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Fertilizers are materials, either natural or manufactured, containing essential nutrients for the normal growth and development of plants. Bio fertilizers are being studied as an alternative source of fertilizers which fall in the organic category, due to their components and the very accessible price.
Though fertilizers may be beneficial to the plants, they are not always as healthy for the rest of the environment. In the autumn of 1952, I began to notice that agricultural science was heading in the wrong direction; that its aims were only concerned with the external appearance of the product and the quantity of the harvest, and not with the essence of agriculture -- that of health and life. By February of 1959, I was firmly convinced that, over time (anywhere from 10 to 20 years), the continual use of agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers in modern farming technology leads to an increase in such diseases as cancer, leukemia, stomach ulcers, liver disorders, kidney and endocrine problems, rheumatism, and other metabolic disorders, especially in people residing in rural areas. At present, we have established a thirty-year history of utilizing these techniques while growing vegetables. I will now explain the techniques, as well as our experiences, in utilizing organic farming, keeping in mind that due to the complex system of Nature, we have to refine our techniques from time to time in accordance with its fluctuations. Plants are pulled up, dried, and then burned at high temperatures in order to make ashes from the plants. Spreading chemical fertilizer on the ground places the soil physically, chemically, and biologically at a disadvantage for growing plants. Agricultural chemicals are used to prevent plants from being destroyed by harmful insects and plant disease. It is important to remember that all life on earth is dependent on the water cycle; that is, the rain that falls from the sky and flows onto and into the earth and eventually into the sea and rivers. There is yet another cycle which, similar to the two cycles mentioned above, all forms of life cannot survive without. Protein, fatty substances, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, and other complex organic matter produced by the soil's ecological system, as well as inorganic substances found in both the water and the earth, are necessary foods for plants from which, as the next illustration shows, complex organic matter is composed.
If you were to dig through leaves fallen in the mountains, you would find at the bottom a dry, black soil-like substance mixed with small roots. We have been ignoring the reality that humankind can only continue to inhabit this earth as a contributing member of the ecological system, living in harmony with other living entities through the graces of Mother Nature.
Chemical-free organic agriculture is based on the idea of humankind living through Nature in harmony with the other members of the ecological system.
Up until this point, I have been discussing the theory and practical techniques of using chemical-free organic fertilizer for agriculture. It goes without saying that we must take the steps necessary to exercise strict control over the use of agricultural chemicals, as well as the soot and smog (C02 sulfur, and nitrogen compounds, etc.) released by factories.
It is lamentable that farm land in the major agricultural countries of the world, United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries, has lost its power of fertility and has undergone large scale destertification.
In view of all this, people of the world must cooperate in scaling down industry and, at the same time, take action to promote an agricultural industry that is chemical-free and relies on the use of organic fertilizer. Recently, many scholars and well-meaning people have sent out warnings to the effect that, due to the massive destruction of our environment, we are on the verge of the total destruction of humankind. The Jiko-kai, located in Nara Prefecture, Japan, was founded in 1970 and given authorization in 1972. Subclinical reactivation of diatomaceous earth (keisoudo) the main component of soil, vegetable garden, fertilizer line of organic soil conditioner for crop extension, professional it is.
Ended up using in the garden and balcony planter soil?Reborn's great organic soil conditioner to reuse several times Saturday.Mix planters sat longer, just give the water will help revitalize the soil with driving the growth boiled. Reborn only in dosage to horticulture, garden soil, given activity in the soil, helps promote the growth of boiled.
Reborn native fell promotes boiled with mineral-fermentation bacteria growth, harvesting effect, such as easy-to-grow can be used as supplementary material to garden pesticides.
On the pore diatomaceous earth-organic fertilizers have line of effect, various fermentation bacteria and minerals grow unrealized, good seedlings.Plant fiber contained in lightweight so easy farming on the rich back in the water have a good soft soil. Original sat 10 liters (70 cm x 20 cm x planter depth 20 cm) to for added this product 1 bag, please well mix.Stock origin and furrow, hole fertilizer dosage but effective. In the soil after the addition of this product please be sure watering.Product added 3 days after transplanting, seeding and is effective.
