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Who says you can’t bring a water garden inside?  Mini water plants inside a tea-cup, genius!
Making your own bamboo water fountain for the garden, pond or outdoor area of the home is not as difficult as it sounds. We provide some ideas on how to make a Balinese or Asian style water fountain using easy to obtain materials.
Many Japanese and Asian water features available for sale are made of stone including granite, a DIY water feature made from granite is a real challenge, you will need specialist tools for drilling and cutting, not really within the reach of most people. A DIY Bamboo water fountain on the other hand is much easier to make, you can usually get the bamboo itself for nothing, all you will need is a sharp handsaw, some silicon glue, a simple wood drill, some plastic tubing and a fountain pump. The design can be simple or complicated, water can simply flow from a bamboo spout or can be set to drip from a bamboo pole with holes drilled in it to form a 'wall of water'. These are a bamboo fountain where a water spout pours water into a larger piece of bamboo that is blocked at one end, the larger piece of bamboo is on a pivot and once it fills with water it tips over and releases the water and makes a noise as it swings back into place.
Does it scare deers, well not for very long as far as we can work out, the deer get used to the noise, however it is a great addition to the garden as a DIY water fountain.

The fountain pump is the expensive part, fountain pumps can be either solar powered or mains powered.
Solar fountain pumps are often easier to install, however low voltage electric fountain pumps are very cheap and work at night without the need for battery back up. What could be a better addition to your outdoor entertaining areas than a gorgeous backyard pond?A  Exotic koi pond plans never go out of style, so if you are looking to revamp your landscape this spring consider investing in a wonderful do it yourself aquatic design that will remain beautiful and current for years to come. When adding those beautiful finishing touches to your diy garden water features do not forget aquatic plants for ponds. Why not create a mini garden, some of these tiny portable mini gardens can be brought inside with the lift of a finger. It’s easy to maintain, can fit almost anywhere inside your home and can be enjoyed during the winter.
You clear these with a drill before any assembly takes place in order to allow the plastic tubing to be passed through. Our latest collection of the best backyard water garden pond ideas, designs and pictures will help you create that stunning garden oasis.

For the inventive do it yourself landscaper, the options are absolutely endless.Once you have established a plan it is time to start building. With a little ingenuity you can bring those same great water elements found on large properties into your tiny water gardens. All great designs require a few basic components -- pond pumps and filters as well as decorative rocks and creative water garden plants. Begin by digging a hole in the chosen shape then select either a preformed pond liner or diy variety to cover the interior. Liners come in many materials including easy-to-install rigid pond liners or the more versatile rolls of flexible plastic.

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