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We have already looked at some of the more common named and unnamed meat based proteins in dog food.
Besides meat and fish, there are other dog food ingredients that can increase the protein in dog food, such as peas, soy, flax, and corn, to name a few. We analyzed our food database to determine the most commonly used non-meat based proteins sources and the results are displayed in the graph below.
Many of these ingredients are not necessarily bad for your dog, and some can provide vitamins and minerals that help with their overall diet. Soy, a somewhat controversial pet food ingredient, is pretty high on the list (we will write about soy in more detail in a future post). We also checked to see the average food rating (according to the SlimDoggy approach) for foods that included these more commonly used non-meat sources. The bottom line is that most healthy dogs require a diet that is high in protein, moderately high in fat, and low in carbohydrates. About the AuthorDogs Naturally MagazineDogs Naturally Magazine is the world's best resource for natural canine health care!
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The fire, which investigators have attributed to an equipment malfunction, is believed to have started in the plant’s basement where a rolling mill cooler caused sparks to catch grain product on fire.
Several other small fires and hot spots cropped up from the basement fire, which firefighters were able to quickly deal with.

Today we will look at other protein sources in dog food, namely plant (or vegetable), legume, and grain sources. Our criteria for inclusion in the list was that it must be a vegetable legume, or grain and it must provide a reasonable amount of protein (for a non-meat based source). However, they can sometimes be used to inflate the protein amount that is reported on the label, a practice that we are against. Dogs were meant to be meat eaters and a proper diet will include protein that is derived primarily from meat and fish, not from plants, grains, and legumes. However the purpose of Dogs Naturally is to show you how important it is to work with a holistic vet. When crews arrived, heavy smoke could be seen billowing out of the top of the production plant, according to the McMinnville Fire Department. Fire department officials said damage was limited to some machinery, but could not estimate a dollar amount. The primary reason for this is that a doga€™s body is not meant to efficiently digest and utilize the proteins from these sources and thus, their bodies are not able to benefit from that protein when compared to animal protein sources.
Some foods might have adequate amounts of protein but inadequate amounts of useful protein. In fact, it’s worth knowing that there are two categories of renderers, those actually attached to meat packing or food production facilities, and the ones known as independent renderers. The independents are the folks who pick up dead animals and their scraps, whether they’re from yourlocalsupermarket or restaurant or from yourlocalanimal shelter or the side of the road.

When the truck heading to the rendering plant dumps its load of meat rejects from yourlocalsupermarket, including trimmings, refuse, offal (as bad as it sounds), and outdatedpackagesof meat, they don’t bother to remove the packaging. District Court, Miami, on behalf of pet owners against pet food companies, includes references to euthanized animals, and the pentobarbital that killed them, being in pet food.
Martin, in her excellent bookFood Pets Die For, quotes a researcher who told her that heating destroys DNA-and rendering, of course, is heating, taken to the extreme.
But some plants also mix in road kill, the trimmings from supermarket delis, dead farm animals and euthanized pets from shelters.
The shelters get free food-most often Iams and Hill’s-and the producers get to plaster their advertising all over the shelters and come out smelling like roses. And if you’re armed with the terms you need to know and watch out for, your job will be much easier. Remember that any ingredient called by-product, meal, tallow, animal fat, or grease is almost certainly a rendered product, which admittedly limits your options somewhat. It’s very simple to throw a whole chicken in a crockpot, then remove the skin and bones and mix the cooked meat with cooked barley (which my own dog loves) or another whole grain and some veggies.

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