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We all know that the holidays are filled with lots of temptations and that eating healthy can sometimes be a daunting task. Christine OppenheimChef and Founder at Veggie FixationChristine Oppenheim is a natural foods chef, trained through Bauman College. You know, the completely artificial stuff they call “Cinnamon Rolls” that comes from a tube at the grocery store? Sadly, these babies are no Cinnabon replicas, but my taste-testers and I are really happy with the results!
If only someone had made me this recipe years ago when I used to eat at Cinnabon every time I went to the mall…  grrrr!!
If you’re up for a baking challenge, you can try increasing the Double-Acting Baking Powder to 1 tablespoon.
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Naughty or Nice: The ULTIMATE Healthy Dessert Cookbook is a collection of 70 delicious, good-for-you recipes.
DIY Protein Bars: Easy, Healthy, Homemade No-Bake Treats That Taste Like Dessert, But Just Happen To Be Packed With Protein is a collection of 48 ahhhmazing protein bar recipes! Located at Westfield UTC mall, this fresh grill and wine bar provides guests with a fresh dining experience, enabling them to celebrate living well.
Scope out the spread – If you’re at a holiday party, do a walk around the buffet table before starting to fill up your plate. Plan your eating for the day – If you know you’re going to be having an indulgent dinner, eat a lighter meal in the morning. Eat before you shop – Unless you do all of your shopping online, you’re likely to end up at the mall at least once during the holiday season. Residing in Santa Monica, CA, she offers vegan personal chef services, cooking instruction, and holistic wellness coaching.

I’ve made my own cinnamon rolls a few times, but they were always laced with lots of butter, sugar, and white flour.
The menu is inspired by the seasons and the fresh appeal of the farmers’ market—52 weeks a year. Designs supports balanced meals and helps parents swap sugary juices and other drinks for natural, fruit-flavored water.
But with a few simple tips, we can avoid the post holiday guilt (and bloat!) and stick to eating healthy through the season. While there, you’ll be tempted by samples of cakes, cookies and chocolates, the lure of lattes, and the scents of grease and stir fry. Christine prepares meals that are centered on whole grains and organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables, with a focus on utilizing alternative ingredients to convert classic recipes into versions that are compatible for restricted diets (i.e.
When I decided to start eating healthier, I thought I’d have to completely kill my cinnamon roll craving and never have them again. The two-piece set includes a three-section divider tray so that there is a place for all food groups. Start your meal with lighter fare like fresh veggies, fruit, and crisp greens so you’re starting to feel full before indulging on the heavier stuff.
Sometimes cravings are our body’s way of telling us that we are on the verge of dehydration, or that we need some comfort or distraction.
The chefs start with the freshest ingredients and use natural cooking techniques such as a wood-burning grill to enhance the flavors instead of high-calorie additives. For example, try roasting green beans with shallots, instead of making a creamy green bean casserole.
If you’re shopping between meals, bring healthy snacks like grapes, crackers or carrot sticks so that hunger doesn’t get the best of you. If you still feel hungry after drinking a glass or two of water, go for that snack, but there’s a good chance you were just thirsty, or maybe even bored.

She teaches people how to easily incorporate delicious, healthy, plant based foods into their diets and make simple lifestyle changes to increase energy, control weight, reduce stress and regulate digestion. This allows them to keep each menu item under 475 calories, while still maintaining great flavor.
The Infuser cup features a patented, removable infuser that holds the fresh fruit of your child's choice to flavor water naturally. You’ll eat less, experience flavors more and it will be easier on your digestion so you’ll feel less bloated and gassy after your meal.
Finally, plan your mall route so that you don’t pass by the food court or the Starbucks and you’ll be better able to fight any cravings by not allowing yourself to be tempted by them in the first place. Enjoy grilled jumbo shrimp penne pasta with lemon-basil sauce, spring asparagus and Dungeness crab salad, or my favorite vegetarian tasting with quinoa citrus salad, soft taco, chili relent, vegetables, cedar-roasted tofu and mango chutney.
The cup is made of super-strong, BPA-free Tritan plastic for years of use and features a spill-proof lid and retractable sipping spout. These little superfoods are loaded with antioxidants and minerals your body needs, and because they expand in your stomach, they’ll help curb your cravings and will leave you feeling full. With 15.5-ounces of capacity the Infuser Cup is a great way for kids to stay hydrated at home and on the go.
Made for fun, the tray and cup are decorated with your child's favorite Disney Princess graphics.

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