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It seems many of us can relate to health problems we have encountered while feeding our dogs dried processed dog food. For me, feeding Boaz in this way helps me reflect on my own diet and what I’m feeding my family and how I can improve upon that as well. In part 2 of a raw food, real food diet for our German Shepherd Dog, I’d like to share with you what I feed Boaz. I have taken bits and pieces and combined both a BARF raw diet with elements of the Weston Price Foundation Diet. He is looking phenomenol and as of yesterday I couldn’t even tell if he had a limp in his front leg anymore. Since Boaz is an older, large breed dog, I feed him nourishing bone broth nearly every day. The calcium in his diet is coming from the raw beef and chicken bones and fermented dairy of yogurt and cottage cheese. For his essential fatty acids, I give Boaz a teaspoon every day of fermented cod liver oil and cold pressed flaxseed oil. Although I wish these things were from family farmers, I think the benefits of even industrial raw food is currently doing my dog much better than dried processed kibble. His menu changes weekly as to what I feed him on which day and what vegetables I include in his broth, however, it should give you a general idea of how I feed my dog.
I may start clabbering some raw milk for him and making his own small batch of cottage cheese.
This is what’s working for us now and my hope is that by visually seeing how I feed my dog, it will give you confidence and take away some of those un-necessary fears. Filed Under: Simple Living, Urban Homesteading About Diana BaumanDiana is a mother of three, proud wife, and humbled daughter of God. With bones, start small (non-weight bearing) so that the animal has time to build up jaw strength for the larger bones. Another benefit of RMB diets is the smell, feces and natural pet smell is diminished to almost nothing. Thanks so much for sharing this, Diana… Definitely something I need to look into further!
Like you getting meat at the Mexican store… I live in a Latin American country where I can buy soup bones and organs cheaply. I know you pointed out that this is what works best for your dog, but I am thinking it will work really well for my dogs too as they are large breeds too. The only concern I have is when we leave for the states… we will have to change them over to dry kibble if we went raw again.
This is fascinating to hear, and heartening that you’re not breaking the bank feeding him this diet.
Just wondering…Where are you getting the cod liver and flax seed oils at a decent price? Obviously I’m not Diana, but today I saw a bottle of organic flax oil at Walmart for $5.
There are so many options on the market right now and a lot of popular homemade recipes floating around as well, so what’s the best option? I’ve had dogs my entire life, and when I was younger all of our family dogs were fed traditional commercial dog food.
This was a few years back when the push for healthier human food was beginning to take off. I certainly don’t eat healthy and I do eat processed foods from time to time, but I’ve cut out a lot of the junk that I used to eat and I began thinking that it may be wise to do the same thing for my dogs. Yes, I did think about just switching them to an even healthier dry kibble, but if I’m going to spend the money on top of the line dog food, why not just go raw? I am a firm believer that it is the toxins, chemicals, and junk in our foods that is leading to the drastic increase in human diseases and I believe the same to be true for dogs as well. All dogs are different and they all have their own individual dietary needs, so it is up to us as pet owners to do as much research as we can to select the diet that we believe will best meet those needs.
I will be spending the next three weeks slowly transitioning Chloe to a raw food diet and by the time the puppy gets here she should be eating 100% raw.
I will use a lot of the same ingredients for the puppy’s food although she will need a differently balanced puppy diet than Chloe.
Chloe has had eye infections, urinary tract infections, and digestive health issues in the past, so I’m curious to see how she will do on the raw food diet. I understand the risks of diseases like salmonella and e coli, but we will make sure our meat is fresh and organic.
If you have your own pet blog or website, you might want to take pictures of your dog's food and treats. We are on a quest to find more ways to become better dog parents to our loyal companions - one story, one article, one video and one review at a time. You may want to choose BARF diet because many commercial dog foods may contain chemicals and preservatives to give the food a specific taste and make it last longer. Some of these body parts contain a large amount of nitrogen and are counted for as crude nitrogen-proteins, in the protein content. Most commercial dog food contain high percentages of cereals (in worst cases between 60%-90%). In addition, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and essential fatty acids are destroyed, damaged or transformed when cooked in the food process. Many food producers also use beets that help give the feces a dark color and hard consistency. Having discussed about the negative aspects of commercial dog food, I’d like to talk about the real and undiscussed advantages of switching to BARF diet. Of all the dogs that need to follow a BARF diet, small dogs are perhaps those who need it most!
