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Next cut off the outer shell of the pineapple including the top and bottom; this will leave the core intact. Now prepare about 2 of each of the following skewers and evenly space them by inserting the skewers in the foam floral sphere.
Now prepare about 5 of each of the following skewers and evenly space them by inserting the skewers in the foam floral sphere. Enter your email address to subscribe to Andicakes and receive notifications of new recipes.
I work with quite a few ladies in our office, and have seen many a flower arrangement delivered come through our doors, but this is absolutely the first time I’ve ever seen one of these Edible Arrangements. Diner AC was the lucky girl recipient, with her boyfriend now officially nominated as the “BEST BOYFRIEND IN THE WORLD”!
What I especially appreciate about this, being the practical-thinking guy that I am, is that not only is it pretty to look at, but you can also eat it! Diner AC was so kind to share this with us, and I must note, the strawberries, pineapple and grapes selected for this were in prime condition, perfectly ripe, sweet, juicy and delicious. It was actually a little too pretty to eat, and we were all kinda’ reluctant to start picking at it.

The first thing I thought when looking at it was that I’d love to throw that all in a blender and make a smoothie!
Someone in our office reminded Diner AC to make sure she keeps it watered so the fruits don’t die.
The first time I tried a pineapple from one of their arrangements, I expected it to be sour and kind of dry, since we’re on the mainland.
For several years, my husband also bought their gift boxes of chocolate dipped strawberries for special business clients and hand-delivered them. The arrangements are pretty pricey so they’re probably not an everyday type of gift for most people.
A woman at work got a gift from EA, and I have to say, it didn’t look as pretty as the one in your picture. Debbie-chan, I was really impressed with the quality of the fruits on this particular EA bouquet (can we call it that?). Erica, you know what’s ironic is, as soon as I posted this, it seems suddenly they started advertising on TV. RobynT, the fruits chosen for this particular arrangement were all cosmetically FLAWLESS, cold, fresh and so sweet!

A low profile container works best since the lower center of gravity will aid against the top weight of the fruit.
Another thought was to dust Li Hing powder over the whole thing, as you know me how I like to doctor stuff up. Then, the next time a special occasion rolls around the corner, like say your birthday, an anniversary or Valentine’s Day next February, put this posting up (or at least just the photo of the Edible Arrangement), then put the monitor to sleep. Using a small melon baller, scoop as many melon balls out of each cantaloupe half and set aside. Another idea I thought of, is that they should deliver this included with a bowl of chocolate that you pop in the microwave oven to melt, then use to dip the strawberries in.
Also notice there’s heart on this side of the pot, which was actually the front of the arrangment.

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