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Western style restaurants in big cities like Tehran may offer a wider variety of food whereas you will discover there’s not the same diversity in the type of dishes at other restaurants while traveling in Iran. Typically, most of the restaurants present a menu including starters, main courses, deserts and drinks.
Season Salad or Cabbage Salad is another item in starter section of your Iranian food menus. Yogurt (with or without shallot) is another item at Iranian restaurants’ menus as starter. Kebab is the BIG thing in Iran, not because I love it (I’m a vegetarian!), but as it is the first word you hear from any restaurant waiters. Stew, if available, will be something you must have as they are less often serveed in Iranian restaurants.
Local cola drink factories started to produce Iranian drinks in Iran after 1979 revolution.
Soda drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc can be found at the menus if you go to the restaurants a level higher. Bottled water is another drink, that you may want to carry with you almost everywhere you go specially during your trip in relatively hot weather.
As this is some international concept that you could find almost everywhere in the world, I found nothing special about them to introduce here at this post. Regarding the drinks, I should add that, likewise, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, etc are not present in Iran.
Rahman Mehraby is the Tour Consultant who has traveled across Iran and guided tours for more than 15 years. First I want to thank you for your comment on my article about life in Beirut published in The Travel Belle. I will always be happy to see you here, help you with information and services you require and make sure your visit is the ideal one you imagine.
Keep coming back to my blog and let me know what you’d like to know about Iran and leave comments to enrich the blog.
One of the most popular ethnic cuisines in the world, Italian food, is well represented on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.
Located in Copacabana Palace, Cipriani Restaurant is a very elegant and sophisticated establishment that features cuisine from Northern Italy.

Quadrifoglio in Jardim Botanico is considered by some to be the best Italian restaurant in Rio. Rio 2017 Carnival Free Guide - PDF and Mobile Guide to the 2017 Rio Carnival activities and events.
Our team of Rio experts are available 7 days a week to help you plan the perfect time in Rio de Janeiro. Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising.
Other options included McDonald's Big Mac (19%), Burger King Whopper (25%), White Castle sliders (7%), and Carl's Jr. Other options included Arby's Roast Beef (26%), Subway's Meatball Marinara (19%), and Quizno's classic Italian (20%). You will find a variety of different local dishes in Iran when you travel across the country.
Of course, what I’m going to explain here is an overview of what you generally find in Iranian restaurants inside the country. The types of fish available in Iranian restaurants in Iran are either from farms like trout fish (found in most of the restaurants) or from the bodies of water at the North (Caspian Sea) or South (Persian Gulf). However, one point may be interesting to you: the international chains like King Burger, McDonald, etc are not found in Iran. The reason isn’t the non-popularity of coffee in Iran as recently young people have started going more and more to coffee shops asking for good coffee – real ones made with machines, not instant ones! Most Italian restaurants in Rio serve 5 to 6 courses but the portions are usually small so you have plenty of room to eat everything.
Chef Maia van Velthem offers some exquisite dishes such as white fish and salmon ceviche with comari pepper and cashews. The tuna, salmon and white fish carpaccio are exquisite and the traditional dishes such as spaghetti with sea food are tasty.
Tiagos Restaurant in San Antonio, TX contracted Envision Creative Group to shoot their latest menu offerings in order to create new advertising collateral. Factory-made lime juice (tastes like everything but lime juice!) and sometimes olive oil are there with it as well. As you know yogurt is a very helpful foodstuff to have in a foreign country as it prevent diarrhea.

Instead, when they eat out, they’d rather some grilled food that’s not easy to make at apartments! The sturgeon isn’t something you could find everywhere, but if you happen to see it on the menu of a nice restaurants,  go for it! This is THE drink that I recommend you to have instead of the tap water during your visit to Iran. No matter where you are in the city, there is sure to be a primo Italian restaurant around the corner. Her desserts are famous throughout the city, especially her pistachio brittle with pineapples and cupuacu tiramisu. There is no perception of acidity in the sauce and buffalo mozzarella craft produced will make you feel at Napoli. Follow this with seafood lasagna and finish up your meal with their signature tiramisu or a lemon semifreddo.
The following portfolio samples display just a few of the amazing food items we were presented with during the shoot and shows what final shots we delivered to the client within 48 hours. You would love to start your meal with one such dish specially if it’s a bit cold out there. The large fish from the Persian gulf (fried or grilled) has got only a backbone and is delicious if cooked well.
Their breaded salmon with risotto is quite tasty and their pizzas have the freshest ingredients, especially the veggie pizza.
Forneria Sao Sebastiao is known for its traditional Paninis as well as their pizzas cooked in a wood stove. The shrimp dishes are the most popular especially the spaghetti with truffle oil and shrimp.

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