The premise of this affirmation, which I believe to be completely wrong, is that the wolves’ diet may shorten its lifespan and therefore you should not feed your dogs using the BARF diet. The AAFCO standards of the nutrient profiles have been established through a collaboration between researchers in the food industry, universities and regulatory commission (National Research Commission or NRC). Dog are predators by nature and chase animals because it is in their nature to behave this way and not because they are aggressive or attracted by blood from a human point of view.
Dogs that attack people and cause them major injuries, behave so because either because they have been trained to do so or because they have some behavioural issue. Because each dog is different, when you switch to BARF diet you will have to observe your dog well and if necessary, change the diet to meet your dog’s needs. Once a week, the dog should eat only cereals or vegetables, followed by a day on an empty stomach. The general rule is that the dog should be fed a portion of food that does not exceed 2-3% of their ideal body weight as an adult. The best thing is to change abruptly, without mixing commercial dog food with the BARF diet. Once you see your dog extremely excited to eat, dancing when you prepare the food, you will know you took the right decision.
When we consider our furry friend’s teeth, forgetting breed and size, it is impossible to deny they are fundamentally carnivore. Named BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), the main objective is to nourish our dogs with a balanced diet, centred around non-processed, natural foods. Advocates for the natural food diet claim cooking the food takes out a lot of the nutrients necessary for our dogs. The list of foods on the menu is varied and incluedes meat bones, fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, as well as some dietary complements: egg, parsley, basil, mint, garlic, olive oil, natural yoghurt or fresh cheese. In terms of food proportions it can vary a little, but in general these are the guidelines: 50% meat bones, 20% lean meat, 5-10% entrails and 20-25% for vegetables, eggs or other complements.
It is important to know chow takes 12 hours to digest in a dog’s stomach, if you want to try BARF in the same day you should wait until the chow has been digested. In our last blog we covered this subject, and what some canine professionals believe about giving your own food to the dog, take a read! In general it is a no, but we should keep in mind their dietary needs are very different from ours.
Advocates for the BARF diet insist dogs who benefit from this specific diet have great general health. Without doubt, the most noticeable advantage is the satisfaction gained from enjoying such a a diet, rich in flavour and texture.
In terms of disadvantages, a large amount of time is required to organise this type of diet. To conclude, if you are interested in learning a little more about the natural food diet for your dog there is a fountain of information at your fingertips: blogs, books, social networking, dog groups. Also, remember if you are trying out a specialised diet and worried about leaving your dog with someone else. What is Gudog?Gudog is a platform that brings together dog owners and experienced caregivers. There are many variations of a raw food diet for your dog, each with their own set of standards and rules.
The idea is that dogs were meant to consume natural and raw food, instead of the processed kibble that many eat.
Some supporters of raw diets claim that changing their dog over to a raw diet has dramatically improved their dog’s skin and coat appearance. Removing artificial fillers and additives makes you feel better, so the same can be said for your dog, right? With a raw diet, you see exactly what your dog is eating and you are the one preparing it for him, so the mystery of what is actually in his food is gone.

For those dogs who have wheat or grain allergies, a raw diet may help relieve symptoms by removing these items from their food. There are currently no scientific studies that show the benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet compared to a commercial diet. Eating bones, even raw bones, can be dangerous for dogs because they can block airways and be choking hazards. While this may not be a health concern, it is still something to think about when deciding whether a raw diet is right for you and your pup. The Animal Rescue Site is a place where people can help provide food and care to millions of animals in need, both in the U.S.
Nonetheless, many dog owners remain frustrated and cautious due to all the conflicting information and opinions concerning this subject.What’s certain is that folks are increasingly abandoning commercial dog food in favor of alternatives.
I want to make sure he’s getting the glucosamine, chondroitin and minerals extracted from the bones. We are so busy already and I haven’t been myself since I learned of my pregnancy, but maybe he would be okay with this idea. The information we found told us to GRIND EVERYTHING and mix it all and then pack them into 1 lb each. I couldn’t take the raw part though, I cooked my food into little meatloaves and stored them in the freezer. Our family recently lost one of our boxers, Maddie, to lymphoma and that has gotten me thinking about the importance of the dog foods that we feed our pets. Until recently I thought that this food was good enough, but lately I’ve been wondering if we should switch to a raw food diet. I know the risks of salmonella and I’ve read about the other risks as well, but it just seems to me that the positive effects of the raw food diet drastically outweigh the risks.
