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Germination and early growth is simple at this time because the temperature is warm – a steady 75 degrees in our 10 day Chicago forecast plus the perfect amount of rain.
Compost and woodchips is really light and fluffy, so I packed it down pretty good to get the seeds to stay put and of course, watered in well.
Yes you need to get your plants and seeds in now if you want to enjoy vegetables into November that are fresh from the garden.Growing Vegetables In The FallBy the beginning of September most people are done with their vegetable garden for the year, which is a real shame.
Here’s the compost I made in the back, jam packed with critters, worms, millipedes, rolley poleys. The zucchini in the image was sown on July 13th this picture was taken yesterday should start seeing the first harvest next week and the plant will produce up until first frost.
Fall presents another chance to feed our families with fresh homegrown vegetables right up until Thanksgiving and some years till the middle of December. Hotter, drier summers would demand daily watering… but who doesnt love to water their garden? MotherEarthNews has a great chart showing when you can harvest all those delicious veggies: Days to Maturity of Fall Harvest Crops You really can count the days.
The last planting of bush beans are in as well as carrots, green onions, one more round of cilantro, Swiss Chard, lettuce and spinach are starting to germinate,and there will be plantings of radishes every 10 days till the first week of October.The tomatoes are phenomenal and spent this past weekend canning salsa and tomatoes. It can happen the picture to the right was taken this March the salad greens and spinach were planted last August and survived the winter in the garden and were still growing well into May when they were pulled for some summer crops.

Since the back to eden garden is doing so well, I have no reservations about woodchips and am optimistic about better results.
If you’re in a drastically different climate, MotherEarth also has a What to Plant Now list by region.
Of course we had a ridiculously mild winter for Chicago but it does happen and with a little prep work you can garden into the winter as well.Fall Vegetable Gardening Secret For SuccessThe real secret to fall vegetable gardening is to forget about the traditional vegetable garden and start thinking about succession planting and productive growing. There are a ton of cold weather vegetables hardy enough to withstand frost and keep you eating healthy into the winter. I have posted two videos which I think show just a few of the many ways that you can build a raised bed garden.
Most people can tell you the price of food is going up and with the drought we have experienced this year it is going to be even higher.Your garden can provide you with fresh vegetables that will save you money 8 to 9 months out of the year even if you live in zone 5. The first video appeals to me because it really shows the possibilities of huge harvests from just a small area, done right this guy could set up a vegetable stand out in the front yard. Granted it will not all be tomatoes, sweet corn and cucumbers but there are many vegetables that enjoy the cool weather of spring and fall. Also the design allows for a fall vegetable garden with the ability to put up row covers or low tunnels.A Great Looking Raised Bed SetupA Great Fall Vegetable Garden ProjectAnother raised garden bed idea this video shows you a creative use for recycling old pallets into raised bed. Here's What Users Can Do To Wait Out The App (Bustle)If you, like many other unsuspecting users just trying to get their Valencia filter game on Monday night, were kicked out of your Instagram app from the comfort of your own bed, trust me, you are far from alone.

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