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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As noted on New York magazine’s Grub Street food blog today, the legendary Latino food vendors from the Red Hook ballfields will be setting up a satellite location at ze Flea. We are grateful to Cesar and the Red Hook vendors for sharing their papusa prowess with our little mercado.
On an unrelated note, props to Cool Hunting for doing a day-long feature on some of our hippest vendors. Aside from the house specialty, the rest of the menu is limited, but options include traditional Salvadoran snacks like chicken and corn tamales as well as a Yuca Frita con Fritada with pig head in sauce. Pupusas are made with masa and come hand formed into thick patties with fillings stuffed inside.

Crucial to any plate of pupusas is curtido, a lightly fermented cabbage slaw usually made with red chilies and vinegar. There simply aren’t enough exclamation points or emoticons of euphoria to express our elation at this development, which Senor Flea has been cultivating over the last few months. Common throughout Central America, it's most popular on pupusas and can take them from okay to tasty.
Your donation will help cover monthly site maintenance costs to keep us providing you delicious recipes! Traditional options include pork (usually chicharron ground down to mush), cheese, and refried beans—all of which are available here. While the city has a few places serving them, most of these are on the West Side and they seem to come and go pretty quick.

The little pieces of pork head had similar texture to lengua, but it was kind of lost with the cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, salsa, and everything else in it.
El Excelente, I was told, has been open for about five months and, judging from others reviews upon investigation, they've had a pretty positive following. I found the scrambie and beans and cheese ones better, since the plain pork was just a little too dry.

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