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Food and Drink star Jilly rolls back the years with new glamour lookBy TAHIRA YAQOOBLast updated at 22:16 18 September 2007Apart from her over-the-top descriptions of wine flavours, Jilly Goolden's trademark was always her wild blonde curls. The former presenter of the BBC cookery programme Food And Drink now sports a neat blonde bob as she acts as a judge on the ITV series Britain's Best Dish.
That better understanding created a nation of pickier wine drinkers and elevated the palates of the nation.
I sadly spent most of the masterclass in the back of a cab in unexpected traffic but it was fab nonetheless for the 2 pairings I got to. She honed her chocolate-making skills among world class chefs and chocolatiers in both South Africa and Europe before starting her own mini enterprise from her Kildare kitchen in 1992. Jilly has paired the chocolates with accessible and affordable wines and cocktails we can all get. Paired with Pointsettia Cocktail – a brilliant combination of Prosecco, orange liqueur and cranberry classic. Please excuse any typos or miss-spelling of words you may come across when reading this blog. She looks far younger than her 50 years a€“ thanks also to the disappearance of any wrinkle lines on her forehead and around the eyes and mouth.

The way wine is described today was introduced by Jilly on Food and Drink and has now been comprehensively adapted around the world. None of this expensive only-from-a-wine-merchant stuff – just good quality decent wine.
Finding a perfect wine match adds a stroke of intrigue, and this funky new rose Port, blossomy and suggestive of grape nectar and oranges stuck with cloves, fits the chocolate like a velvet glove. The creamy nuttiness of the chocolate – a little like a sumptuous bedtime drink- is perfectly complimented by the headily frivolous, intensely grapey sweet sparkling Asti Spumante. Daringly, I’ve matched this with a dry wine, the stewed apple and cashew notes in the wine broadened by its partial fermentation in creamy French oak. Combining the orange and apple hints in the wine with this rich creamy chocolate (reminiscent of the most wicked hot chocolate you’ve ever tried) accentuates the orange notes in the wine and gives a zesty note to the chocolate.
Judge at the Academy of Chocolate Awards, International Chocolate Awards and UK Search Awards. Asked if she had undergone cosmetic surgery, Miss Goolden's spokesman said: "I would seriously doubt it. Natural limey acidity is not a natural partner for wine, but makes an inspired flavour fusion with Pointsettia (or just cointreau and cranberry if you prefer), the orange from the liqueur contributing a zesty edge while the lime dovetails in perfectly with the cranberry.

I do not add links to articles already written unless I want to, and any requests to do so will be refused (and may result in the review being withdrawn). We would be very surprised if she has." He also added that nature might prevent her new straight hairstyle staying that way.
I reserve the right to remove links from reviews at any time for any reason including but not limited to whim. Thank goodness she did as otherwise we would still have fuggy and inaccessible wine people talking fuggy and inaccessible wine language. It naturally keeps springing back to being curly." Miss Goolden, with co-host Oz Clarke, worked for 18 years on Food And Drink. She became notorious for giving wines florid descriptions such as 'having a curious bouquet of boot polish' and 'tar being boiled up by the side of the road, then think of cherries'. After the programme was axed four years ago she went on to present the BBC's Great Antiques Hunt and appeared on I'm A Celebrity.

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