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Their success was first established in 2009, when the band had one of its most relevant performances: their first concert in the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California, one of the most important venues in the US, where world renowned artists had performed but no regional bands had done so up to that point.
Currently, the band promotes their third single a€?No Me Vengas a Decira€?, a romantic ballad that promises to keep positioning the band as number one.
The Changing the Guard DVD is a 'must have' for anyone who is interested in or loves British ceremonial at its best and who wants to understand the special relationship between The Sovereign and her personal protection force. You get a wonderful insight into the background and format of the Guard Change ceremony, in this 80 minute documentary, and an opportunity to hear from the key people involved in its production with your Changing the Guard DVD.
See the guards are they prepare for the parade, listen to an explanation of the drill, hear from the men who are responsible for maintaining the high standards for which the guards are so well know and learn why the ceremony is still relevant today in the Changing the Guard DVD. Buy the new 'The Changing the Guard DVD' online and get a FREE printed copy of 'Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace Guide'.
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Fui invitada a compartir con los habitantes de “Casas San Miguel” el 29 de septiembre a la celebracion de San Miguel Arcangel que es una festividad que se ha hecho desde hace 5 anos aqui en Fresno.
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El Petate de PalmaElegimos esta decoracion en honor a la capacidad creativa y el conocimiento de nuestros antepasados indigenas. Nuestros antepasados usaban el petate como trono en el que se sentaban las reynas cuando se reunian con los reyes en conferencias, ceremonias sagradas y eventos especiales. With over 40 years of artistic career path, more than 30 albums on their repertoire and countless radio hits in both Mexico and the US, the band won the a€?Best Banda€? Billboard Award in 2008.
They are the only Mexican regional band that has managed to maintain themselves on top of the game since the birth of the genre with their sold-out performances and numerous record sales.
En una de las casas se le realizo una misa hecha por el sacerdote de la Iglesia Monte Carmelo. Como parte de la celebracion hubo bailables que presento el grupo “Se’e Savi” como fue el jarabe mixteco y la danza de el palomo, interpretado por los Luceritos del Sur con musica de guitarra y violin.
Despues miramos la danza de los rubio que se visten con chivarras y chaleco de cuero, espuelas, chicote, mascaras y mascara, que es una tradicion de Juxtlauaca en Oaxaca.

Luego hubo otro grupo llamado “los diablitos” por que se visten y bailan una danza llamada igual esa es una tradicion de la mixteca. Como se acostrumbra en todas las fiestas oaxquenas, no pudo faltar la banda de viento Hoz de Cuevas. Mientras disfrutabamos las danzas nos dieron de comer pozole con mole y refrescos, todo gratis. Esto lo hacen los organizadores con cooperaciones que dan entre ellos mismos, por que todos son de un pueblo llamado San Miguel Cuevas.

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