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Drop your details below and every Wednesday we'll send you a personal email message designed to smash away your fears and move you towards a life of more travel.
PLUS, we'll send you a short audio, Get Travelling: a 5 step plan for turning your travel dreams into reality. It’s hard not to find a street corner with a row of carts lined up dishing up Thail meals like noodle soup, BBQ pork, fish cakes and delicious curries. Eating Thai street food in Bangkok is incredibly cheap, as is the street food in all of Thailand. Just look for the ad hoc stalls, the plastic tables and chairs, feast out on delicious food and wash it all down with a Singa beer. We lived a short walk from the outskirts of Chinatown and loved wandering down for our evening meal of Thai noodles with gravy.
Simlom Road is the only area on the list we have not experienced recently, although we did venture to this area of Bangkok whilst living in the city in 2002.
Being the central business district of Bangkok there are a lot of people, hungry people wanting a quick meal in between office hours. When we lived in Bangkok this street was known as Dog Shit Alley, because of the number of dogs that paraded up and down the rat-infested street. We were surprised Soi Rambuttri made the list as it seems such a small area, but Tim assures us the food there is known to be first class. We didn’t eat there this time, except for Kalyra who gorged herself on a cheap banana pancakes with chocolate – one of our fave 2am treats after a night in the Alley. Banglamphu is the area around the river, near the Golden Palace that comprises the backpacking travel area of Khao San Road and So Rambutrri.
If you want the really great Bangkok street food, then walk to the end of Khao San Road, turn right past the police station opposite the Wat and Soi Rambuttri and lining the streets will be many many street stalls and carts. We can absolutely affirm that this is a great place to eat the best street food in Bangkok.
There were only a few carts lining the street, we envisioned much more, and the selection didn’t seem all that great. We’ve been traveling consistently for 17 years and have come to rely on a few trusted websites that save us money and time when booking accommodation, flights and car rental. Apparently the best Pad Thai Goong (Shrimp Pad Thai) in the city is in a little hole-in-the-wall joint on Manachai Road. That was what our guide Tim said, Chinatown is known as having the best street food in Bangkok, and it’s hard to argue really, we’ve had some great dishes there! It was a bad idea reading this before breakfast where my only choices are apples and stale biscuits.
PS, not sure if I’ve ever said it but I love your writing, I could get lost in your site for ages. Beautiful Bangkok city is the capital of Thailand and it’s offer you fantastic tours. I agree – especially in Thailand (but in many other places too) street food is where it’s at! I read your blog all the time, I love you guys sharing stuff and even though we don’t know you, it feels like we do because we all have the same addiction.
To be honest when it comes to local food in Thailand, or most of S E Asia, street food wins every time.
Located off the southern tip of Malay Peninsula, Singapore is one in every of the new favorites for traveler all round the world. Khuan Ban Mai (????????????), the blessing of a new house, is regarded by Thai people as a very auspicious event.
Before the ceremony takes place, the host will ask for advice from monks or senior lay people to determine a suitable day for the ceremony.

When the ceremony is finished, food will be offered to the monks by the host followed by gift offerings.
As part of the ceremony, monks will sprinkle holy water on the host and guests and throughout the new house. A wide selection of food is prepared for the event and the choice of dishes is an important consideration. Khuan Ban Mai, the housewarming ceremony is a traditional part of Thai life that has been passed from generation to generation. Fried Rice, fried with shrimp paste and served with sweet pork, sour mango, fried shrimp, chillies and shallots. Yellow Curry, a Thai-Muslim dish which is mostly known in the West as "Thai yellow curry", made with chicken and potatoes or other meats and seafood. Tom Yum Soup, a hot and sour broth made from lemon grass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, dried chillies and lime juice, usually with prawns (Tom Yam Kung) or chicken (Tom Yam Kai). A bag of fish cakes will set you back 20 baht (less than a $1) and a noodle soup around 60 baht ($2). According to Jim Thompson, who took us on a walking tour of Yaowarat last year, Chinatown is the place where street food first began in Thailand over 200 years ago when Bangkok was the major trading hub of South East Asia. This was where we ate dinner most nights when we lived in Bangkok, we loved to feast on fish cakes and noodle soup.
We were excited to feast on this street as we had heard so much about it, but only felt disappointed upon arrival.
Mind you, we did have a very whiny 5-year-old at the time so probably were not really focused. This Pratu or gate was designated to be used as a passage for the dead from the inner city for crementary at the temple (Wat Saket- aka Golden Mountain Temple) outside the city wall. I only wish I had planned to spend more than three days there when I went back in December.
We have a forced one week stay in Bangkok right now and while most of our time is spent in our hotel room while I rest and recover we have been venturing out for our daily street food fix.
If you are planning a Bangkok tour and fun filled Bangkok packages an ultimate choice then Hungry Bags helps you to find and booking a beautiful bangkok tour or bangkok packages at very reasonable price. He just took our group of journalists as a favour to Thai tourism, it’s not a business he runs unfortunately! Unfortunatly I’m eating at Burger King because I know only a very few Thai dishes and cannot read the menu to see if those I do know are there.
Start with places where falangs usually go, (like these 5 places) They usually will have an English menu or at least one with pictures.
You can definitely pick up cheaper, but now you know what to look out for you’ll find the cheaper deals.
I have noticed though that some of the street food around touristy areas has gotten pricey, so it’s worth watching out for. During our last trip to Bangkok we stayed in a rental apartment and asked the guys downstairs where we could find good street food nearby.
Sure, many first time travellers have been told horror stories of unhygienic establishments and stomach upsets, but in my experience of visiting Bangkok sometimes there’s not much difference between a $3 meal and a $30 one! The underwater parks provide beautiful beauty that lies to a lower place the ocean and therefore the visit to the zoos will cause you to go wild once on Singapore Tour. My friends told me that you only get to know the country if you try their different street foods as you can see how their prepare and serve them, plus you get to explore the people’s true behavior when walking to their public places.
It celebrates the completion of a new home by bringing together friends and family and performing a Buddhist rite to encourage good fortune and prosperity for the new dwelling and its inhabitants. The host will usually invite an odd number of monks such as 5, 7 or 9 monks as odd numbers are regarded as a lucky.

