the Eiffel Tower and memories of the Louvre, while jerked pork on the BBQ at home transports you instantly to your Jamaican holiday, years earlier.

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