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Food Grade Greases – We stock more than 300 different greases at our lubrication and relubrication facility in New Jersey. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CFR Title 21 and have been approved and registered by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for use in and around food processing areas. Stainless Steel – We supply special stainless steel bearings that allow for customer wash down and protection from cleaning agents in food processing plants (white paper on Bearing Materials). Specially Designed Seals – AST engineers have designed special sealed bearings to help keep out water and other containments from entering bearings during wash down (white paper on Bearing Seals and Shields). Conversely, if you already know what bearing is best for your application, then check out our online bearing catalog below.
The challenges faced by the Food and Drink industry requires them to maximise the available space, manage different storage temperatures and respond to a high turnover of stock, whilst maintaining hygiene levels and product traceability. Even in a state of the art warehouse for Food and Drink, standard pallet racking is still the most common form of pallet storage. Food and Drink is generally packaged in some way which can then be easily stored on pallets. Cold storage warehouses are essential in the Food industry both for storing frozen food products and for keeping perishable items fresh. Mobile Pallet Racking can increase storage capacity in your Food and Drink warehouse considerably.
Cold store environments can be costly to run, so a dense storage solution is usually required. Food and Drink pallets are placed on sloping storage lanes and gravity moves the pallet forward along a roller bed.
This type of storage is frequently used in the Drink industry and requires only two aisles, one for loading and one for retrieval.
Pallet Drive-in and Pallet Shuttle provide an ideal bulk storage solution for the Food and Drink industry as it removes unnecessary picking aisles. Drive-in racking is suitable for storing large quantities of the same type of Food or Drink and is ideal for storing seasonal products using the First-In-Last-Out (FILO) principle. The Pallet Shuttle system uses a semi automated platform which moves within the racking to retrieve and place pallets, making it suitable for Food and Drink storage, offering improved picking rates. Standard pallet racking, mobile pallet racking and pallet flow was provided to optimise the storage of their three warehouses for raw materials, cold storage of finished goods and distribution. Due to the need of additional storage capacity in their ice cream packaging warehouse a mobile racking solution was installed. Arla has divided the warehouse into three different storage sections with individual climatic control since parts of their cheese production process takes place in the warehouse.
Hartwall manufactures all types of drinks stored in a High bay racking solution which operates in a highly automated, flexible and cost-effective plant.
ASKO moved into a new building which required a customised pallet racking solution to store their frozen, chilled and dry grocery products. Linkosuo achieved over 65 % more pallet positions after converting to Mobile Pallet Racking from traditional pallet racking.

When Volwater & Zonen decided to extend their storage capacity for their canned and tinned food production, they opted for the shuttle system. Two pallet flow installations providing 576 pallets were installed when optimising the new 300m2 warehouse for Valsemollen.
Applying scientific knowledge and methods to food and beverage production can give manufacturers a competitive advantage. If you want to create a new product or optimize an old recipe you need to meticulously adjust your composition and process parameters. The settings of the formulation may have an influence on several aspects of the product: cost of production, sensory profile, texture and other physicochemical measurements. Quality monitoring is generally based on the conformity of some parameters to certain limits. The ultimate stage of this monitoring is on-line monitoring with integration of a predictive module in the production line.
We can not talk about food and beverages without taking into account the importance of sensory analysis and consumer study.
Consumer studies provide information on product preferences depending on population segments. The food and beverage industry is an industry that is here to stay, from the processing of raw meats to the production of wines and spirits.
This WOWW event hopes to identify the employment and career opportunities that exist within the food and drinks industry from shop floor employment through to the food technologists and scientists who will work for our major food manufacturers.
Moray where the event is coming from live, is well placed in this field with quality retail outlets such as Mr Royan’s shop through to Whisky manufacturing and wholesaling and retailing with Gordon and MacPhail through to food manufacture and marketing with Walkers shortbread who manufacture food stuffs for a variety of Brand names as well as the famous Walkers Shortbread. The food and drinks industry employs approximately 500,000 people in companies of all sizes, 39% of employees in this industry are aged between 16 and 24. Sign up and join us on Wednesday 27th April from 2-3pm and find out more about career opportunities in this exciting field. Education Scotland is the national body in Scotland for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching.
Design of metalising machines for coated polythene with aluminium backing within the food industry i.e.
Design of assembly line for a biscuit manufacturer taking the product from the dough stage to packaging. If you work in this industry and think you would benefit from outsourcing your CAD work, call us on +44 (0)1925 403800. AST supplies many customer bearings that are require food grade grease for various types of products such as blenders, ice machines and many different types of food processing machines. Depending on the layout of your warehouse, a range of aisle widths are possible to maximise your available space. P90 Pallet Racking is mounted on mobile bases that electronically move to create an access aisle for picking.
Mobile Pallet Racking offers an ideal answer to this challenge and is commonly used in the Food and Drink Industry.

The speed of the pallet is controlled by a series of brake rollers and halted by a stop unit. This increases the amount of stock that can be held on a reduced footprint and is suitable for a range of temperatures. Our mobile pallet racking helped achieve better utilization of the available space and to reduce running costs.
Products are stored on our Mobile Pallet Racking at a constant temperature of -22? C to maintain the condition of the food while it is stored.
Meanwhile, regulation and industry requirements for quality and traceability are tightening, with greater demands for the scientific verification of product claims, as well as ensuring the safety of product ingredients in light of product recalls for salmonella poisoning, among others. Firstly, by using experimentation planning (Design of Experiments: DoE), time to market can be managed efficiently. Using multivariate data analysis tools such as PCA and PLS you can combine all this information and find the best compromise. Making a multivariate model to control this quality is more accurate as it takes into account inherent information. Getting accurate measurements from a sensory panel is a difficult task, but is essential to get good results and conclusions.
Segmenting the population accurately and defining the ideal product for each segment is very important when launching a product. It breaks down geographical and social barriers and provides the tools to ensure a first-class education for Scotland. Some customers also request special high percentage fill of a moisture barrier grease to help keep out water in their application or caused by intentional washdown by customers. Racking is not generally subject to any restrictions in layout and provides accessibility at all times to your goods. In addition, using high precision analytical tools as multivariate regression (PLSR, PCR), quality can be monitored in real-time taking advantages of available technology and complying with tougher regulation. There are different types of design depending on the goal of your experimentation, our experts can guide you and provide you with the right tools.
Sensory profiles are a great help when developing a product with some targeted product characteristics.
CAMO experts can help you analyze your results to define the ideal product for the targeted population. We provide you with advice and tool to evaluate both the individual performance of the panelist and the overall agreement of your panel.

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