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When Facebook first started offering businesses professional pages, companies took advantage of that to increase the reach of their brand.
Here’s how to increase your Facebook reach, get more shares, followers, and “likes” under the new rules of Facebook.
Radio station Nu92 posted this photo to their wall with the caption, “Who remembers having to do this to their school books?” It was an instant hit, attracting over 200,000 “likes” and 98,000+ comments. The key to making your group successful is to invite people whom you know will participate. Starting a support group (this works particularly well in the health and fitness industry, but also in personal finance and other niches where long-term motivation tends to be the sticking point for consumers). Sure, you’ll have to spend money on advertising to get it going but, after a while, you can turn down the burn rate on your ad campaigns and let referrals build your group.
Using better visuals will help you engage more people which, in turn, will help you hang onto the reach you do have. If you want to reach more people, a great way to do that is to skip the sponsored or “boosted” posts and just advertise to your target market through Facebook’s default ad platform. And, best of all, you don’t have to worry about increasing organic reach for some arbitrary or hypothetical benefit.
It’s pretty easy to craft a good Facebook post for paid promotion, but it’s hard to turn a good post into a great one. Blogs: After a lot of hard work my business partner Janine and I have launched our Female Business Hub blog. One of the issues I have found by just setting up shop in the kitchen – is that my work hours and personal hours would overlap. I spend probably 70% of my working hours online- consuming information, catching up on blogs and wasting time  looking on Pinterest.
Blog Post: I’m Going On a Bender (+ 7 Reasons Why I Love Being an Entrepreneur) Great post from Melissa. These fanfrickingtastic Star Wars Light Saber Popsicle moulds Seriously shut up and take my money!!!
Due to the average number of friends a person has, how many updates per day, how many pages they like and how often on average those pages update a day….Means that the average person would have to have nearly 1000 updates in their Newsfeed a day. Get thinking about your digital marketing strategy or drop me a line if you want to explore this further and build a plan together! My good friend Ian Gentles gave me the opportunity to co-host his Knowing Your Business show earlier this month.
Twitter for business was the burning subject of choice and as a Social Media Junkie I couldn’t wait to get involved.
It’s a great show that has different topics each week and interviews with a fantastic mix of business owners.
I’d love you to have a listen and then let me know in the comments what your views on Twitter are. When Facebook first launched, owners of such pages enjoyed a strong organic reach when it came to content on their pages. If you compare the  paid reach of any given post verses the organic reach you will notice dramatic differences. The above graph shows the total reach for a particular Facebook like page  that has 10,000 likes over a time period of one month. Mandalo a su domicilio: Con DHL, Estafeta, Fedex puedes facilmente abrir tus ventas a toda la republica. Organiza un concurso en Facebook, para eso te recomendamos usar las apps gratis de Socialtool.me.
Registrate a nuestra Newsletter y recibe Consejos, Guias o eBooks Gratis directamente a tu buzon.
Todos nuestros Autores son expertos en Social Marketing, Social Management y Content Marketing. Back in the summer, I attended one of the Learn Inbound events in Dublin and heard a statement that crystallised everything we’ve been discussing in The Tomorrow Lab for the last year. When Google inspects your site, should nothing change in five years, the Googlebot may begin to think that something is wrong – is this page still active? That is an immensely basic description as to why content is important, with much more info covered over here. While it’s fantastic that so much content is being published, with something for everyone in almost every niche imaginable, the probability is that even the best content is going to get lost in the morass. You can of course get around this problem, in part, by amplifying your content on social media.
As the organic reach falls (that’s the number of fans who see your post without you paying), the only way to have them see your message is to pay, and as all those small businesses around the world pay to have their fans see a message from them, the mounds of cash keep accumulating in California. Twitter is still a chronological timeline, which doesn’t look likely to change over the next few months. However, content decays really quickly on Twitter so if your users aren’t logged when you post, they miss it. If there are millions of blogs posted every day, with no easy way of promoting them, should you just give up?
