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Our Food Consumer Research and Expert Sensory Panels provide product feedback that is low cost, flexible and instant. Panel sessions are conducted at our Dublin City Centre location, or remotely at suburban locations if required. A competitive pricing structure and unique web interface are important features of the service. Measuring consumers' perceived wellbeing can be an interesting approach for industry to better investigate how products and food choices shape eating patterns, and could aid the development of new communication and marketing strategies, say researchers. Study detailsAres and his team investigated consumer perception of wellbeing in a food-related context using an exploratory qualitative approach.
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Consumer Education: Foodstuff and Nutrition Behaviour Research Group South African consumers’ nutrition and food safety practices and behaviour impact on their health and well-being. Research group focusA combination of clinical and situational based analysis with softer consumer behavioural research of the attitudes, perceptions and motivations that drive consumer decisions and behaviour, form a comprehensive understanding of the health and well-being of consumers.
Research group goalsThe goal of this research group is to research relevant topics in food and nutrition in South Africa through means of consumer behaviour approaches, nutritional assessments, nutritional analysis, surveys and various other methods to gather information on the relevant topic. This course information is not currently available online, does not exist or is no longer open for admission. The work of the FSA is important to everyone in society because we all have an interest in food safety and healthy living.
This case study focuses on how the FSA uses scientific and market research to provide consumers with reliable up-to-date information, enabling them to make healthy choices about food.

Below are external web links provided by Food Standards Agency in relation to their business activities. Subscribe to our newsletter for current business news including lesson plans and activity ideas. If you learnt more about Market research and consumer protection from this Food Standards Agency case study, why not share it with others? This page and contents, ©2016 Business Case Studies, is intended to be viewed online and may not be printed. We value your privacy and will not share any of your personal information with third parties. This series is written with the intention of empowering you to be health-conscious and discerning consumers. According to the WHO linkages of health to poverty reduction and to long-term economic growth are powerful as the burden of disease in some low-income regions, especially sub-Saharan Africa, stands as a stark barrier to economic growth and therefore must be addressed in any comprehensive development strategy.
The theme offers potential to develop a database which could assist in studying occurrences of and relationships between different influencing factors.
The goal of this group is to enable the development of specific educational material to inform and educate consumers regarding the topic researched by the group. Food from restaurants, supermarkets, and school kitchens all needs to meet certain standards.
Stakeholders are groups and individuals that have an interest in what the FSA does and the decisions it makes. The FSA looks at all activities 'from farm to fork' to help them meet requirements at every step of the food process.
The FSA provides standards to enable food inspectors or health and safety officials to take remedial action.

The FSA carries out a range of work to make sure food is safe to eat and provides consumers with up-to-date information.
It shows how market research helped to develop the 'traffic lights' system of labelling food (also known as signposting). In line with the Ministry of Education’s 2014 Food and Consumer Education syllabus, the series focuses on how individuals and families can optimise their resources in terms of food, finance and time to meet physical, mental, social and economic needs. The focus of this research group is therefore to study the factors that influence nutritional status and food safety practices of various consumer groups.
It also serves to support the identification and development of research instruments and research projects that will assist in a better understanding of the health and well-being behaviour within the South African context.
The goal of this research group is also to accommodate a diversity of specialists in consumer behaviour research, nutrition, food scientists and food in general to research different areas of the topic. This means that it reports to the government but it is run by a Board which acts on the public's behalf.
This gives consumers an easy way to understand the breakdown of fats, salts, sugars and carbohydrates in food. A multidisciplinary approach to study health and well-being could impact on the socio-economic status of consumers through educational interventions in the areas where knowledge regarding nutrition and food safety practices are lacking.
The public can have confidence that the decisions it takes about food safety are in their best interest.

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