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Remember, if you are buying non-organic just make sure that you are not purchasing genetically modified produce. Genetically modified organisms (Gmos) are foods that are derived from organisms whose genetic material has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally, e.g. I hate to bother you about it, but if you could please provide yours i would greatly appreciate it.
I would just like to know if you were to buy some non organic items to keep cost’s down how you would know whether the vegetables are gmos or not? Hi, I have plenty nutritious vegetables including beet greens, kale and fresh spinach, carrots etc.
Disclaimer: The Sweeter the Juice, LLC or Nicole Graves Is Not Acting As A Physician, Dietician, Or Mental Health Professional Therapist. Ongoing research has tried to determine the effects these may cause or what they may do to our bodies once consumed.
A recent study did find that organic crops have more nutritional benefits than conventionally managed crops. It’s hard to deny that organic is generally more expensive, but this is because organic crops are not subsidized. It is a fact that vegetables are a key component to a healthy diet, but that isn't the question up for debate. One of the biggest reasons people purchase organic produce is due to conventional grower's use of pesticides on their crops.
One of the main reasons organic produce is not purchased as often as conventional is due to their increased cost.
Genetically modified organisms, also referred to as GMOs, are becoming a common practice in the United States. Like I said, juicing all organic is what we should strive for, but let’s face it everyone can’t do organic all time. You can use a homemade produce cleaner using lemon, vinegar, and salt (I posted a recipe in the FAQs section of the blog).
Yes, you will lose some key nutrients by removing the skin, but you are not losing everything.

In the case of cancer, many studies state that consuming fruits and vegetables, whether organic or not, is more beneficial than not eating any at all. Conventional crops typically have contact with high levels of synthetic nitrogen, which causes more sugar and starch production. Apples are high in fiber and have nutrients in their skin that are beneficial to our health.
The skin on peaches are nutritious, but are also doused with chemicals to prolong the life of the fruit. There is discussion if we should be purchasing organic versus non-organic, also known as conventional, vegetables. The main reason pesticides are used is to protect crops from insects, mold or even disease. Much of the cost added is due to the organic certification which is costly to acquire, but also the various farming practices that take place with organic produce. Her nutrition articles and recipes have been featured in "Today's Dietitian" as well as the Canadian magazine "Glow". An added bonus about juicing is that a lot of the pesticides are stored in the fiber of the fruits and veggies.
The Dirty Dozen is a list of produce that you are STRONGLY encouraged to buy organic whenever possible because they are sprayed with several pesticides. This results in a lower concentration of nutrients, including antioxidants, in conventional crops. The $2 difference adds up at the end of the grocery bill, but there may be some foods that should still be purchased organic as much as possible.
Another recommendation is to peel the outermost layers of food like lettuce, as they have likely been treated with the most chemicals. Although the answer is not yet clear on whether organic vegetables are more nutritious, we are understanding the main differences between organic versus non-organic. For a natural wash, combine equal parts of vinegar and water and soak or wash produce thoroughly. Remember that conventional vegetables can sometimes be treated with wax to give it a more appealing appearance.

Kristen combines her love of nutrition with cooking on her personal blog, Swanky Dietitian. Juicing any type of fruit or vegetable will provide your body with pure nutrients in a more easily absorbable form than you get from eating the produce alone. You can find the full list in my free eBook, Juicy Bits.  Conversely, you can buy non-organic from produce listed on the Clean 15 list. Would it be ok if I peel all the vegetables that are peel-able (not greens, obviously) and juice them with my Omega juicer?? Some may be familiar with the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen.” These are lists of foods that are generally higher in chemicals and those that are lower. With this being said, this is another fruit I’d recommend purchasing as organic if possible. It’s also very easy to see which foods have been treated more heavily based on their appearance. It is still important to remember to eat a variety of vegetables in your diet, regardless of their labeling. Consider purchasing organic for the produce that has found its way on the "dirty dozen" list of the most pesticide ridden produce. The development of pesticide and drought resistant seeds are just two of the ways that GMOs are being used.
If they look shiny or like they have a layer of wax on them, they have likely been heavily treated with chemicals!
Since this is a newer practice, more research is necessary to determine if there is a negative impact from consuming vegetables that contain GMOs. There are also fruit and vegetable washes available that may help to reduce contaminants on the skin. I’m over it now cuz I jumped on it quickly by drinking nutritious organic chicken broth, plenty of water, no sugar, and barley green powder along with Vit C!!

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