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Stress decreases when people have a strong community around them - where they feel safe, are cared for, and care for others. Growing vegetables is accomplished in many ways, and much of it is done with unhealthy soil, chemicals or is genetically modified. Make a list of what you want to grow in your garden, and we will help you learn how to grow vegetables, and, when to plant vegetables.
Draw out your desired garden planting plan on paper - find out each vegetable's needs for spacing, sunlight, shade and water. If you are growing vegetables for the first time, ensure that you do not overextend yourself by planting too large a garden.
If you have already been growing vegetables for a while, or want to become more serious about your crop production, you can begin to add tools and equipment that will provide efficiency and time-saving. If that’s you, then follow my suggestions because I’ve put together a list of Easy Vegetable that Anyone Can Grow. For that reason, I like to use the transplants because I have greater chance of a larger crop.
Even with the threat of insects, zucchini is still very easy to grow and doesn’t require a lot emotional investment. If you use transplants you will have a healthy crop to enjoy.
Check daily for insects like aphids and the evil tomato horn worm –  will devour your entire plant in a day. Writer Fritz Haeg’s “Edible Estates Attack on the Front Lawn” intrigues me, with its idea of replacing “useless” front yard landscaping with edible vegetation.
It’s been a year since I wrote  my last post about container gardening and about my very own container garden.
Spinach -next to radish,  spinach are really fast growers and easy to plant requiring little caring. Green Pak choi – I do not have other photo from my pak choi aside from this one because I was too eager that we cooked and ate the first batch forgetting to take photos before. Mustard greens or ‘mustasa’ as we call it in the Philippines, surprisingly likes it in Germany as well, who would have thought!
Chinese Kale – I also got the seeds from the Philippines but they easily grew here when I planted them with minimal care requirements at all.
Rosemary – I had a robust rosemary last year but sadly it did not survive past spring this year, but that could be because I neglected to water it after the snow was gone.

Here are plants that I planted from seeds but germinated and grown into seedlings indoors while the weather was still too cold and later transferred to the planter box when it was warm enough: bush tomatoes, bell peppers and chili peppers.
I am also trying to grow other vegetables at the moment and hopefully they will also be successful like the ones above, so we will see…will keep you posted!
Last year I was lucky to have three healthy tomato bushes that gave us abundant fruits all summer and lasted until early fall. Carrots, zucchini, squash, cauliflower, and broccoli:  Go for it!  I haven’t mastered them in the pots, so I’m saving these for later. Avoid tomatoes and peppers, these are hot climate and sensitive to weather changes, unless you have access to a greenhouse. This site uses affiliate links and receives a small percentage from the sale of items at no additional cost to you. We share recommendations of products, services, or brands and are not being compensated unless explicitly stated. Spring has finally sprung and we couldn’t think of a better time to start planting some veggies! Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Essential nutrients that prevent disease and aid in maintaining a healthy immune system are found primarily in vegetables. If you’ve never planted a vegetable garden then there are a few things you need to do to prepare.
It’s also recommended that you spread the plants out in your garden, that way the insects won’t attack all of the plants at once.
If you allow the tomato to turn bright red, every bug, bird, and squirrel will accept this invitation to dine on fresh, ripe tomatoes. Haeg gave me his top 10 list of aesthetically pleasing plants: Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, artichokes, chives, rhubarb, fennel, sage, grape vines, onions, and corn. They were also planted from a pack of seeds I bought when I was in the Philippines last January and they grew up so fast.
This parsley was actually what was left from a potted plant I bought in our local supermarket. I saute some onions and chop some kale up, throw it in my cast iron pan with some spice.   Then you can go crazy with some other veggies, and you have yourself a delightful meal.

Our purpose is to encourage our community, whether local or online, to share our passion for healthy living. Both grow well from seeds, but Bush Beans are are a little easier to manage in a small space.
It’s the curb appeal I question [Dash] can tomato plants charm as much as pansies or petunias? With this one, you can see I already took some of the leaves but now it is starting to flower because of the crazy weather we had this past weeks. After having consumed all the leaves and all that was left was the roots and some stems, I thought to replant it in my box and it has been rewarding me with healthy flavorful parsley until the winter came. Gardening is a great activity that will bring you and your family back to nature, and it is also an excellent way to teach your loved ones how to tend for living things and the benefits of eating healthy (Are you getting your five servings of fruits and veggies a day?). Whether you work your own garden, or reap the benefits of others' vegetables, we want to give you all the information you need to grow quality vegetables for your family. Asking vegetable gardening neighbors will probably give you the best idea of what a garden can yield in your area. If you want success with tomatoes, then you need to do a few things to establish healthy tomato plants. I recall the 3- by 10-foot front garden of my grandfather’s Brooklyn house, in which he grew staked tomato plants in front of his espaliered climbing roses, with robust green basil plants lining the front border.
I tried planting different kinds of vegetables and they seemed be happy and content to be there, small space, little soil and all.
So whether you’ve got a big backyard or a collection of small containers on your balcony, here are 5 easy steps that will make planting, growing and eating fresh fun! Vegetable gardening encourages people to share their experiences and expertise, which leads to a more fulfilling life.
It may sound terrible, but everything was so lush and healthy, the effect was lovely, at least to family eyes.

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