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We're proud to be a full-service grocery store, offering lots of tools and amenities that make your shopping trip easy and convenient.
Engagement in our local community is a strong part of our company’s culture and has been since our founding 90 years ago. Encouraged by growing customer demand, the original Carlisle Meat Market moves to a new location and becomes the city’s first modern self-service supermarket.
Fire destroys the Carlisle Meat Market, but David Javitch and his ambitious crew set up shop in a garage within three days.
The company continues to grow through the start of the Great Depression, peaking at 435 stores.
Free parking and motorized checkouts are just a few of the amenities shoppers found at the Carlisle Food Market.
The regional network of GIANT Food Stores conducts hiring on a regular basis and needs to fill thousands of jobs across Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. Entry-level job opportunities available at GIANT grocery stores include positions like cashier, deli associate, night crew member, and food associate.
Careers available at GIANT Food Stores offer full-time scheduling potential and the ability to make lucrative, substantial salary options. GIANT Food Stores requires applicants meet a minimum hiring age of 16 in order to gain employment. The position of GIANT cashier serves as an ideal opportunity for individuals looking for entry-level work featuring flexible scheduling. Like most entry-level positions available in the grocery store industry, GIANT cashier jobs feature minimum wage starting pay. Grocery clerks perform various customer service and merchandising functions in designated GIANT store departments.
Grocery stores like GIANT Foods need a team of managers and leaders to coordinate departmental activities and oversee daily store operations. GIANT Food Stores primarily want to know the personal motives candidates hold for seeking out the grocer as a viable place of employment.
The average wait time for an applicant to hear back from the prominent grocery store varies depending on the hiring needs of each store. Job benefits provided to eligible workers include an array of financial and medical assistance plans. Originating as a deli and butcher shop, GIANT adopted the supermarket concept in the late 1930s and early 1940s. I love that fact that your application is easy to understand and that your stores are always neat and reliable .
In a recent move that has many left-leaning bloggers sighing loudly, McDonald’s and Visa have teamed up to produce a budgeting tool for the fast food giant’s many low-wage employees. The sample chart on McDonald’s website is “intended to provide a general outline of what an individual budget may look like,” Director of Media Relations Danya Proud told the HuffPo in a statement. Furthermore, after taking a closer look at some of the figures included in the above graphic, it’s actually not that unreasonable.
Sure, $20 per month for health care does sound a little low (even McDonald’s employees pay roughly $14 per week).
Nevertheless, low-wage gigs are manageable if one has reasonable budgeting habits — and that’s exactly what McDonald’s and Visa are trying to encourage.

New features included a motorized checkout, 100-car parking lot and self-defrosting frozen food cases.
Lower-level management often starts out making hourly pay but typically works up into full-time, salary-yielding job titles. Applicants looking for work in customer service typically need no real employment experience, while candidates for specific, departmental and managerial positions may need to stand 18 or older and possess relevant skills. Applicants must meet the minimum hiring age of 16 in order to work for the grocery store chain. Managerial workers hire and train entry-level employees, delegate daily jobs, drive sales, and ensure storewide customer satisfaction. The program covers company policies, team leader techniques, and administrative duties necessary to the job. Job hopefuls should list any related experience when filling out application forms and cite specific reasons for choosing the supermarket over other career opportunities during face-to-face meetings. Workers may receive phone calls to schedule interviews within a day or two after formally submitting the necessary employment forms, or wait as much as two or three weeks for a manager to reach out regarding the position in question. In addition to competitive pay scales, training programs, and options for flexible scheduling, GIANT Food Stores work benefits feature future saving plans like 401(k) retirement plans and employee stock purchase plans.
The grocery retailer technically operates under two sister brands: GIANT-Carlisle and GIANT-Landover. For an uninsured person to independently buy health care, he or she must shell out on average $215 a month — just for an individual plan.
It is merely giving a sample budget for someone who earns that amount of money,” Business Insider notes.
It is simply providing a budgeting tool for households where one individual works multiple jobs or two individuals are employed — which is totally useful and reasonable,” the article adds. Then again, in certain areas such New York City, low-wage workers may be eligible for taxpayer-subsidized health care. Six-hundred dollars per month for rent is about the going rate and $0 for heating during the summer makes sense. Workers typically need no formal job history; however, applicants should prove excellent communicators able to work well with others on a regular basis. Each location requires diligent managerial staff to maintain operations, order supplies, and supervise entry-level workers. Additional hiring requirements generally involve desired personality traits, such as friendly, outgoing, and positive attitudes and consistent work ethics. Motivated workers may take advantage of available paid training programs and career development paths designed to prep entry-level associates for long-term employment in managerial or supervisory roles. Specific job responsibilities vary by department but generally involve packaging products, arranging merchandise on shelves and displays, and preparing selected items for customer purchase.
Previous supervisory experience in a retail or grocery store atmosphere may help prospective managers during the hiring process.
In addition to paid training, GIANT Food managers also earn several rewards and job benefits. Researching the company prior to submitting hiring forms may streamline the process and make interactions with managers less stressful and more productive. In either case, workers may call, visit, or email GIANT Food Stores to speak with managers directly and ask about any additional steps in the hiring process before hearing back from the store.

Qualified associates also receive medical, dental, and vision coverage, tuition reimbursement, and potential scholarship assistance.
Both sit as subsidiary companies of Dutch proprietor Royal Ahold, with company headquarters located overseas in Amsterdam, Netherlands. While some full-time McDonald’s workers do qualify for the company’s $14 a week health plan, that offer caps coverage at $10,000 a year and is often insufficient,” the site reads. Entry-level jobs with the chain generally feature part-time hours, or roughly 15 to 30 hours per week. Contact the grocery store chain, either locally or online, to procure information on available employment opportunities and begin the hiring process. In addition to regularly scheduled pay increases, GIANT employees take advantage of an internal job posting process helping current store associates advance into more prominent positions within the company.
Job seekers working in a current position with GIANT may earn the best chance towards a career in management with the company. To start, salary options for managers rest anywhere between $42,000 and $65,000 a year, depending on job title and experience. Candidates able to express ideas clearly and mention precise details about positions of interest and company culture may receive preferential treatment over other workers. Making a simple phone call or sending an email may bump an individual into higher contention and result in further review.
GIANT also extends paid vacation to workers, although employees must typically work full-time in order to receive paid time off. GIANT regularly hires individuals based on availability, as well as reliability of transportation to and from work.
Job responsibilities range from scanning merchandise and coupons to completing transactions on computerized POS systems and answering questions about products, policies, and services. In addition to competitive pay and access to professional development opportunities, GIANT provides discounts on products to employees upon completing the hiring process.
Prospective GIANT grocery clerks must comply with the minimum hiring age of 16 to gain employment consideration.
Professional requirements demanded from management candidates include excellent interpersonal skills, strong work ethics, and proven multitasking abilities.
In addition to pay, GIANT managers gain access to generous employment benefits like comprehensive healthcare coverage, including vision and dental plans and general medical insurance.
Martin’s Food Markets, another regional grocery store chain, falls under Royal Ahold control, as well.
No other formal requirements exist for entry-level grocery clerk jobs, although previous retail experience may help applicants during the hiring process.
Successful GIANT candidates should possess the desire to serve others and the ability to work flexible hours as needed, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.

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