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For example, who would expect that the beautiful oleander bush-grown indoors and outdoors all over the country-contains a deadly heart stimulant, similar to the drug digitalis? It is easy to be deceived by plants…one part may be edible while another is poisonous.
Irregular heart beat and pulse, usually accompanied by digestive upset and mental confusion. Large amounts cause dangerously irregular heartbeat and pulse, usually digestive upset and mental confusion.
Like Dumb Cane, contains small needle-like crystals of calcium oxalate that cause intense irritation and burning of the mouth and tongue.
Because of the adverse climate in Iowa the sustainability of roses has long been the focus of rose research and breeding at Iowa State University. Again in 1912 Professor Thomas Maney worked on hardy under-stocks and hardy climbing roses.

This eye towards sustainability is carried on today at Iowa State with the latest method of rose evaluation known as Earth-Kind. Read the chronology of 130 years of rose research at Iowa State University that takes a look at the past and carries on into the future. RGB color logos are useful for presentations on computer screens or projectors, CMYK color logos are best for printed materials, while grayscale logos are good for any non-color applications. Death can occur if base of the tongue swells enough to block the air passage of the throat.
Large amounts of raw or cooked leaves can cause convulsions, coma, followed rapidly by death.
Professor Emil Volz took up the rose work in 1921 when he developed trial gardens and evaluated new rose varieties in the Iowa climate. These roses known for their hardiness and disease resistance were among the first to be evaluated under this new system and were supplied by Iowa State University.

The folks at Earth-Kind are passionate about their products, and are committed to providing customers with the greatest value for their dollar. Earthkind is dedicated to diligently keep searching for new ways to improve our products and services, as well as devoted to being responsible stewards of the environment. Griffith Buck in 1949, the most prolific of  the rose researchers at Iowa State University, continued with roses by developing over ninety rose varieties winter hardy and disease resistant for Iowa.
Many poisonous plants are so common and seemingly innocuous you do not suspect their toxic qualities.

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