Going back to a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein seems like the best option to me. About the only consistent thing in all the research that I’ve done on raw food diets for dogs is the overwhelming amount of conflicting information.
Yes, these people are experts in their field, and they certainly know a lot more about canine nutrition than I do, but I want to see research. We have another boxer, Chloe (who you may recognize from last week’s column), and she is very lonely. Due to the excessive amount of dog food recalls in the past few months, I will be making my own homemade dog food.
I’ve consulted with our veterinarian extensively on this and she believes that this new diet will be better for both Chloe and our new puppy.
Obviously, while the puppy is young and growing her food will need to be rich in the nutrients that will help her grow, and Chloe will need a little different diet because she is middle-aged.
I would love to hear your experiences with feeding your dog a raw diet, whether positive or negative. After she rescued her first Boxer in 2004, Samantha fell in love with the breed and has continued to rescue three other Boxers since then.
If you're obsessed with dogs as much as we are, then join Top Dog Tips community of passionate pet owners celebrating our BFFs. Billinghurst has long studied dog nutrition and has discovered the useful benefits of feeding fresh meat together with general household food scraps, compatible with dog’s digestive system. The dog food thus appears to have a high content of proteins that are not well digested and assimilated by dogs.
However, glucose is needed by the body to maintain all the organs in good health, not carbohydrates. The teeth of small dogs are closely packed, which makes them more susceptible to periodontal disease.
Unfortunately, this assumption that is only based on phenotypic difference, has been divulged by food industry and promoters of raw diets to create diets that are quite erroneous from a nutritional point of view and do not take into account the fact that all dogs, despite the different sizes and races, have the same internal anatomy and physiology as well as the same nutritional needs. It may be more expensive of commercial food at the beginning, until you find a convenient supplier. A freezer used exclusively to store meat for your dog is not necessary, but it is an investment that certainly helps to cut costs, especially if you have more than one dog. This takes a great deal of work once a month, but after this job is done, for the rest of the month, all you will have to do is pull out the portion from the freezer and give it to the dog (you may want to defrost the pack by pulling it out of the freezer the night before).
These experts have made extensive researched on available data and have formulated nutrient profiles.
These standards can give people a false sense of security about the food they are giving their animals. There are dogs who initially can not digest raw meat and bones while others do not like vegetables or meat offal.
It is based on the origin of a dog’s diet, which like their ancestor, the wolf, is raw and natural.
In the dog food market there is a large variety of products that contain high quality ingredients.
Brands like Yum, Squeaky, Summum or Naku started to fill a whole in the natural foods market.
You need to buy all the necessary food, prepare quantities, freeze rations and unfreeze ahead of time. With Gudog all the food you want your dog to be fed will be left with the dog sitter, as to not change their routine or disrupt their dietary needs.
Our platform allows each and every dog owner to find an ideal caregiver for his pet, while enjoying an easy and accessible booking system and secure payment method. What you feed your dog is directly related to their energy level, mental health, and overall physical health. The goal of feeding a raw diet to dogs is to replace dog kibble with all-natural foods, as if to replicate what wolves eat in the wild. A raw diet requires lots of planning and preparation, and adjustment to get the nutrient balance right. A dog on a raw diet is fed raw meat, which increases your dog’s chances of contracting salmonella or E. If you decide to feed your dog a raw diet, take the time to do your research so you do it properly and safely, and don’t put your dog’s health (or yours) at risk. She is completely blessed to be able to call herself a stay at home mom where she home educates her children, joyfully serves her husband, and cooks nourishing, real food, for her family. It would not be able to run in the small house that our worker will live in with his family while we are in the states. They had an empty slot for cod liver oil that was priced at $2.50, they had flavored cod liver oil for $7.
Our dog, Mokey, is a black lab mix, and over the last 6 months we have had an incredibly difficult time with her health! There were constantly articles in the newspaper and segments on the nightly news about certain chemicals causing cancer and other human diseases. Real protein is the number one ingredient in their dog food, and I can certainly notice a difference. Dogs descend from wild animals that would not be happy eating a diet consisting on dry kibble and a few dog treats every now and then. Likewise, the raw dog food diet is fairly new in the pet industry and there isn’t a lot of research to back up any of the positive or negative information claimed about the diet. I certainly depend on her advice and take note of all the pointers that she provides, but ultimately the decision is still up to me. Boxers are a very social breed who enjoy the companionship of humans and form strong bonds with other dogs.
