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One of my favorite things about entertaining is how simple it can be to really delight and surprise your guests. Up your brunch game with a tasty, colorful bellini bar, complete with mix-and-match juice purees and sparkling wine.
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Image – Cheeky Kitchen I discovered this amazing idea over at the Cheeky Kitchen blog and had to share! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. These Frozen Fruit Ice Cubes are perfect for when your kids aren’t entirely sold on water.
Enjoy these fresh fruit ice cubes as a cool alternative on these out of control summer days. This is a fabulous idea, my boys would love these and they would also be such a great way to cool down on these ridiculously hot summer days. I'm Hope & I help nannies transform their approach to job search, and inspire those working with kids to maximise their potential within the international nanny industry. Please do not use anything without permission or without noting its origins on your blog or website.
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Tuck into delicious desserts without having to leave the comfort of your own kitchen with the fantastic VonShef Red Frozen Fruit Maker.
With the Von Frozen Fruit Maker, you not only get to rustle up desserts which really tickle your taste buds, you also get to do so guilt-free, as desserts are created around fresh fruit. The VonShef Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker produces desserts similar to soft serve ice cream in texture – but without the high preservative, sugar, fat or dairy content. Cleaning the dessert maker won’t leave a sour taste in your mouth, as cleaning the blade, chute and plunger is incredibly quick and easy. This is great fun, healthy (pure fruit!), super easy and will add a touch of pure, refreshing class to your drinks!
If  want to enjoy a delicious jam with no sugar and no preservatives, this easy recipe is for you. Even though we’re enjoying some wild summer storms in the afternoon, the temperature is still average 30 degrees during the day.
They provide a delicious, healthy alternative for cooling off when compared to those sugar loaded pre-packaged popsicles and snow cones.
Simply make sure you keep the knife out of reach and monitor their movements in the kitchen.
Slice your fruit into pieces small enough to fit the trays, keeping the knife away from the young ones. I suggest you pop in a CD to dance and sing along to (Disney’s Frozen soundtrack of course), so that you can stay cool indoors between 11am and 3pm. And if you’re fond of milk, you can always make creamy ice-cubes with plain of flavoured milk and bananas. I believe in giving credit where credit due, so if at any time you see work that is improperly recognised, please send me a quick note and I’ll gladly update the information.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most (not all) cases I will receive a referral commission. You can use it in a peanut butter and jam sandwich made with homemade bread or as a filling for hamentashen. Plus, sucking on ice pops is an easy way to help your child regulate their body temperature. Your support in purchasing through these links enables me to keep my design and customization prices ridiculously low and empower more people worldwide to blog with less worry and less hassle. Note: Even if your fruit is a bit freezer burned like mine below, it still makes a great jam!
There’s nothing to stop you from mixing up the different fruit types, however for a variety of different colors such as the ones in the pic, you will want to blend up each fruit type separately. A good thing about this is that there is no wasted fruit – assuming you have enough ice trays and space for them in the freezer compartment. His surprising tactics could make your life easier and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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