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FDA “Inspection” of CFR Frozen Foods – March 14, 2016 – Best Description – Refusal – Real Question – Why? Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin Linked in Gold Medal Flour E. A great overview of the problems facing fast-food restaurants in coping with foodborne bacteria and viruses in fresh produce, specifically lettuce, by Jerry Hirsch of the Los Angeles Times.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 52% of the 9,040 outbreaks of food-borne illness reported between 1998 and 2004, the latest year for which numbers are available, were linked to restaurants and other commercial food establishments.
Safety experts say fast-food chains need to push the produce industry to come up with treatments that do a better job of killing dangerous pathogens and to improve the way their prepared produce is packaged so that a surprise bacterial hitchhiker from the farm to the take-out window can’t unleash a disaster. Safe Food Connection Assassin Bug Simple Good and Tasty Safe Food NZ Food Safety News Food Risk Ag and Food Law Blog Civil Eats Weaversway Over Lawyered Cornucopia Institute Food Politics Iowa State Food Safety News Food Safety Policy Center for Foodborne Illness The Pump Handle The Pop Tort Defending Food Safety Safe Foods Blog Food Law Blog Science Blogs Torts Professors Blog Food Liability Law Blog Freshtalk The Green Fork Ethicurean La Vida Locavore What to Eat Fooducate Fight E. Update: Also from the site Deviant Art is this cool imagining of fast food mascots as characters in a fighting game by Lysol-Jones.
Start Your Own Food Blog & Make $270,000+ at HomeInstantly download our latest step-by-step 2014 guide. The "fast" in fast food refers to agile fulfillment and ordering as much as it does serving speed at the consumer level. The following are 3 ways that fast food industry often trips over its own feet in the quest to turn heads.

Natural, organic, sustainably-raised a€” these are the terms that woo customers and keep tables filled, particularly in QSR. In a supermarket, a customer can make the choice between a specialty product and a normal product without casting the "normal" version in an overly-negative light. Antibiotics are one of the most persistent villains in consumer perception of food, so chains have naturally worked towards minimizing them.
Infusing innovation into a system-oriented fast food business doesn't have to be impossible, but it does require that procurement teams and planning executives alike don't lose sight of core values in a rush to "win" the first-to-have distinction among their peers. SugarCreek is an innovative, diversified and flexible food manufacturer helping some of the industrya€™s largest and best-E‡known companies develop Brandworthy Food Solutions.
Greece Jerky Club of the Month Review - Monthly Jerky Cheat Meal Hacks: Pizza, Which slice is right? One surprising place that quick service restaurants fall behind, however, is in innovation. Pitted against itself in a years-long war of "unhealthy" sentiments about its menu, sourcing food with these labels can seem like an easy fix. Try the same tactic on a relatively limited fast food menu, however, and you risk making the "normal" version seem inferior and unpalatable.
However, a poorly-implemented or opaque solution is sometimes just as bad as not having one in the first place. Your business and supply chain will be around for much longer than the latest fad or the newest food product, so treat them as what they are: a side dish to the diverse, customer-approved menu that's always been served, rather than an at-all-costs grab for growth.

Food Policy Blog Food Law Prof Blog Food Safety from Farm to Table - Iowa State University Extension Health Law Prof Blog S. Watch the trends and promotions carefully and you'll start to see an echo chamber of similar ideas bouncing from one major chain to the next. If conflicting numbers or a hazy timeline emerges, rather than being "stuck in the past," a chain ends up tangled in an all-too-present scandal. Additionally, while these offerings may be unique to the fast food supply chain, they're usually on the heels of the same breakthroughs in consumer-facing market segments like grocery stores. In short, they can open that product door with ease, but might not be able to close it quite as neatly. This means that the same products would need to be sourced from overseas, driving costs up and potentially compromising product quality en route. Specialty products may also become scarce under high demand, forcing companies to shift to another supplier that may not have been vetted for safety and hygiene as thoroughly as a primary chain partner. Rather than looking to price alone, procurement teams have to balance demand for specialty items with availability and shipping speed in every decision, bogging down agility in the process.

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