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BrunchNews connects you to the latest and trending news from the best news websites around the world. Bottle nosed dolphins living along the coast of Florida are getting used to supplement their diet by snatching bait from fishing lines or circle recreational anglers practising catch-and-release. Scientists at the National Marine Fisheries Service have now been able to show that this behaviour is spread down through generations of dolphins.
Dolphins begging for food might be an endearing sight, but approaching humans in this fashion means taking a great risk.
As if the menace of razor sharp propeller blades, invisible fishing lines and jagged double hooks weren’t enough, bottlenose dolphins also stand the risk of encountering anglers who may not appreciate having their bait or catch snatched away by a hungry cetacean.

Feeding the Florida dolphins is illegal under both state and federal law, with federal law banning wild dolphin feeding in the early 1990s.
Hand-feeding aside, a severe red tide in 2005 seems to have made the habit of interacting with humans for food much more widespread than before among the Florida dolphins.
After a saccharine sweet family dinner, the cast sees a Kryptonian pod arcing through the air. In 2006, three dead Sarasota Bay dolphins turned out to have fishing lures stuck inside them. A bottlenose dolphin nicknamed “Beggar” has been soliciting free meals in a narrow stretch of Intracoastal Waterway near Nokomis Beach since he was a juvenile 20 years ago. A commercial fisherman out of Panama City, Florida has been sentenced to two years in prison after throwing pipe bombs at dolphins trying to steal his catch. Feeding wild dolphins can also be dangerous and the abovementioned “Beggar” dolphin has for instance sent dozens of overfriendly patters to the hospital for stitches and antibiotics.

The red tide wiped out 75-95 percent of the dolphin’s usual prey fish and the hungry dolphins eventually realised that they could fill their bellies by picking bait fish off fishing lines. You can request a removal using the Copyright flag link below each image if you find an image that shouldn't belong here. Despite routinely swimming just inches from boat propellers, the skin of Beggar’s 8 feet long body is free of major scars. We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright.
We’ll hold a pitchoff at 8pm and close up at 9pm and perhaps we can go carousing afterwards.

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