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Remove the hanging chain from the butterfly with a pair of pliers and set it aside for a future project. When the spray paint is dry, line the two pieces up and place them face-down on your work surface. I'm planting a container garden along the fence between my house and the next door neighbor's, so I need lots of flower pots!  I found the most incredible pots at Dollar Tree in two sizes and five different colors, so I bought a giant stack of each!
The pots need rearranged a bit as I add a few more things, but this part of the garden is almost done being planted! I've planted a lot of interesting things (we'll get into that later), including this garlic.  It's actually from a bulb I didn't get around to cooking with before it started to sprout.  So I separated the cloves and stuck them in the ground, and in the fall I will have fresh garlic!
I still have quite a few things to plant too.  We'll check back in on my garden next week to see my progress.  You can also see more pictures of my garden on Facebook!
Do you think it would work to cut up some of the large flat ‘cartons’ from buying eggs in bulk at Costco?
After a detailed 45-minute presentation, my audiences stuck around for another 30 minutes or so to take photos of the  demonstration gardens. Some of the biggest hits were edible garden containers that we found at the local dollar store and repurposed as planters! Packed in moss and lightweight soil, the wreath maintains a neat appearance through occasional herb harvesting.
I’m sure you can find an unused colander in your kitchen cabinet or at the dollar store to transform into a countertop salad garden!

This “Strawberry Tower” from the Bruce Post Company is one of my favorite finds for the garden! The Strawberry Tower is made of rot-resistant western red cedar wood, is pyramid shaped with four planting sides, and comes in four and six foot tall models.
I like it because it offers excellent drainage for the berries, makes good use of vertical space and is a gorgeous addition to the garden or patio!
I tasted these greens and can attest that Amber’s Garden salad is great-tasting and an option for the harried gardener or anyone with limited physical abilities. Once I had the audience fired up about creating their own edible edens, I sent them home with a Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company newspaper and free seeds! Baker Creek graciously supplied enough heirloom seed packets for me to give away to all my attendees. I’m sure you can find an unused colander in your kitchen cabinet or at the dollar store to transform into a countertop salad garden! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts and giveaways by email.
If your children have ever wanted to catch a leprechaun, this Dollar Store DIY project is for you.
Craft this Lucky Leprechaun Garden with your children and you are sure to create some new St.
Since we've been doing a lot of work to our lawn this season, I picked one up so I could use it to make something pretty to add to our flower beds.

These work just as well as more expensive pots for larger plants in container gardens and you can be creative in hiding the ugly pots. This Lucky Leprechaun Garden is so sweet and simple, and can be created using just a few dollar store supplies. Total cost for this project was $4, with plenty of supplies left over for our other crafting needs. You can even use additional green glass rocks to create a cobblestone path leading up to it. I actually already have the moss covered stones from $ store, so I can’t wait to make this!
Patrick’s Day season, this Lucky Leprechaun Garden is an enchanting little spot that any leprechaun would want to hide away in. Patrick’s Day, you can place gold chocolate coins in or around the garden, a gift from the leprechaun to your kiddos, direct from his own treasure!

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