The gift set usually contains a banana leaf cone holding flowers, candles, and joss sticks along with necessary everyday items (drinking water, soap, detergent, toothbrush, shampoo and comestibles such as biscuits or crackers). Desserts with significant names and meanings are chosen such as Foi Thong (sweet golden threads), Thong Yip (sweet golden flower), Thong Yod (sweet golden dew-drop-like ball) or even Kanom Chun (layered sweet meat). It is a ceremony combining Buddhist beliefs with social values and Thai customs and is a wonderful opportunity for family members to gather and enjoy the moment together increasing warmth and closeness in the family and with friends. Usually Thai people put some money in envelope and give to the host with the idea that hosts have to pay for many things to set up a housewarming ceremony, so it’s nice to help supporting them. It features spiciness, aroma and complex components devoted to the balance of taste with detailed and various cooking methods that gives you an extraodinary taste.
I keep teaching myself vegetarian in Thai then forgetting so saying no meat and doing crazy hand signals at least seems to amuse the locals.
Almost all street stalls are still in the 30-60 baht range, but I’ve noticed a few places along Sukhumvit Road that are charging 180-300 baht for those same dishes… on the street! They told us the street food is dangerous in Thailand and to only eat in Chinatown and there was no street food nearby.
Thanks for sharing the best places for eating street food in Bangkok, they will do a great help in case I plan to travel there in the future.
The food choices and quality was very good in the area,including the streets beside khao san rd I found the pad thai most delicious Aroi mak mak ?? I am fortunate to be married to a Thai woman,and get to try many thai dishes prepared by her.
The museums reflective history and therefore the flora and fauna provide you with the picturesque image of paradise recreated on earth.
When the Kids and I were in Bangkok recently, we went to the street market near On Nut BTS which was pretty lively.
I’ve tried their oyster omellette and that was really great plus some of their barbecue. Normally, the ceremony is held in the morning until noon and afterwards the monks gather together to bless the host and guests.
As well as these individual gifts for monks there is usually a sealed envelop which contains a donation to help support the temple. Vermicelli is a long mung bean noodle which is a traditional symbol of longevity and is served to promote the long life of the host, long like the noodle. In Thai, “Thong” means “golden” and desserts with this is in the name signify wealth and good life for one and all. Noodles are popular as well as a single dish, like the stir-fried phat thai or in the form of a noodle soup, which are usually made from either rice flour, wheat flour or mung bean flour and include six main types.
There was a lot of variety and I found the Chinese influence on Thai food very interesting and yummy. If you really love a particular dish, write down the name of it and perhaps get someone to write it in Thai. We explained we are not typical western tourists but they refused to offer a suggestion other than the Thai-Italian restaurant next door. Lucky I ended up with amazing grilled organic mushies – that’ll teach her for making fun of vegos! Then when you go to a street cart, you can show them that and they should be able to sort that dish out for you.
Instead we walked outside, followed our nose, and found a family grilling up great meats just a half block away, with fantastic soups and ice cold beer.
Girl, quite rightly, refused to let Boy anywhere near Pizza Hut but I wish we had known about this list before.

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