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Share Pin1 +12 Tweet Share EmailShares 3The secret of successful identification of food allergies – which I discussed in my last post – is to give up sufficient foods to be able to feel well, then to re-introduce these foods one at a time, so that detecting a reaction is relatively easy.
Drug allergies are not rare and it may be wise to discontinue medications which are unnecessary. To be certain, it is better to discuss the implications with your doctor and ask his or her advice on stopping your treatment. The key question that you want answered is, ‘Will I come to harm if I stop this drug?’ Nine times out of ten the answer is, ‘No’.
Qualified in medicine MB ChB (same as MD) in Manchester, UK in 1970, Scott-Mumby almost immediately began research into controversial alternatives.
He started the first successful Food and Environmental Allergy Clinic in 1979 which rapidly spread to Harley St (London), Glasgow, Dublin and Stockholm. No statement or opinion expressed on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Oral allergies usually involve particular fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, tomatoes, melons, avocado or apples. GI symptoms such as gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramping, respiratory symptoms such as stuffy nose, mucus production, sinusitis, worsening hay fever or asthma.
The most challenging aspect of discovering if you have a food intolerance is that symptoms take a while to appear after eating the offending food. The good news is that once you can figure out a food intolerance and eliminate it, you often feel much better! I love fountain cokes, cookie dough (egg free, of course), bright colors, flowers, high standards, old movies and above all else, my Lord and Savior! To get best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. Some food types likely to cause allergic reactions – cheese, nuts, wine, fruit, and shellfish.
Earlier this month a 13-year-old California girl with an allergy to peanuts died in her father’s arms after unknowingly consuming a small amount of peanut butter in a snack she was eating.
The girl quickly spit out the small bit of peanut butter, but efforts to save her life, including multiple injections that should have brought her allergic reaction to a halt, were futile. The current rise in food allergies has been particularly noticeable among young people 18 and under. Along with peanuts, Braskett said milk, soy, eggs and wheat are the most common items to produce food allergies.

Many of those with dangerous allergies to certain foods notice the symptoms of the allergic reaction come on quickly and may start with relatively mild symptoms, but can quickly escalate into something more serious or even life threatening. While the number of people with food allergies is growing, so far there are no clear answers as to why. Braskett suspects the rise in food allergies may be linked to more people developing a wide range of allergies and that we’re becoming more allergic as a society.
Braskett noted that some people without food allergies might still have something called food intolerance which she said is broad and hard to define. Someone with food intolerance may get a migraine headache, experience an outbreak of acne or bloating without any other symptoms after eating something like chocolate or foods with artificial coloring added.
Baskett advised keeping some antihistamines, like Benadryl, on hand in the event you accidentally eat something that causes an allergic reaction. If you do have a food allergy, the standard treatment is to avoid the foods you’re allergic to.
Braskett also recommends talking with family and friends about your allergies and getting their help and support.
Rick Pantaleo maintains the Science World blog and writes stories for VOA’s web and radio on a variety of science, technology and health topics.
But it is important to remember that I am talking here of a trial diet, an experimental procedure. However, certain drugs are essential and should not be stopped, such as anti-epileptics, some cardiac drugs (such as digoxin), insulin and thyroxin. Don’t be put off by the high-handedness which some doctors, sadly, are prone to when their prescriptions are questioned. You have been rushed to the hospital suffering from anaphylaxis- a severe and sudden immune response in which the body releases massive amounts of histamine. You might eat a piece of cheese or bread, then start scratching or feel tired and bloated hours to days later. If you eat MSG and it triggers a migraine, it may take a while to figure it out because the reaction is not as obvious.
At Wise Acupuncture we can help you figure out what food intolerances may be the cause of your symptoms and bring your digestion back into balance with acupuncture and herbs. Melinda Braskett, medical director of the UCLA Food & Drug Allergy Care Center in California, refers to food allergies as misguided immune reactions to foods that can cause reproducible rapid reactions like rashes, swelling and breathing problems. He also occasionally appears on various VOA programs to talk about the latest scientific news.

When a majority of people lived in rural America the exposure to the many elements built immunities that city dwellers are losing. It rarely works to give up just one food at a time because anyone who is ill is almost certain to have more than one allergy.
You do not need to stay on a tough diet long-term; indeed you are specifically cautioned not to do so, otherwise you run into problems caused by inadequate nutritional sources. You are entitled to know the effect of any drug you are taking and also precisely why you are taking it, and it may be that your doctor will not even understand the workings and side-effects of drugs being used. You may have long forgotten about the food you ate, making it difficult to figure out what food caused the reaction. This makes it more difficult to absorb nutrients effectively, which can create potentially serious nutritional deficiencies. When I was growing up in 1950’s rural Iowa virtually no one we knew had any allergies at all. If it was simply one major allergen, the person would have spotted it eventually, as indeed some lucky people do. These symptoms usually happen within minutes of eating or touching the food, but can sometimes take a little longer to appear.
For example, if we do not have the enzyme lactase, the enzyme that digests milk sugar, we have lactose intolerance.
The natural bacterial flora will become imbalanced and you can experience systemic inflammation throughout your body.
Other foods (such as the lectins in beans and grains, or other proteins) can trigger immune responses, as they’re seen as foreign invaders.
She points out that if you have eight nails sticking out in your shoe, and then pull just one of these nails, you will still not be comfortable – because of the other seven. This means you shift into a maintenance diet, solely avoiding these offending foods, something you stay on for months or years. Almost anyone who feels much better by avoiding one or two foods has the will power to continue; the rewards are high!

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