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Why do top nutritionists and food scientists avoid grain-fed beef and warn others to do the same?  Why do we hear about hamburger meat being recalled due to E. In the past, all beef was grass-fed beef, since cattle have evolved for millions of years to eat grass, but in the United States today what is commercially available is almost all grain-fed feedlot beef.The reason?
Switching a cow from grass to grain is so disturbing to the animal’s digestive system that it can kill the animal if not done gradually and if the animal is not continually fed antibiotics. Work conducted at Cornell University by Russell and Diez-Gonzalez in the late 1990s showed that cattle that were fed hay had far fewer E. Animals raised in factory farms are given diets designed to boost their productivity and lower costs. Upscale groceries like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are ramping up grass-fed offerings, including imports from Australia and Uruguay. The CAFO Reader is possibly the most powerful indictment of factory farming ever compiled, with essays from 30 of the world's leading experts. Righteous Porkchop is a book that can help everyday Americans understand what's at stake as a result of our factory animal systems. Approximately 75% of the menu available inMcDonald’s in India is Indianized andspecifically designed to woo Indian customers.
Today Domino’s pizza India has grown into a country wide network of more than 300 stores with a team of 9000 people.

These animals have evolved to forage and re-chew food that has been stored in the rumen (a fermenting chamber in the stomach).  However on feedlots, they are made to eat grain, primarily corn, in order to make them as fat as possible in a short amount of time. The main ingredients are genetically modified grain and soy that are kept at artificially low prices by government subsidies.
Founded in 1960,• Dominos is the second-largest pizza chain in the United States and has nearly 9,000 corporate and franchised stores in 60 international markets• The menu features pizza, pasta, oven-baked sandwiches, wings, boneless chicken, salads, breadsticks, cheese sticks, and a variety of dessert items. When animals are 100% grass-fed, their meat is not only lower in saturated fats but also slightly higher in omega-3 fatty acids,  which studies indicate may help prevent heart disease and bolster the immune system.
The two brothers only worked as a team until 1961, when James traded his half of the business to his brother for the price of a Volkswagen Beetle. Today, they grow to slaughter size in less than two years – an efficient, industrialized process that has transformed beef into a cheap fast food. When we ingest them, a high percentage will survive the acid shock of our digestive juices.

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