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Aflatoxins are toxic substances found in corn when mold results in the presence of certain fungi. According to the Cornell Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC), serious symptoms may become apparent in as little as several days or as late as three weeks. In order to keep the lights on, articles and sidebars on this site may contain affiliate links from which I earn a small commission if you buy a product after clicking on them. Roger Biduk “Many of you, as responsible pet parents, have had a good feeling leaving the veterinarian’s office thinking your vet is looking out for the best interest of your animal companions, and the $200 of your hard-earned money you just plunked down on having Fluffy and Fido vaccinated will protect them from a host of illness and disease.
The major pet food manufacturers and veterinarians who were involved in this poisoning in one way or another did a great job sweeping this under the carpet. What is really horrifying and the public should be made aware of is that EACH ONE OF THE FIVE MANUFACTURERS (THAT CONTROL UP TO 90% OF THE PET FOOD MARKET IN THE U.S.) HAD BRANDS OF PET FOOD THAT WERE ON THE RECALL LIST! You’d never know their products were making cats and dogs sick and poisoning them by looking at their websites, nor would you know that many or most of the main ingredients of the following brands are on the list of Ingredients to Avoid at all Costs in Pet Food.
The Eukanuba website says “Our Philosophy, Never Cut Corners, Never Compromise”!
The Iams website says “Iams is committed to helping dogs and cats live long, healthy lives through innovative nutrition that truly makes a difference. Of note: Pet food companies like Wellness, Orijen and others were NEVER on the recall list because many of them use only 100% human grade ingredients. Pulling off a good prank can be very satisfying, and if you film that prank and put it online, you could have a viral hit. Every year Jimmy Kimmel challenges his viewers to pull a prank on their children the day after Halloween. Pulling pranks on your friends can be a lot of fun just always make sure everyone is safe and it is always done in good fun. About Nadine SegalI write about a variety of subjects including my favorites, technology and music. Onions are known to be toxic to dogs and can hemolytic anemia in dogs even if ingested in small quantities, whether ingested raw or cooked onions or any other form like powered, dehydrated or fresh onions are not good for your pet.
Hemolytic anemia is a condition where the red blood cells in a dogs body become rigid and rupture causing lack of oxygen as there are very less healthy red blood cells in the dogs blood leading to severe anemia.
Food that fall under the allium group of foods like garlic and onions contain a chemical called thiosulphate.

Symptoms of onion poisoning in dogs may show up within a day of the dog having ingested onions.
There is not specific treatment of onion poisoning in dogs, the treatment of onion poisoning in dogs is primarily focused at improving the condition of your dog. Treatment of onion poisoning in dogs may vary as per the quantity and severity of the onion poisoning.
The best way to prevent onion poisoning in dogs is to keep them away from onions and garlic. While a small amount of onions may not cause immediate onion poisoning in dogs, it is advisable to avoid giving dogs food containing onions. They state that symptoms of aflatoxin poisoning include lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, jaundice (yellowing of eyes and gums, and skin), orange urine, blood in urine and stool, blackened stool, and death. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease, nor is it meant to replace the (prescribed) veterinary treatment.
Food and Drug Administration) learned that certain pet foods were sickening and killing (poisoning) cats and dogs. No one even talks about these pet foods (many recommended and sold by veterinarians to this very day) that poisoned and killed so many cats and dogs. You can read the FDA recall list here containing hundreds of low-quality pet food formuals including veterinarian-sold Hill’s Prescription Diet and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet!
Each and everyone of these brands of pet foods are on the list of Pet Food Brands to Avoid.
All have many ingredients (sometimes most or all) that appear in the section “Ingredients to Avoid at all Costs in Pet Food! When the promoters of the movie Carrie wanted to make a video to draw up interest in the film they pulled off one incredible prank. Imagine how surprised you would be if  you discovered a real superhero, well these people thought that they had.
Onions, a member of the allium family are known to be poisonous and toxic to dog along with other members of this food group like garlic, chives etc. This reaction is caused due to the toxic reaction of a chemical found in onions called thiosulphate. Thiosulphate reacts with the red blood cells of the dog causing the red blood cells to burst leading to haemolytic anemia.

If your dog shows symptoms of onion poisoning you should rush him to the vegetarian immediately. Always inform your veterinarian or healthcare provider of any products that your pet is taking, including herbal remedies and supplements. The site is sometimes intentionally provocative & outspoken in order to disturb the status quo, which needs to be educated and must be changed! FDA found contaminants in vegetable proteins imported into the United States from China and used as ingredients in pet food. Many don’t even remember, but if you had a cat or dog who was poisoned and died because of these foods, you remember plenty!
Because the ingredients in Science and Hills are so bad and some contain absolutely NO meat, it’s only a matter of time before these vets start treating their own pets for a host of illnesses and diseases leading to premature death! This prank definitely scared the living daylights out of some people and the video was a huge success. Even small quantities of onion or garlic are not good for your dog as it can cause hemolytic anemia. Even small amounts of onions can cause harm to your dog over time, while one large quantity of onions can cause immediate onion poisoning in your dog. Please do plenty of research so that you may equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to be an effective advocate for your dog’s well-being. All of the information on this website is fact and has been extensively researched, sourced and documented and is extremely well received by both good veterinarians and pet parents, having had 500,000 hits in a single day! The numbers will never be known, but millions of cats and dogs may have gotten sick or died from melamine poisoning, leaving their owners devastated. Onion poisoning is a very serious condition in dogs and can lead to your dog’s demise if not treated immediately.
Read more about Onion poisoning in dogs and symptoms and treatment of onion poisoning in dogs.

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