As I mentioned last week, Chloe has a heart condition so she will be eating a heart healthy diet with most of her protein coming from fish and chicken.
I wonder if her overall health will be better than others dogs that we’ve had that ate commercial dog food?
She did caution me to make sure that I stick to reputable recipes to make sure that both Chloe and the puppy are getting the nutrients they need. If you’re considering any change in diet, especially to a raw diet, you should consult your vet to find out the recommended daily allowances for your pet. Every day we share stories, advice and reviews of best dog products to see what our pets love.
Since BARF diet has a different meaning for many people, I want to briefly clarify that for me BARF diet simply means, raw food and that should it not be confused with a specific diet plan. He claims that commercial dog food does not promote good health, and is the cause of many diseases and health problems. Glucose is produced from proteins through a process called gluconeogenesis, in which the amino acids (not fatty acids, which use a different cycle) are converted into glucose. With their teeth very close to each other, there is much room for bacteria and plaque to proliferate. But after some time it can be extremely cheap: since you can add variety to the diet, costs are lowered because your dog can eat different meats. The nice thing about a raw diet is that you can adjust it to the needs of your dog and also to yours. BARF diets have a digestibility of 90-97% (including bones!), while most of the commercial foods have a digestibility of 40-70%. Most of the parasites are not a real problem and you can deal with them if you have a dog in good health. A dog that chases other animals (with or without the intention of killing them) is just being what it should be: a dog.
If the dog is satisfied with the meat and bones it eats home, why should it go around killing other animals?

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts every once in awhile for they might cause gas. This rule, however, is just to give you a basic idea, as the demand for food will be effective to dog’s physical activity its type of metabolism.
Dogs have always been an important part of my life and in my neighborhood I have always been the “go to” person for anything dog-related. Raw food can take on average 4 or 6 hours to digest, while cooked food can take up to 12 to 15 hours. For our dogs there is nothing more enjoyable than dinner time, as we can see even cabbage is valued by little Maymo! If you have already decided to give this diet a try, there are some great apps to be found, designed to help you organise a diet catered to your dog’s needs. As more pet owners are taking notice of what is actually in their pet’s food (hint: sometimes it’s downright scary), a new movement is taking the pet world by storm, and it’s been deemed somewhat controversial. In addition to sharing personal rescue stories, shopping for the cause, and signing petitions, visitors can take just a moment each day to click on a purple button to help animals.
Still, some aspects of your dog’s diet can be raw.In any case, let’s compare some popular raw food diets. I have them separate the chicken organs into three, one pound packages which come to about $1.50 per package. We did it when they were pups, but we stopped because it was getting too much and we were premixing everything. I like reporting dog-related news and sharing all the research I do for you, but I’m also passionate about sharing my experiences and personal opinions on dog related issues and topics. When I got my first dog on my own, a boxer named Roxy, I began feeding her the same type of dog food.
They crave whole foods, vegetables, and nutrients that are not found in most commercial dog food. We have decided to bring a puppy into our family to help Chloe deal with the loss of her sister.
Chloe is relatively healthy, other than her heart condition of course, but I’m hoping that the raw food diet will increase her energy level and add to her overall health and wellbeing as well. I’ll keep you posted on our transition as well and give you updates about how our girls are doing with it.
BARF is a diet composed exclusively of raw food, which consists of meaty bones, muscles and organs, raw vegetables and blended fruit. The excess carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles and as fat in the body. In addition, the profiles of AAFCO have not been verified or repeated (one of the major principles of scientific research is that a method should be reproducible and the results verifiable). Giving raw meat will not turn your dog into a kind of malicious animal that will attack any living being in motion.
With the domestication of livestock and the introduction of smaller pets, hunting and predation have become undesirable characteristics. If you want to make sure you give a high quality product to your dog, read the ingredients and avoid sub meats and flour. More and more pet owners are experimenting with a raw diet for their pets, and supporters from both sides of the issue have been quick to chime in.
This way you can get a better idea as to which one may be possible for your pooch as well as your family’s lifestyle.Can I Give My Dog Raw Foods?
As always, I welcome all your comments or ideas about canines down below in the comments section. Research proves facts to be true and when it comes to my family (furry children included) I like facts. However, since carbohydrates are not the only source of glycogen (which is derived from protein and fat through a process known as gluconeogenesis), they are not strictly necessary.
