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Shaw Parade is usually famous for its Eu Yan Sang Ginseng Shop and also wide variety of Chinese medicine shops. During our visits, we had terrapin soups, squirrel, curry wild boar pork, alligator meat and coconut chickens. Each day will have a different sets of exotic foods menu except the coconut chicken soup which is a standard dish there. But during the night time from 5pm onwards, right opposite the main door of Shaw Parade, you can see there are a stalls by the road side with seating behind it and very crowded. Sometimes exotic foods are dangerous to our health, as we dona€™t know what kind of food it is and what kind ofA nutrientsA that can we get from it. If you can’t take the exotic foods, you can go and try their perfectly steamed herbal soups. Filipino people believed that this kind of exotic food is considered to have highA proteinA and also believed to be an aphrodisiac that can give more improvements for sexual performance. It is usually sold nearby streets, boulevards and other places that are known as snack spot or place where you can find different kind of foods for sale and ready to eat. Eating this kind of exotic food is not just simple eating without art; it is the best while ita€™s hot, and you can not just open it without determining where the best spot to break, there are two parts of egg where the one is for opening spot which you can find hallow inside.

The other spot is covered with hard shell where the hard part of the white egg is located when it cooked. We were trying to get a taste of the real Madrid culture, so we had heard we should order tapas.I was so hungry I was desperate to find something on the plate that tasted semi-good. I just remember one brand of RTW items which is Kamaro, it was originated at Philippines and one of exotic foods of Filipino people.
I later found out these were baby eel dipped in vinegar.If you must eat tapas in Spain, the safe option is patatas bravas. They used to cook this insect at any form of dish as long as it taste delicious but commonly they cooked in way of frying or fried kamaro. If you don’t have the means to get to Spain to try tapas, you can, instead, stuff your mouth with fish, salt, and vinegar.
But Filipino people are used to make dish from the flesh of Frog or they called it stuffed frog.
We all took a tiny piece of the Balut and tentatively tasted it, which is NOT a true experience of Balut. Good thing I did as someone on our trip got food poisoning later that night, I suspect from the reindeer heart.

Although, I love eating barbequed eel and as part of a sushi dish, the baby eel just looks revolting.
Just got back from Seville where the Tapas was delicious; some fish, but lots of chicken, beef and pork on offer as well.
Nothing as crazy as you by the sound of it, but I have eaten kangaroo, alligator, crocodile, snails and – actually while at home rather than travelling – brain masala (which was cow brains cooked in a Masala sauce and was actually really nice!) A friend of mine recently told me he once ate dog heart!! In 2013, I quit my first (and last) desk job and started a remote business to give me the freedom to do long-term travel whenever I wanted.
I'm a writer and marketing consultant sharing travel stories and business tips to help you work remotely and travel freely.

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