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About Vanessa RomeroVanessa Romero, founder of Healthy Living How To and Healthy Living With Essential Oils, is a healthy living enthusiast with a background in Personal Training, Metabolic Testing and Nutrition Coaching.
Anticipating mealtime battles now that the new USDA dietary guidelines suggest half our plates be filled with fruits and vegetables? For a young child, making faces with cut-up veggies may help get them from his plate to his mouth. When you're frustrated that your child won't try a veggie, it can be tempting to get mad or force her to clean her plate.
Don't overwhelm your child by offering an entire plate filled with foods he doesn't recognize or doesn't like.
If you've offered broccoli or spinach to your child several times and she's made a yucky face, don't give up. Missy Chase Lapine, author of The Sneaky Chef cookbooks, purees sweet potatoes and carrots, mixes them with plain yogurt and a little orange juice, then freezes them like Popsicles. The following lists highlight Non-Starchy Vegetables & Mildly Starchy Vegetables, which ones are the best for you, the foods they combine well with, and the foods that they DO NOT combine well with. As you fellow bloggers probably know, we get a lot of hits on our blogs from people searching for random stuff on Google. Contact me!Feel free to email me at happyorhungry [at] gmail [dot] com with any questions or feedback.
Kids should eat 3-5 servings per day, but a third of kids don't eat a single serving of vegetables on a given day. Put vegetables on a pedestal It's an odd fact that while vegetables are a healthy cornerstone of any diet, they are usually relegated to a back corner side dish. Search out new Recipes for Veggies Try stir-frying a mix of veggies with olive oil to give them an attractive presentation and a unique flavor. Let Them Dip 'EmServe a platter of raw veggies with dipping sauce such as ranch dressing, yogurt or hummus Kids often prefer raw vegetables over cooked, especially if they can dip.
Give Kids a ChoiceRoutinely serve two vegetables at dinner so that you double the chance your child will eat at least one.

Get SneakyWhile you are teaching your child about nutrition, go ahead and hide some vegetables within other recipes to up your child's daily quota. It's easy to add chopped spinach to hamburgers, pureed squash into macaroni and cheese, crushed cauliflower into mashed potatoes, or bits of carrots and broccoli into spaghetti sauce. Wahls encourages at least three cups of salad greens a day, “greens are rich in B vitamins, plus A, C, K and minerals. Her passion, is to help others achieve optimal health, through a wellness approach that encompasses living healthy in mind, body and spirit. Some kids don't like to mix foods -- especially messing with a food they think is already perfect.
Experts say forcing a child to eat something can cause them to avoid eating it, even as adults. Cut up carrots, broccoli, and bell peppers and make sure they're sitting out when you're making dinner.
It takes your body more energy to breakdown and digest fibrous foods (vegetables) than it does simple carbohydrates. So to counteract yesterday’s seriousness, I thought I would do my own version of this, only I am going to illustrate the random search terms that have somehow landed people on my blog. While interesting recipes appear for main dishes, the vegetables are often steamed or boiled in a routinely boring presentation.
When kids ask, "what's for dinner?" we name the meat and starch - "Chicken and rice" or "Steak and potatoes" and don't even mention the vegetables. June 17th is really Eat Your Vegetables Day! I love me a food holiday with no need to healthify (like we did for National Donut Day). Terry Wahls shares how she cured her secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis with a diet rich in vegetables.
Make sure you serve other familiar foods -- hopefully including at least a veggie he already likes. Mix up an avocado with plain yogurt and frozen bananas and strawberries for a creamy, healthy treat.

Peer pressure may work in a good way and your child may be more likely to try a new food if her buddy is bold enough to try it first. Besides hummus, find a healthy recipe for ranch dressing that substitutes plain, low-fat yogurt instead of mayo. If you're not a big vegetable fan, then have Grandma or the sitter take on the role of veggie booster.
Vitamin A and C support your immune cells, Vitamin K keeps your blood vessels and bones healthy and minerals are co-factors for hundreds of different enzymes in your body. Try setting up bowls of veggies for pizza night, taco night, or salad night, and let the family go wild.
That way you can encourage him to try the new food, but you'll both know he'll have something to eat if he isn't a fan.
It also brings out a vegetable's natural sweetness, so they don't taste as intense as they might when they're raw. Always have clean, cut-up veggies sitting up-front in the fridge where they're easy to see when your child is searching for food.
While I think it is universally accepted that vegetables are healthy what most don’t know is vegetables are medicinal as well. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.
The BEST veggies for you are the Non-Starchy types, they offer the most weight loss & health benefits, but all the vegetables are wonderful to include in your menu plan. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site.

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