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In its first year as Milwaukee County Parks' first beer garden, Estabrook site drew crowds, made a profit and even gained worldwide attention. A good feeling, relaxation, comfort, fellowship – according to the best translations from the German anybody can find. For the Friends of Hoyt Park and Pool, it means all that and more as they progress through the permitting process to create the second beer garden in a Milwaukee County park. Hoping to open their beer garden by mid-summer, the Friends have a strong, if still very new, model to build on. The Estabrook Park Beer Garden opened in early June in 2012 and by the end of its first season had been profitable for both its landlord and operator. The on a 20 percent cut of beer sales and 10 percent of soft drink sales, according to a county annual report.
Old German Beer Hall was in a unique position to take advantage of the beer garden opportunity.
So popular, in fact, that the county sought requests for proposals for two more park beer gardens to open this year.
Keegan did not have total attendance figures for Estabrook Park Beer Garden's first year but, as he said, lines were long and profits showed its popularity.
But the Estabrook experiment certainly got noticed, and having succeeded by any measure – popularity, profit and, according to all reports, deportment of its customers – it would seem as though FOHPP could succeed as well at Hoyt Park.
A central metropolitan position, with the added attraction of Tosa Pool itself, would argue for a magnetic pull of patrons. Estabrook Beer Garden represents a return to an era that disappeared from our landscape with the start of Prohibition. Estabrook Park lies on the banks of the Milwaukee River, the beer garden is set on a bluff just above a waterfall.
The use of grills in Milwaukee County Parks is limited to designated picnic areas with hot coal disposal bins.
Only Official Parks & Beer Garden Vehicles may operate vehicles on service roads, pathways and lawns. A table with a maximum seating of 8 guests can be reserved for up to 4 hours with $200.00 Credit Card Pre-Payment.
A larger group (24 or more Guests) may make advance reservations inclusive of prearranged food and beverage options. Earlier this month, the beer garden in Estabrook Park quietly opened, echoing a Milwaukee tradition of park-based beer gardens that existed before Prohibition. The glass steins are important to beer garden purveyor, Hans Weissgerber III, for multiple reasons.

Miller Lite is also available for $4, wine for $5 (currently, the beer garden serves Riesling, but more varieties will soon be available), along with Pepsi products and bottled water for $3. Brats, hotdogs and hot pretzels are for sale ($4-5), and next year, if all goes well, Weissgerber hopes to add a fish fry, schnitzel and rotisserie chicken and pigs. Technically, it's illegal to drink alcoholic beverages in a park without a picnic permit, so Weissgerber says the beer garden provides a legal space for families to picnic and enjoy an alcoholic beverage. The beer garden is a business partnership between the Milwaukee County Parks and Weissgerber, who also owns Old German Beer Hall, a catering business, and a beer garden in Panama City Beach, Fla.
Twenty percent of all beer and wine sales and 10 percent of all food and other beverage profits go to the county. Last year, he got approval to offer a summer solstice keg tapping in Pere Marquette Park and set up a temporary beer garden. He says the idea finally resonated also because the parks suffered budget cuts and were more open to the idea of partnering with a private business.
Even though the idea was originally Weissgerber's, he had to bid on the opportunity once the county complied. Currently, Weissgerber spends his time living between Milwaukee and Houston, where his wife works as a doctor.
The beer garden, nestled in a grove of maple trees, has a river breeze blowing through on a 95-degree day. After just one year in operation, the first Milwaukee County Parks beer garden was an unqualified success.
It had a rare and exclusive right to sell imported Bavarian Hofbrauhaus beer, the classic beverage of Munich's eponymous beer hall, packed to the spilling over every Oktoberfest.
The Estabrook Park Beer Garden, like the Old German Beer Hall itself, fit the bill – although hometown Miller Brewing products were also sold. The Friends of Hoyt Park and Pool (FOHPP), operators of Tosa Pool, had already come to the independent conclusion that a beer garden was the perfect fit for Hoyt Park.
The beer garden proposal still has to go through a number of Wauwatosa and Milwaukee County approvals. At Hoyt Park, the FOHPP could either contract operations and accept only a similar cut of profits, or it could operate the beer garden itself and simply buy and resell beer from a distributor. Estabrook Park had longer hours in its first year than FOHPP is proposing for its inauguration.
Grilling is not allowed anywhere in or around the Beer Garden or the adjacent athletic fields. All motor vehicles, motorcycles & motor scooters must remain in the paved parking lot area.

Originally, he wanted to open a beer garden in Downtown's Pere Marquette Park, but it was difficult to get everyone on board, he says.
Last year, Weissgerber was still living in Glendale and spending a lot of time on the river, and it occurred to him maybe he should focus his efforts on Estabrook Park instead of Pere Marquette.
He bid along with two other businesses, including Sprecher Brewing Co., and won the contract.
Inspirations came from Milwaukee’s brewing legacy and the operation is modeled after beer gardens found in modern day Munich, Germany. Violators may be ejected and ticketed.  Alcohol is prohibited in all Milwaukee County Parks except where sold at  licensed service areas and in specifically permitted picnic areas. Tables are for people to sit at and may not be used for buffets. A limited number of reserved tables may be booked through the Beer Garden Office.
Food and Beverage can be reflective of the standard beer garden offerings or we can customize a menu for your event. You can bring your dog and there are plenty of picnic tables to use, so you don't need to bring too much. It rained all day, but about an hour before the event was scheduled to start, the sun came out, and more than 200 people attended the event. The Estabrook Beer Garden is a place for all people to come together enjoy nature, a great beer and make new friends. Glassware is not for sale and remains property of the Beer Garden at all times. Visitors are always welcome to bring their own favorite beer stein.
We have established strict terms and conditions for group patronage in order to protect the public nature of the beer garden. I also appreciate the covered areas, they're great for shade and when it rains unexpectedly.
Food is limited to beer garden basics of Bratwurst, Hot Dogs and our Famous Giant Fresh Baked Pretzel. It is irrelevant if the patron has 2 people or 8 People, the minimum rate per table is set at $200.00 per 4 hour block.
Because the beer garden is truly a public place, visitors are welcome to bring picnic baskets with their favorite fare and soft drinks. There is plenty of green space so if you don't want to use the tables you can brig your own blanket.

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