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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations works to improve agricultural productivity and food security, and to better the living standards of rural populations. I saw two days ago for the first time the flag of FAO, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. This might be an incorrect flag by Mucha, erroneously depicted analogous to the other UN flags, or it might be an older version of the FAO flag.
My Life In a Tiny Shipping Container Home in Costa Rica - 13 hours ago Costa Rica To Have a Skyscraper? FAO SSF Guidelines Secretariat would like to  remind all of you of the ongoing e-Consultation on Implementing the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small Scale Fisheries. Food Tank recently had the opportunity to speak with Barbara Ekwall, Senior Liaison Officer at the U.N. 1) The role of family farming in alleviating hunger, promoting economic growth, and protecting the environment. 2) Food loss and waste, which is an indicator that food systems are not working as they should. 3) Soils are often and erroneously taken for granted and have up to now been overlooked in policy-making. One of them is to listen to those who are suffering from poverty and malnutrition when designing, implementing and monitoring actions that impact their livelihoods.
Then, there are people like Santaben Pruthvi Shia Chauhan in the State of Gujarat in India, with whom I have spent a couple of days during an immersion programme. An intergovernmental organization, FAO has 191 Member Nations, two associate members and one member organization, the European Union. To this end, AGA endeavors to facilitate the participation of smallholder livestock farmers, particularly in developing countries, in the increasingly competitive market for livestock commodities, to safeguard animal and veterinary public health, to maintain animal genetic diversity, and to minimize the environmental impact of livestock production. The Emergency Prevention Systems (EMPRES) Animal Health has the mandate to address prevention and early warning across the entire animal food chain. Unlike most (all?) the other UN agencies this one does not have a blue field: it's a white bed sheet with a (very) large FAO logo in the center.
This e-consultation, which was  developed in an effort to hear about your experiences and views on this topic, will remain open until December 3, 2013.
FAO, who was one of the speakers at the 2015 Food Tank Summit in partnership with The George Washington University.

Food and Agriculture Organization, North America, who was one of the speakers at the 2015 Food Tank Summit in partnership with The George Washington University. The message is that family farmers are efficient producers, and that they definitively belong to the future. As a knowledge organization, we are a center of excellence that provides freely accessible and state of the art information, analysis, data, tools, and research on food and agriculture. I would like to address another type of obstacles, or rather good practices that need to be adopted to overcome these obstacles and which can considerably contribute to increased efficiency of development efforts and greater development impact. Those people know what they need and most often than not they - not we - have the solution.
One is Olivier de Schutter, former Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, with whom I have worked closely in my former position as coordinator of FAO’s work on the right to food. As a young widow in rural India, she faced and overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles related to her social and economic status. To start with, we should focus on the poorest groups and make agriculture, trade, health, education and other policy areas work for them.
Food Tank's coverage of the food movement is made possible by the support of our sustainers.
FAO's mandate is to raise levels of nutrition, improve agricultural productivity, better the lives of rural populations and contribute to the growth of the world economy. Protection against animal diseases and pests and against food safety threats and preventing their spread is one of the keys to fighting hunger, malnutrition and poverty. The goal is to use your contributions to draft a holistic and inclusive global assistance programme taking lessons learned, best practices, plans and expectations into account.
One way is to increase food production, in particular in order to be able to feed a population of 9.3 billion by 2020. The message is that reducing food loss and waste is an efficient and easy way to improve food security and reduce environmental stress.
FAO furthermore serves as a forum for dialogue and standard-setting on issues related to food and agriculture, and the organization provides technical expertise to countries to develop policies, strategies and programs.
Dialogue across sectors and between stakeholders is still limited, global decisions don’t always produce planned results at the local level and local messages have difficulties to make themselves heard at the table where policy-making takes place. He was successful in bringing human rights thinking closer to practitioners and decision-makers in food and agriculture, and showed ways for the practical implementation of the right to food.

As a minimum, we should ensure that actions taken do not affect these groups in a negative manner (do no harm). FAO’s Animal Production and Health Division (AGA) strives to assist Member countries to take full advantage of the contribution the rapidly growing and transforming livestock sector can make towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), particularly MDGs 1 and 7, namely to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger and to ensure environmental sustainability. The mission of the EMPRES is to promote the effective containment and control of the most serious epidemic pests and diseases and food safety threats through international cooperation involving early warning, early reaction, enabling research, and coordination.
No luck - but I did find an FAO site which shows a logo (not a flag) pretty well exactly as shown in the second image here - but on a distinctly *non*-UN dark blue background. This can be achieved through increasing efficiency in agricultural production, intensification, irrigation, improved seeds, research, etc. Soils are not a renewable resource so the preservation of soils is essential for food security and our sustainable future.
Listening to the silent voices is a challenge: it means empowerment, capacity development, changing behavior and discriminatory practices and, not the least, being accountable towards those we serve.
Closer coordination, collaboration and partnerships that are mutually supportive are essential to get an equation where one plus one is more than two. In this context, I would highlight governance as the most important issue, meaning inclusive participation, empowerment, rule of law, transparency and accountability. Her energy, her values, her fighting spirit, her solidarity with others and her trust in her own future make her a hero in my eyes. Imagine the number of people that could be lifted out of poverty and malnutrition simply by ending discrimination!
Because today, the planet already produces enough food to feed every person with safe, nutritious food. Few people will ever hear about her, but it is heroes like Santaben, at the end of the day, who will bring about positive change and improve the lives of those who are hungry today.
But we need to pay more attention to policies, regulatory frameworks, programs and services. This means to address governance challenges, to insist on human rights and women’s empowerment, and to strengthen capacities for people, especially the most vulnerable, to be agents of their own development.

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