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As a learning stage of your child you can see photos of fruit name we are eating in our daily life. You can check here Fruits Name in Gujarati to English with Photos.Now a Days People are become more and more active towards education for their children.
For a child, Learning is not an easy way but with help of pictures of Fruits they can easily learn anything.

We know that children are an age of 2 and above trying to learn everything like fruits name, Body Parts name etc …and their parents and family members are very curious about learning of their children. From list of fruit names in English with pictures child can quickly grasp everything in their Mind.
For learning of basics, by seeing Photos, Images of Fruits or anything child can easily and very quickly set it in their memory as compared to writing and reading.

Now your curiosity towards your child is going to be fulfilled and you can easily teach them a fruit name with pictures.

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