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Ben Franklin once said, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
We know Food & Wine is already a big fan of Eli Kulp, having named him Best New Chef back in April.
Food and Wine restaurant editor Kate Krader visits Philadelphia to check out our food scene and to put down an impressive four dinners in one night. But then we had a thought: what if instead of a flabby, creamy drink, we did something more bright and citrusy?
A side project, an experiment or just a simple curiosity that turned into a delicious phenomenon that we're still serving to much delight at our bar, barrel aged cocktails explore the gentle manipulation of a drink's flavors over time.
My problem with homemade tonic water has always been a flavor profile that was too esoteric for the general audience. Turned off by the glop you find in the grocery store, and unable to endure another long egg and cream whipping session, I set out to build an egg nog recipe from the ground up that retained the character of the orginal formula, was easy to make in a few minutes at home or at the bar, and tasted absolutely delicious.
One question I'm often asked is "Do you have any drink-related book recommendations?" Well, funny you should ask, I've compiled a list of the ten books every professional bartender or home mixologist should own.
The problem with living in Oregon is the absence of little wooden shacks by the sea that sell cases of fresh ginger beer stacked on back porches. It's always mojito season somewhere, so this advice is timely in your area about half the year.
You'll get a lot of snarky advice on this site about how to make a proper drink, but if you ever need to know what not to do, this is the video for you.
Not to be confused with the Spanish wine-and-fruit-based alcoholic beverage sangria, sangrita (meaning "little blood") is a traditional accompaniment to a tequila served completo; a non-alcoholic sipper that cleanses the palate between fiery doses of agave.
The world of booze can be mystifying to people that don't work in bars or around alcohol all the time. The traditional garnish for a Pisco Sour is a couple of drops of bitters in the foam, but I've never been particularly impressed with the way these few paltry drops of bitters sat in their little egg-white mattress and didn't play along with the rest of the drink. I get so many visitors looking for tips on how to write a bartending resume that I thought I should finally post a tutorial on how to write your own. I always love showing up to a party with a gallon jug of pre-mixed margaritas, so I've decided to share my recipe.
From time to time, I will get a call from a publication asking me to speak about bartending and cocktails.
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Clyde Common is tucked into the Ace Hotel, home to flannel and beard sporting locavores who look like they’ve just come back from cutting their own Christmas tree year-round. Scottish Breakfast: The saltiness of the Scotch cuts perfectly through the perfume-y, dessert-sweet Sherry.

Award-winning mixologist and bar manager at Portland, Oregon’s Clyde Common, Jeffrey Morgenthaler likes to get more conceptual with his sherry cocktails.
Tonic water has more than just cinchona bark in it: there’s also a dense citric acid base and a certain amount of sweetness countering the quinine’s intense bitterness, as well as various aromatic botanicals, not unlike those found in gin itself. At Dram in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, an aged Martinez, a 19th-century cocktail founded on gin and sweet vermouth, can be sampled. The seed was planted when Portland, Oregon-based bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler tasted a Manhattan that had been aged five years in a glass vessel by noted London bartender Tony Conigliaro.
I was having this conversation with a writer about my new book on cocktail technique last week, and she got on the subject of bar tools. Alternatively, you can subscribe to my email edition below and have new articles sent to you as they're published.
Voting begins today and ends April 8th, so you should probably (definitely) vote to make sure one of our boys makes it through to the finals. The story praises East Passyunk’s thriving scene with special mentions for Fond, Pollyodd, Marras, Will BYOB and Era Atomica. This post details the inspiration, the history and the methods behind my barrel aged cocktails. This recipe takes some of the positive qualities people have come to understand from commercial tonic water and updated them with fresh ingredients. But with some readily-available ingredients, a recipe I've been revising for several years - and a few free minutes - I can easily transport myself to a little fishing boat on the ocean as I sip a Dark and Stormy made with fresh, house-made ginger beer.
I hear a lot of assumptions about the industry I'm in that are - much like 90% of what you hear in bars - completely false.
I envisioned a Pisco Sour with a uniformly-distributed bitters-scorched foam: slightly crisp as the fire burnt the sugars, and slightly warm as the foam insulated the rest of the frosty cocktail from the heat. A cask-strength Speyside Scotch like Glenfarclas 105 works best… From Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Clyde Common, Portland, Ore.
For the Andalusian Buck, he was “riffing on what I thought would be a very popular drink in Spain,” says Morgenthaler. You, our fair readers, have voted Clyde Common’s Jeffrey Morgenthaler your Bartender of the Year.
They are exactly what they sound like, complete cocktails aged in barrels, just as if they were wine or whiskey. At the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Roof Club, there’s an cask-seasoned star cocktail, made of apple brandy and sweet vermouth. Cocktail blogger and ace bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s recipe is simple, fairly light in texture and has an intense, eggy flavor tempered with brandy and spiced rum. Her favorite recipe is from Mary Meade’s Kitchen Companion by Ruth Ellen Church, published by the Chicago Tribune in 1955.

No surprise, since it was put together by one of the best bartenders in the business, Jeffrey Morgenthaler. Back at home in his bar, Clyde Common, he began aging cocktails in barrels instead of bottles to cut down the wait time. But Morgenthaler says you really need to do it right by drinking American craft beers and cask-aged spirits. Or rather, it started with the idea of a drink, with the recipe Bel Ami bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler posted to his blog one afternoon. Cowin is currently announcing all the Best New Chef winners via Twitter and Instagram, and word about Eli Kulp’s win just came down a few minutes ago. Chef Joncarl Lachman, of the next-to-open Noord, will meet and greet his new neighbors and provide tours of his under construction restaurant. And suddenly, within minutes, we’d assembled what is quickly becoming one of our most popular new drinks, the Southbound Suarez. Here, he riffs on Portland’s drinking scene and shakes up the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail.
It’s a pleasure to watch him at work — he’s efficient, entertaining and mixes a phenomenal cocktail.
It’s very collaborative, and nobody gets too attached to an idea if a better one comes along. Named after our favorite song on our least favorite Led Zeppelin album, I like to think the same stands of a reminder of just how tough this one was to create. Rather than using a fruit liqueur exactly, he’d created a drink that used Bombay gin, lemon, St. That is, until the craft-cocktail set started to re-purpose the barrels for aging their own drinks. Jeffrey Morgenthaler, head bartender at Clyde Common in Portland, Ore., was one of the first to do it, inspiring bartenders around the globe to experiment.
Anyway, as someone who has been making drinks for almost half of his life at this point, I had to try making something with horchata.
Although larger ones are more cost effective, the distillers continue to use smaller barrels, partly because of the unique flavor they produce, but also because of the demand from drink geeks.

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