Periodontal diseases are much more than just bad breath; these diseases can in fact lead to systemic damage, in important organs such as kidneys and heart. Also remember that it is possible to remove dog worms with both natural and allopathic systems. You must to give your dog vegetables and fruits which should be given alone or mixed with meat depending on the dog’s personal taste. The wolves have to face the outburst of nature and deal with its elements every day : heat, cold, rain, thunderstorms, blizzards, ice storms, etc. There are dogs who do not like to eat only vegetables: in this case, you can mix the vegetables with minced meat, with tuna or centrifuged liver.
No air flow!) We were sent home with antibiotics & ear wash and instructions to follow a regular ear cleaning routine. So BARF diet literally means that the daily food will be made by the dog’s owner with fresh and raw ingredients only. But in general a dog with a good immune system is able to deal with a parasite since parasites hate healthy bodies. They also have to deal with the high energy expenditure that hunting large herbivores such as elk and deer involves. By doing so, you want to reproduce as much as possible the evolutionary diet of the wild canids, such as the wolves from which dogs descend.
Freezing meat helps kill many parasites (for example those found in salmon and which can be fatal for the dog). The wolves also encounter intraspecific competition for food with other wolves in addition to the inter-species with other species, such as bears, cougars and man. At first you might encounter some problems: for example your dog may vomit small pieces of bone, have diarrhea for some days.
She had too much wild blood in her and she was known among the neighbors to attack their chickens.
Dogs, like wolves have very strong and developed molars that are purposely made to break and crush bones and flesh.
Freezing salmon, trout or similar foods for at least 24 hours is enough to kill all parasites. They face predation, loss of habitat, as well as a deterioration in the quality of habitat and food. Consider that commercial dog foods, the premium brands at least, are much better than decades past.So are you up for the challenge that a raw food diet requires? Often times getting a high-quality dog food is the safest and most sensible choice.Practical ConsiderationsNowadays most people lead very busy lives. The food is assimilated and processed differently from man, and the dog’s high acidity stomach fights any pathogenic bacteria present in the food, which is why dogs are not susceptible to poisoning from Escherichia coli, Salmonella, etc. Sounds like he is doing really good even though the meat isn’t organic or grass-fed… that shows it is better than processed food!
Animals to whom dogs are related to such as wolves, coyotes, or foxes do not eat corn, bran or rice. That said, if your intent is to make a big difference in your dog’s life then taking the raw food plunge may be worth it. This is because these types of food do not provide the essential nutrient to our dog, they are only used to fill the dog’s stomach. You just need to be knowledgeable.BARF Diet PlanWith the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food plan you’ll be sort of experimenting with various raw meats and evaluating the results. Another important aspect to this diet is raw bones which is a big controversy in its own right. Veggies, sometimes yogurt and cottage cheese can also be incorporated into BARF.Those who view this type of raw food strategy favorably claim that you see benefits since extra enzymes are absorbed, those that commercial dog food cannot provide. It makes sense but you can actually take it even further!The Prey ModelAnother way to feed raw foods to the family dog is by using the Prey Model. This method, which is somewhat similar to BARF, takes into account that your dog originates from wild wolfs. As such, your canine will eat by gnawing on and tearing apart unprepared meat muscle and even consume edible bones as well as organs.We’re talking whole carcasses, like in the wilderness!
However, there are some drawbacks.Nutritional Balance DifficultyThe biggest problem with all of these raw food plans is that your dog may not consistently get a balanced diet.
Further, you have people on both sides of the debate claiming that their pet’s have shiner coats, more energy, etc. So who is right?In truth, top commercial dog food and these raw food diets can both keep dogs happy and healthy. The difference is that conventional store-bought canine chow is much easier and consistent.Conclusion on Raw FoodsYou can feed your dog raw foods and certain veggies are especially easy to share. If your dog is prone to allergies, raw foods are something to consider but consult with a veterinary nutritionist. Avoid doing more harm than good is you aren’t fully committed.Was this Article Helpful?YES   NOAdd Your Own Answer to the Question Should I Give My Dog a Raw Food Diet? Throughout the next 6+ years we did everything together and I fed him the best dog food I could readily get.
In late 2006 he suddenly was not himself and became very ill very quickly.In January 2007 he died. My vet said that based upon his history and symptoms, he likely died from melamine poisoning in his dog food. That particular spate of poisoning revealed, among many other things, the fact that the same ingredients found in cheap supermarket dog food are also found in so called good dog food.As a lawyer I know that the maximum liability a company can face for killing your dog is the fair market value and the law deems them mere chattel.

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