Three plant nutrients that have to be applied in large quantities are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
The term itself is pretty self-explanatory; a bio fertilizer is is used to increase the fertility of the soil, and is composed of biological waste (do not contain chemicals).
The addition of nitrogen and Phosphorus sediment, sand or silt negatively infects fish and their habitat in a number of ways, including, but not limited to: - Reduction in visibility, making it difficult for fish to locate and capture prey. Consequently, I began to research ways of returning agriculture to this essence of health and life.
These chemicals also cause various mental disorders, such as depression, indirectly contributing to traffic accidents, suicide, and fitful and insane crimes, which are committed due to trivial or unknown motives. Then nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is extracted by resolving the ashes using acid, alkali, and other chemicals.
They do not have the power of resistance to agricultural chemicals that the herbivorous insects have and are completely destroyed by the chemicals. It is reported that the less potent organic phosphorous chemicals break down soon after intake and do not chronically poison human beings.
Overscattering will only make the cakes turn black and muddy attracting harmful insects and cause plant disease.
The sun's energy transforms this water to steam that, upon evaporating, forms the clouds in the sky. The energy from the sun provides them with the power to synthesize providing animal life with organic substances.
They continue to exist through the intake of organic matter directly from plant life, as well as indirectly through their carnivorous diet.
However, if the ecological cycle is cut at any point, the earth will loose its fertility and turn to desert. In order to do so, 50% of the compost must consist of vegetation such as straw, dry weeds, fallen leaves, and sawdust (not from imported lumber). Thus, it is important to give the compost time to ripen in the soil before the season when harmful insects are most prevalent begins; from the end of August until the beginning of October. Plant damage due to disease and harmful insects are a sign to you of the existence of cultivation problems and that the harvested crop is not suitable for human consumption. Though the plant will germinate even if the compost is slightly raw, the roots of the plant, however, will rot soon after. Be sure to give this particular plant plenty of compost in the beginning and add additional fertilizer afterward. First sprinkle lime onto the field and then let it sit for about two weeks before plowing the field. Today we live in a modern civilization that has led us to believe that we are free to pursue happiness through the conquest, killing, and plundering of all other living entities. It is based on a concept that we are recipients of food as opposed to a people plundering for food; a concept based on our being the recipients of life without having to kill for life.
Lime, though, on the other hand, makes the soil hard and disrupts the mineral balance in the soil.
With this in mind, every national government (working with and through local government bodies) must take the initiative to turn all kinds of kitchen refuse into compost and reduce it into the soil.
In deep prayer, we at the Jiko-kai hope that organic farming techniques not relying on chemicals, will spread throughout the world. His professional interests include researching the practicality of organic agriculture in modern society. Effect of minerals with reborn, fermentation bacteria affects extended flowering period of the harvest.Flowering and is effective as a fertilizer before harvest as stock origin and furrow, hole fertilizer dosage even.

Leafy vegetable growth and harvest extension, tomato and eggplant as early as may effect flower power, with fruit and root increased. Organic fertilizers naturally contain all of the required nutrients for healthy plants, without the danger of chemical burns. At the same time, I began conducting research on the effects agricultural chemicals have on people by observing patients, in particular farmers with lesions. I also petitioned the Japanese government to immediately ban the use of agricultural chemicals with a high toxicity level, and to prohibit the use of weaker agricultural chemicals within five years. The 4,000 households that comprise the membership of the Jiko-kai are satisfied with the products we supply them with; in particular the superior taste, aroma, and excellent preservation of our crops. From this, it is deducted, it is possible to create a chemical fertilizer which can be used to grow plants. Consequently, through the use of pesticides, human beings are able to realize a 100% crop yield for a short period of time. Over a period of time, the continued use of these chemicals results in an increase in the number and variety of harmful insects (as they grow stronger than the chemicals used to destroy them), and a decrease in the number of insects useful and necessary to agriculture. Over time, though, the soil will gradually weaken and, within ten to twenty years, the land will become barren and wasted. If, at some point, this cycle were to be cut off, it would result in drought sending all life to perish.