Over the last few years it’s been the received wisdom that you have to invest in content and then customers come your way. While marketing budgets are in a healthier position than they were in 2009, it’s not the easiest thing to do, to carve out a pot of cash from an already stretched marketing plan. Digital ads can provide you with a deluge of data that will assist you in understanding what’s working and what’s not, be it impressions, interactions, cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand (CPT or CPM, depends on who you ask), conversions, cost per acquisition (CPA)… the list goes on.

With ever so much data, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate this against your business objectives.
Repositioning the business, we communicated their values of quality, choice, service and knowledge. Over time, Facebook got smart and restricted reach, forcing companies to pay for promoted posts and advertising. Part of social media is “social” – in other words, there has to be interaction and engagement in the group for it to take off.
By having members join in the beginning who contribute, it creates the “social proof” for others. Facebook has always been a visual platform, with images and videos outperforming text-based status updates.
Social media is really an amalgamation of various types of platforms, but the common theme seems to be images, video, and short text-based updates.
That platform has grown and changed over the years, and today it offers a rich dataset for companies.
Ads, while not cheap, are a proven way to gauge interest in your product or service, and the response is immediate, often with results appearing after a few hours of your ad being approved. It currently have about 1000 likes but the content which i post reaches only about 50-60 users.
I’d either find I was working way too much when I should have been spending time relaxing or doing jobs round the house. They want to make the personal user experience better and making the news feed more relevant. I had a great time and I’m looking forward to going back to co-host on the 13th March.
The study carried out by Edgerank Checker who examined 1000 Facebook like pages over a time period. Solo necesitas acudir a unas de sus sucursales para obtener las tarifas y una vez que lleguen tus pedidos a tu tienda virtual, aceptas aquellos que puedes vender y los empaquetas en DHL.
Usa Venta Garaje para encontrar articulos variados de San Valentin y subelos a tus redes. Cuando los usuarios compartan tu contenido, veran tu perfil y tu tienda. Aqui tienes un ejemplo: Venezuela, Peru y Chile son los paises donde mas se celebra el dia de San Valentin. Adding new content (fresh content as we call it in the industry, trying to be cool) to your website is a known ranking factor for search engines. A fairly big study that displays organic reach is in a downward trajectory whereas Facebook’s stock price is going the other way. Facebook is a public company with a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders, not end users. So, if you post at the right time and use best practice – include images (35% more likely to get a RT) and video (28% more likely), remember quotes (19% more likely) and stats (175 more likely) work well on Twitter, toss in some relevant #tags (16% more likely) etc – there is a good chance people will see and engage with your content. While some Twitter users have #FOMO (that’s Fear Of Missing Out) and will scroll for an eternity and set up notifications to see your content, most don’t, so you need to makes sure you have a decent posting strategy to stand out. The rise of Facebook and Twitter as advertising channels has created cost effective channels to put your content in front of people who have similar interests to your customers. The majority of companies don’t create content because they like writing, producing video or pictures.
If you’re interested in finding out more about Learn Inbound, Nial wrote a great round up of the event here. The viral ones are almost always “wow” shots of someone doing something epic, something extremely nostalgic, something audacious and out of the ordinary, or something so controversial and divisive that people are practically forced to comment. So, refocus your efforts on that, and try to gently move people from your epic posts to your website. Facebook won’t limit your reach in your group, and you’ll have a captive audience of people that want to hear what you have to say. And, if you appoint group moderators and managers, you won’t even have to manage it on a day to day basis. They can direct users to a landing page on your site – this makes Facebook much more valuable than it used to be. This means you can just focus on getting people who are actually interested in what you have to say, rather than messing around with “likes” and comments that go nowhere.
As our new house is not ready until a month after we need to move out of this one, we are having to move into my parents for a month. At the moment we have just launched the blog, but there is going to be lots of other features and resources- check out the website for more info.
She also has a great podcast called Glambition Radio where she interviews female entrepreneurs.
If you like the woo woo, clarity, looking into your purpose then this is for you. Part memoir-style storytelling, part workbook and part ultimate guide to YOU.
