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Eat, drink, talk and walk your way round the country this spring at some of Britain’s best food and drink festivals. The London Coffee Festival showcases, on an impressively large scale, the best coffee available in the capital. Head to Edinburgh to get involved in the conversation surrounding the link between gastronomy and science. The festival’s 2014 programme is yet to be announced but the location alone should be enough to draw you in. Revered chefs and passionate producers are everywhere at this market town’s signature event.
Any town that’s home to the two Michelin star Le Champignon Sauvage can be pretty much guaranteed to put on a decent food and drink festival. Just about occupying the last days of spring, Taste of London is a bit of a monster: around 50,000 people take over Regent’s Park to experience the food of some of the capital’s best chefs and restaurants. As Katie Jarvis recalls the Vesta curries of her childhood, she reflects on how far food has come. SOMEONE told me the other day (you know who you are) that I should avoid clichs."But I avoid them like the plague," I said, mortally offended.
After a long countryside walk in the Cotswolds there’s nothing better than refuelling with a pint and some pork scratchings in a quaint, rural pub.
The 14th annual Cotswold Life Food & Drink Awards took place at Cheltenham Racecourse last night July 25.
From cosy pubs to rustic inns, the Cotswolds are home to some of the finest dining pubs in the region. This was your opportunity to nominate your favourite drinks product aside from ale beer or cider that is made by a Cotswold farmer, producer, retailer or manufacturer. The Cotswolds is home to numerous local butchers who contribute an enormous amount to the local food scene. Whether it’s a cosy manor escape or a chic city getaway, no stay at a Cotswolds hotel is complete without a meal in the restaurant. The nominees for this category were selected for their genuine passion for our Cotswold food scene and a dedication to what it means for the local community. Opening a new business is never easy, so when one succeeds it’s always cause for celebration.
Fosters Event Catering is our carefully handpicked sole supplier of food and drink, offering a wide selection of imaginative, seasonal menu choices using only the best locally sourced quality ingredients. Fosters Event Catering provides unrivalled personal planning for your wedding, with a team of award-winning chefs, over 50 years experience and an efficient and friendly approach.
Rich in heritage, opulence and vibrancy, our much-loved jewel of Cheltenham sets a stunning backdrop for an impressive year round events programme, as well as private functions and corporate hospitality.

Breathtaking, unique and radiating regency refinement, Pittville Pump Room is Cheltenham’s most spectacular private hire venue.  When not in use, come and sample the fountain’s historically medicinal Spa Waters. Inundated with gastronomic events that act as a magnet for a given area’s best and brightest producers, this year’s spring offers a great opportunity to get to grips with produce across Britain. Set in and around the picturesque harbour of this Cornish fishing town, this year’s theme is “Local Food, Global Stage”. Malton is home to a monthly food market and it’s hard to not be impressed by the produce sold there: everything from the locally grown asparagus to the wine from Ryedale Vineyard seems to have won an award. Home this year to the Two Greedy Italians Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo, Cheltenham opens its arms to producers from all over the Midlands.
Though the line-up for this year’s edition is yet to be released, there’s little doubt that it’ll be anything less than excellent (in 2013 Michel Roux Jr, Ben Tish and Ashley Palmer-Watts were joined by dozens of other world-class chefs). 450 guests gathered to celebrate the region’s food and drink industry in one of the biggest events in the Cotswold calendar. These are the chefs behind the plethora of fantastic restaurants that we enjoy in the Cotswolds.
Whether wanting canapes, a formal seated meal, a buffet, BBQ, spit roast or more creative options, Fosters Event Catering takes a bespoke approach to meet your individual wishes. Our dishes include the finest and freshest local, seasonal ingredients, guaranteeing quality and flavour.  Since our establishment in 1959, we have become one of the largest and most prestigious catering and events businesses in the South of England.
Travel north to see the future of food technology in Edinburgh or head down to Cornwall and breathe in the salty air while eating the finest seafood. Next, head over to L’Accademia di Cimbali and take a walk through the history of coffee equipment from the early 20th century through to modern day machines.
Seafood is evidently the first port of call and some of the region’s best chefs (and there are no shortage of those knocking around Cornwall) demonstrate the best ways to cook it. The Ginger Pig, supplier to some of London’s best butchers and restaurants, is based 15 miles from the town. Local brewers and wine experts come along for a chat, while you can also gorge on authentic Belgian chocolate made in Gloucestershire and fill up on pig roasts and BBQs with meat sourced from Worcestershire. With London’s diverse restaurant scene in attendance – as well as hundreds of artisan producers – you’re sure to find something to sate your palate.
And if even he can use them, then surely it's OK for me so to do?Anyway, what I want to say - and it's become a truism if not a clich - is this: Hasn't food changed since we were children? Despite our success, we retain the family-run ethos from which we began, delivering a personal service that encourages our customers to return again and again. Make the journey to Yorkshire to meet famous chefs or stay in London for one of the biggest festivals of its kind. This year’s festival offers the chance to see The Incredible Spice Men and Cyrus Todiwala and Tony Singh, who are two of the event’s patrons.

In those days, packet meals weren't a sign of decadence but of lower middle class sophistication. We had them as a treat one Saturday night a month, uncaring that the promise 'Meal for two' actually meant 'two mouthfuls'. In fact, when our neighbours went out - even to pop to the shops - we'd frequently stand on our doorstep and wave them a fond goodbye. In the time of my childhood, that sort of name might have signified a dodgy back-street caff-equivalent where you wouldn't so much have to book a table beforehand as a week off work afterwards. Even from the outside, you can tell it's a place of quality: it almost shimmers through the gloom. The second is tripping your way through the gaggle of diners (considering how relatively out of the way it is, it gets exceptionally busy which, in itself, says something).
The third was the rather vague service at the start of the meal (waiters were present in body, but oddly absent in spirit) - though the strangely inverse fact was, the busier it became, the more the service improved.And now the (exceptionally) good points.
On the website, this restaurant describes itself as stylish and glamorous - and I'd go with them on that. There's an exceptionally nice feel to the interior; it's light and bright (upstairs, anyway).
And, so I've been told, that's been the case over the whole 30 years they've been in business - it's just not something they've shouted about.
Considering this care and attention, it's certainly not over-costly, though the pricing policy is beyond me. The Ashiar Gharer Morich Murghi - a curry made with (of course) Gloucestershire chicken, simmered in cardamom and chilli masala - was probably my dish of the day, though we enjoyed plenty of others, including a platter of tandoori 'delicacies' to start with, garlic naans and a cucumber raitha.
What we didn't try was the chef's signature 16 spice masala - an oversight I intend to correct.Halfway through the meal, Ed turned up. He'd been hanging out with school friends in Cheltenham, and one of the parents - a doctor no less - had given him a lift to the restaurant. When a doctor knows where a restaurant is, that's either an exceptionally good thing (they spend leisure time there) or bad (they've been there in a professional capacity). Quite obviously, this was the former.To overcome moroseness - he'd just done a science GCSE where he'd unscientifically managed to answer the wrong set of questions - he ordered a dessert.

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