In order for the compost to receive proper ventilation, it must be turned over several times during these six months.
We cannot emphasize enough the importance of making sure that, first, the compost used is fully ripened and, second, that it is applied to the fields during the time when leaves fall in your country. If you are completely sure that you did not use chemical fertilizer or weed killers, you know immediately that the problem lies in your compost not being fully ripened.
Chicken manure, even if completely dried, must never be used on plants when the temperature is at its peak (between May and the end of October in Japan).
It is a good idea to vary the lime substance every year (CaMg (CO3)2, calcium silicate, calcium carbonate, etc.).
We, too, are now in a position of meeting our own demise through the pollution and nuclear weapons that we have created. Human beings can only receive life and continue to exist on this planet, in this universe, through the graces of the Sun, the Earth, and the entire ecological system. Nevertheless, over the last ten years, and in particular the past five years, various abnormal phenomena have forced us to make adjustments in the way we farm organically. This has come about by the increasing reliance on agricultural chemicals over the past thirty-five years. On this occasion, though, I would like to limit my discussion to only that which concerns agriculture. To circumvent this problem, it is necessary that we apply more fully ripened, aerobic compost to the soil.
It is also necessary to have growing at all times plants with strong resistance power, such as scallions and green onions in case of emergencies. Unless we take swift action and change to organic agricultural techniques to restore the power of fertility to the soil, we will eventually suffer global famine. At the same time, we hope to awaken people to the necessity of giving Mother Nature the reverence due to her in order for us to live in harmony with each other, while respecting all non-human life including plants and animals (in other words, the entire ecological system). Organic fertilizers break down slower than chemical fertilizers, so it is recommended that they be applied two to three months before planting to optimize the nutrients. These fertilizers also contain a wider range of nutrients, especially micronutrients, which are very beneficial for the growth of the plants and for the health of those consuming the plant. These nitrates can be leached into the groundwater or be washed out of the soil surface into streams and rivers. I also requested the government to research at a national level the potential use of traditional organic agricultural practices and, in the process, to re-examine modern agricultural techniques. Also, the soil looses its ability to hold warmth and water when these fertilizers are used. However, as harmful insects are herbivorous, not only do they have the strongest power of adaptability among living entities, but also the strongest life-sustaining ability as well. Also, the plants grown on such soil are liable to be afflicted with disease and harmful insects. In Egypt and the Middle East, for example, too much cattle raising contributed greatly to the interruption of the cycle at the plant level.
Anaerobic compost, on the other hand, is what would result if you were to store your kitchen garbage for a few days. When you feed a plant anaerobic compost, plants grow rapidly in the beginning but, over time, they eventually succumb to harmful insects. The best time to distribute the compost is during the time leaves fall from the trees in your country. This may be due to your plowing too large a quantity of fresh weeds into the soil (If the ground contains too many weeds, you may have to cut them down and leave them be for a month or so in order for them to wither completely.) The presence of harmful insects should act as a warning to us and should not be looked upon as our enemy. Be sure not to allow weeds to grow during the breeding months of harmful insects (from the end of August to the beginning of October) as such insects like to inhabit the weeds.
Also, weeds, particularly those from uncultivated land, are very useful in providing minerals to the soil when used in compost. If the land is not suitable, fruit trees will be damaged by not only harmful insects, but also (even more so) by disease.