So this year one of my goals was to transform my office into a bright and energising office that I can work in. Or it went the other way- house stuff would creep in and I hadn’t got enough work done.
Even though it’s direction has changed and we now have businesses on there; People don’t go onto Facebook to see business page updates. It is also my opinion that Facebook pages should NOT have prominence over personal updates in my personal Newsfeed and most people feel that way. However I still see so many people who rely on Facebook and some people only have a Facebook page and not even a website!

I have experimented with paid advertising on FB on my own pages and client pages and it has worked, but you need a strategy.
If you haven’t already then start using the other tools out there- LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest. I talk about making use of Twitter lists, using Twitter as a customer service tool, hashtags, Twitter Lead Generation Cards and adding value. Serving up sassy copywriting for businesses and helping you share your stories with the world!
Last year Facebook announced that the algorithms used for their news feed would be improved to filter out poor quality posts. This means that only a small % of the total amount of likes for any given page will actually see the content that page owners post. Si necesitas hacer una imagen o editar una foto con texto, utiliza Canva, genera visuales gratuitos con las medidas exactas para tus Redes Sociales. How a site ranks in a search engine is a complex business with few simple answers, but, as a general rule, having lots of new, unique content on your site is good for your visibility.
If, on the other hand, you want to grow and bring more business to your site, then keep going. The important thing is to find out what works best for you, and the best way to do that is to test.
Most companies do it because there is a hard-nosed business objective behind it, so always be sure to measure your content against that. Facebook then collected the demographic and social data about all your fans and friends and now sells the data back to you. Groups are a great way to have an ongoing discussion, promote interest in your blog, grow an audience, and avoid long-term marketing expenses. In fact, the hard data from Wishpond, and other agencies, shows that photo posts get 120 percent more interaction that text-based ones. Photos of any kind generate more engagement than an average post, with images getting 53 percent more “likes” and 104 percent more comments than standard posts, according to Hubspot. I have been busy behind the scenes working on a few new projects… more on that in another post.
So now a mix of paid advertising will need to be budgeted for FB pages if people want to continue using it.
Telling the word newsletter to piss off & helping people screw business as usual to build unusually better businesses. I help women get clear on their strategy + build their dream business while living a fun-filled life. Just like Coco Cola recipe is a closely guarded secret so too is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine what exactly people see on their news feed. The exact figure for this is estimated to be between 1-20% – no exact figure is currently available. Es momento de abrir tu tienda (es 100% gratuito con Prixealo) y difundir tus productos en tus redes sociales.
However, if you’ve been adding news stories, blogs and videos to your site on a regular basis, Google should act kindly and, more importantly, your users will too. Facebook is constantly upgrading its algorithm which continually destroys organic reach of business pages. Which brings us back to the kick-off point… treat your content like your products – promote it! Test types of content, test promotional strategies, test different platforms, test everything!
One word of caution to make note of… promoting content is not an overnight cure to your company’s woes. The best you can do is use something like this Studyweb guide to build a better blog, and focus on ways to get targeted visitors off of Facebook and onto your website. Pretty hard to cut it down to 10 so make sure you also check out my “Word Wizards” Twitter list too! Con la Garantia Prixealo, tus clientes se sentiran mas seguros de comprar y tu podras gestionar mas facilmente tus ventas. Approximately 300 blogs have been published while you’ve been reading this paragraph. It can take months, even years of producing great content that people want to see to see the pay back from it. If you are adamant you don’t want to pay anything then expect your Facebook page to decline and maybe look at other options for your business. You can argue that it is only right for other businesses to pay Facebook for what is advertising at the end of day.
En Social Commerce tenemos articulos para que te adentres en el mundo de las redes sociales. And if you’ve gone back to check the maths of this, I’d hazard a guess that another 1000 have been published.
What ever you believe one thing is certain, Facebook will continue to reduce organic reach forcing owners of Like Pages to pay up or find another solution. Here is an old post (still relevant) with some tips on Google+ for those of you wanting to explore it.

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