While these phenomena have further encouraged us on the importance of giving the soil fully ripened, aerobic compost, the following additional points must be considered as well. It is also important to apply both organic lime (for example, sea shells) along with non-organic lime to clay soil rather than sandy soil. This also means living a moderate life while realizing the importance of the subsistent goods needed for our survival. It is the enhanced absorption of certain minerals, such as, Fe, Mn, and Mg that make the crops, especially lettuce, grow significantly, even a 20-30% increase in size and crop yield may be achieved.
This leads to high nitrate levels in drinking water, considered to be dangerous for humans. During this time, the Kenko o Mamoru Kai (Association of Health Protection), the predecessor of the present Zaidanhojin Jiko-kai (Foundation of Merciful Light), began making a comprehensive study of complete chemical-free organic agriculture while cooperating with farmers associated with the organization. First, proponents of this artificial fertilizer fail to consider the reality of life in their thinking; that the fertilizer acts as one in unity with the other members of the ecological system above and below the ground.
Chemically, these fertilizers cause the soil to turn acid as it looses many of the essential elements it needs for producing plant life. Thus over the long term (three to five years), they acquire the power to resist the chemicals. Stronger chemicals are employed in greater frequency and quantity to rid the crops of these harmful insects. Farmers applying such chemicals to their crops soon feel their affects and become unhealthy, fall into depression (as these chemicals act on their brain) and loose their desire to work. More recently, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals have caused disruption at the level of the soil's ecological system. Also, crops harvested from plants raised with anaerobic compost will loose their natural taste.
Before we use to thrust a bundle of bamboo into the compost in order to allow air to circulate through.
As the plant is weak, precautions must be taken to ensure that the compost is aerobic and ripe in the beginning. Or, another technique is to scatter oil cake and compost separately over the soil more than one meter in distance from the plant.

We also have to apply extra compost and lime to compensate for Japan's igneous rocky, acidic soil.
In the dry months of July and August, though, it is not necessary, nor desirable, to pull the weeds out completely. Other organic farmers in the colder districts of Japan are trying to grow apples through organic agricultural techniques. Some crops might have to be raised in green houses or under plastic coverings for protection.
Moreover, bio fertilizers are ready to use live formulates of such beneficial microorganisms which, when applied to seed, root or soil, mobilizes the availability of nutrients by their biological activity in particular, and help build up the micro-flora and in turn the soil health in general. In addition, commercial chemical fertilizers have the advantage of being predictable and more reliable to their outcomes. Our research has focused on the possibility of utilizing chemical-free organic agriculture in the present insect ecological system; a system that has become abnormal due to the excessive use of agricultural chemicals. And second, they rely on the unnatural conditions and elements of artificially high temperatures, acid, alkali, and other chemicals in creating this fertilizer. This drains the farmer of the energy needed to make organic compost forcing them to turn to easily applied chemical fertilizers. It acts as nutrition for countless numbers of small animals such as bacteria, water weeds, ticks, and earthworms (the soil's ecological system).
This is especially evident, but by no means limited to, the situation found in the United States. Compost that is not fully ripened, even if it is aerobic, will turn anaerobic in the soil due to insufficient ventilation. Likewise, for tomatoes, it is good to give the soil fertilizer only after the first vegetation begins to grow.
Lime generally hardens the soil but, when used with compost, it actually acts to soften the soil. Though it is possible to grow apples without having to rely on pesticides, they have found it necessary to add a solution of Carbon Bordeaux two or three times annually to the fruit. Applying organic compost or well-aged herbivore manure adds nutrient-rich organic material to the soil, improving quality and texture.
One example of a bio fertilizer, which is yielding very promising results, is Azotobacter, a fertilizer that develops the growth of plants in a healthy and ecologically friendly way. Commercial chemical fertilizers contain a balanced distribution of the three main essential nutrients needed for optimum plant growth: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.
We have also been researching organic agriculture in terms of economy, labor, the product yield, as well as product quality. Thus, the general principle of chemical fertilizer, replacing the natural with the artificial, is in theory, defective.
Biologically, chemical fertilizers destroy many of the essential living elements (such as bacteria, mold, algae, earthworms, and ticks, in other words, the ecological system) that are necessary for the existence and growth of plant life.
This adversely affects the functioning of our internal organs (autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, sense organs, etc.), and eventually (within ten to thirty years), the chemicals act to destroy all systems of the human body.
The disruption of the ecological cycle has brought about a crisis as, what was once rich green farmland, has been turned into a vast desert. These microbes can be classified into two types -- those that allow ventilation to pass through and those that block ventilation. As a rule, it is important to give additional compost to fruits and other fruit vegetables.
Adding organic material to the soil increases its ability to hold water, reduces erosion from water and wind, decreases compaction and crusting of the soil, and raises the soil's pH.
It fixates the atmospheric Nitrogen (78%), and it is applied on the roots and the soil, providing a more biological soil as well as the needed nutrients, along with Nitrogen, essential for the growth of lettuces and other plants. Many formulas also contain Iron, Sulfur and Copper, which are necessary, but only in small amounts. Phosphorus can therefore be washed into surface water together with the soil that is being eroded.
This is substantiated by the increase in various diseases and crime as mentioned in the forward of this paper.
In Japan, thanks to abundant rain and numerous wild weeds, we have not yet experienced this problem.
These farmers, though, would like to be able to farm without using this solution and are trying to cultivate a soil desirable for such farming.
Furthermore, Azotobacter, in combination with the lowest rate of mineral-N reduces NO3 content in lettuce leaves, which can be otherwise dangerous to human beings if absorbed in significant proportions.
The amount of the three main ingredients are listed in that order, by percentage, on commercial fertilizer labels as the NPK ratio.
Phosphorus is not considered to be dangerous, but it stimulates the growth of algae in slow moving water.
Compost made from aerobic microbes is aerobic and compost created from anaerobic microbes is anaerobic. For fruits, it is best to do this at least once a month during the summer and autumn months (especially around the roots of the trees). However, as the apple is a fruit that originated in central Asia, it may not be compatible with the igneous soil and monsoon climate of Japan.
Therefore, Bio fertilizers are getting more space within the agricultural business since more ecologic preservation notion has been spread, and everybody wants to get the most out of their crops by having a lower net harm to humans and the environment.
Commercial formulated fertilizers allow you to know exactly which nutrients you're giving your plants, rather than guessing at the composition of organic formulas.
These algae eventually die and decompose, removing the oxygen from the water causing aquatic habitat destruction. We are aware that people who feed on instant foods (those foods which, often through chemical processing, are able to be cooked quickly), as opposed to natural foods, are prone to sickness. Compost made from fallen leaves in the mountains, being aerobic in nature and breeding aerobic microbes, is the compost desirable for organic farming.
Weed killer must not be used to clear weeds as it kills the soil thus working against the principles of organic farming. Many natural fertilizers, such as manure, seaweed or fish oil, are quite smelly and are too offensive to use on indoor plants.
Plants grown from chemical fertilizers, too, are weakened and afflicted in a similar way by blight and harmful insects. The damp kitchen garbage, due to it being anaerobic, does not allow ventilation to pass thus breeding anaerobic microbes producing a foul-smelling, sticky compost. Gathering natural materials, such as seaweed, grass clippings and leaves to add to the compost pile is labor-intensive and time-consuming.
Organic materials break down at different rates, so the composition and content of organic fertilizer is never consistent. It is a misconception to believe that just because a fertilizer is organic, it is automatically safer. Also, chemical fertilizers risk the death of plants as they can build up in the soil, causing long-term imbalances in soil pH and fertility, as an excess of some nutrients can disrupt pH levels and lead to toxic accumulations of salts and other harmful elements. Organic fertilizer, if applied incorrectly, can contribute to surface and groundwater contamination, create a nutritional imbalance in the soil, and cause salt burns.

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